Universal Carbine Serial Numbers

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Universal Carbine Serial NumbersUniversal Carbine Serial Numbers

Universal's existence. The change did not take place at a particular serial number. Use was sporadic starting at s/n 1. It became the standard by s/n 1. Carbines manufactured and sold in the early and mid 1. Carbines manufactured and sold 1. Not all of the carbines in the second sequence appeared at. Model numbers were added and dropped between 1. M1 carbines made by Universal, normally have the ventilated hand guard and modified bolt. M1 Universal Hialeah Springfield didn’t actually make WWII M1 carbines, but did take a large delivery of tooling and parts in 1944 as production slowed down. 2nd Gen Universal carbine help please. This is my first M1 carbine and if I knew then what I have found, I wouldn't have bought it. It is in excellent condition (practically new), works good other than shooting about 30' above POA @ 100 yrds, the rear adjustable sight was down all the way, the front sight is the one that has a set screw instead. He goes on to say that 3,542 completed carbines were at the factory when taken over by Saginaw, Grand Rapids on Jan. 11, 1944 (observed serial numbers for these carbines are below 1,750,000). All other carbines, approximately 50,000 in number, were produced by Saginaw with IP receivers.

Description: LOOKS UNFIRED this is a UNIVERSAL 30 cal M1 carbine w/pin/lever with ball on top (below rear sight), for locking slide back & bolt open. Ser# 360216 Comes with sling, oiler and adjustable rear sight. Interesting US Carbine copy, using Military mags. Comes with 30 round OR 15 round mags, Your CHOICE.

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Universal 30 Carbine Serial Numbers

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