Windows Activation Product Id Not Available

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In the middle part of Product Key Finder, you can see Windows 10 product key and product ID. Just click Save To File button, and browse a location to save Windows 10 product key. Now you can reinstall Windows 10 on computer with this product key. Hi, I have problem with SBS 2011 on Windows Server 2008 R2. Three days ago I installed updated and the process failed in some reason. The system rolled back itself after couple of hours and it showed me 3 updates were failed. I accepted the product key at the beginning of the install. Next, I thought I would download Updates, but they failed, so I checked the system's activation in Control Panel System. Problem: It returned 'Product ID: Not available.' There's nothing under 'Windows activation' that I can click on, no blue links.

(Solved) - Windows Activation status drops out

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After many months of normal useage I've started getting nag screens informing me that my copy of Win 7 is not genuine (it is by the way). On checking the 'system' tab in Control Panel, the Activation status is 'unknown' and the Activation key is missing. HOWEVER, if I leave that window open for about 5 sec, it seems to auto refresh and the Activation key appears. If I close the window and then reopen it, the data is gone again (for about 5 sec).
Any clues what is going on and what I can do about it?
I cannot recall any action/deletion/installation that might be associated with this either.

Thanks for that info. Unfortunately that service is already set at automatic and when running does not prevent the problem from happening. Another feature that is missing is the 'Windows Experience Index' which also reappears after the mysterious auto-refresh.

Please tell me or post a picture of the contents of the Administrative Events Log.

You can Clean the Log by making a Clean.bat file with this script and Run AS Administrator.

@echo off
FOR /F 'tokens=1,2*' %%V IN ('bcdedit') DO SET adminTest=%%V
IF (%adminTest%)(Access) goto noAdmin
for /F 'tokens=*' %%G in ('wevtutil.exe el') DO (call :do_clear '%%G')
echo Event Logs have been cleared! ^
goto theEnd
echo clearing %1
wevtutil.exe cl %1
goto :eof
echo You must run this script as an Administrator!
echo ^

Not sure how to do a screenshot and (as you suspected) the log is pretty full of old entries. However here are the details relating to the (daily) error associated with Windows Activation:

Error - Windows Activation Technologies
General - Health Check Failure: hr=0x8004FE21, Health Status: 0x000000000010240

Details (Friendly view):+ System

Windows 8 Activation Product Id Not Available

- Provider


[ Name] Windows Activation Technologies

- EventID 3

[ Qualifiers] 0

Level 2

Task 0

Keywords 0x80000000000000

- TimeCreated


[ SystemTime] 2012-11-17T21:34:35.000000000Z

EventRecordID 45382

Channel Application

Computer Study


- EventData


XML View:

- <Event xmlns=''>
- <System>
<Provider Name='Windows Activation Technologies' />
<EventID Qualifiers='0'>3</EventID>
<TimeCreated SystemTime='2012-11-17T21:34:35.000000000Z' />
<Security />
- <EventData>

I hope this means something to you as it is way beyond my orbit!


Roy Mac.

Click Start

Type in: CMD

Right Click CMD
Click Run as Administrator

At Command Prompt
Type in: sfc/scannow and Press Enter Key.

What Happens ????

─░sn't there supposed to be a space between sfc and scannow? sfc /scannow

Space not needed in this instance, but most commands do need the space, so it is normal practice to include it. Saves remembering which ones do, and which don't.

Hmmm can not even say that the explanation sounds Greek to me,as i speak the language.
Oh well!

The result was:

Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations.

Follow directions from Reply #1 on this link.

Remove dash in front of link to download MGADiag.exe

Many thanks for that info. I followed the instructions and everything seemed to go as per the plan. I ended up with a window confirming that my copy of Win7 is valid and activated.
MGADiag gave a positive result.

Windows 8 Activation Product Id Not Available

Another case solved raphoenix!

Thank you again.

In Windows 8, the Tokens.dat file can found in the folder path below.


Windows 10 Product Id Vs Product Key

Rick P.

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