Troubleshooting Honeywell Truesteam Humidifier

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Contrary to Honeywell’s representations, the inside of the humidifiers, including the heating coil used to heat water and various other components, are prone to failure, due to issues that include scaling and the buildup of mineral deposits. These failures often result in overheating, blockages, and/or cracking of components. Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers - Problems with Honeywell TrueSTEAM HM506DG115 - Anybody have any knowledge of this unit? I installed it 2 weeks ago and it ran fine at first. 1st time it stopped working.

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Brand: Honeywell

Category: Humidifier

Type: Troubleshooting and parts replacement manual

Model: Honeywell TrueSTEAM HM506 , Honeywell TrueSTEAM HM509 , Honeywell TrueSTEAM HM512

Pages: 2

To be Performed by Professional
8–11The backup
input is
the backup
is off.
tronic circuit
cover are clear of obstruction,
maintained around the cover’s
• Ensure the TrueSTEAM is
conditioned air 32°F (0°C) to
• Turn humidistat off and allow
Unplugging unit and removing
• Turn humidistat on and press
• Confirm humidity call starts
• Allow unit to run and check for
ventilation holes.
to drain.
[60ºC]) and can cause burns.
button for 3 seconds.
humidistat to OFF, or unplug the
tank to cool. Ensure tank water
• Once cool, follow tank cleaning
Installation Guide (69-2036EFS).
RESET button.
solenoid valve.
to boil water.
for 3 seconds, and follow
Professional Installation Guide.
RESET button.
• If fault returns, replace the unit.
No. of
Steps to Fix
HVAC Technician Only
ll tank with
• Ensure inlet water is on.
seal and solenoid valve.
replace in-line water filter.
the red Call Service light turns
• If tank still fails to fill, press and
seconds (if unit fails to drain,
in tank is cool).
in the Professional Installation
grip of the tank prior to releasing
the tank’s bottom orifice to the
• Reassemble tank and plug unit
• If water still fails to flush into the

Troubleshooting Honeywell Truesteam Humidifier Filter Replacement

button for 3 seconds.
Professional Installation Guide.
RESET button.
applicable unit.
voltage variation from service
the home. If problem is due to
fault should correct itself when
• Press and hold the RESET button
• Initiate a humidistat call for
light to return.
cord input voltage before and
voltage should not drop below
operates properly.
No. of
Steps to Fix
HVAC Technician Only
• Unplug TrueSTEAM and remove
• Validate proper wiring to
diagrams in the installation guide
• Ensure proper connection quality
• Inspect R and C wires at the
no breaks and good connection
• Hook AC volt meter across
(N.O.) terminal and R.
reduce system setpoint.
Volt Meter
• Once blower starts, validate 20-
• If voltage is not present, check
Differential pressure switch may
(away from duct bends, etc), or it
• If voltage is present, continue to
airflow monitoring.
airflow switch N.O. terminal and
• Turn humidistat off.
(down) position.
plug in unit. Press the RESET
• Set thermostat FAN to off and
• Set humidistat call and monitor
• When sound of blower clears,
AC volt meter reads 20-30VAC.
takes longer than 2 minutes,
switch, where state change is
To be Performed by Professional
or submerged in water at the
condensate pump if used.
drain/overflow line. If continuous
the cleaning steps in the
and monitor operation.
• Loosen cover screw and remove
• Disconnect water level sensor
clamp to remove water sensor
• Clean probes using warm
Troubleshooting Honeywell Truesteam Humidifier
is exposed. It is OK to use steel
• Reassemble the sensor

Honeywell Truesteam Humidifier Hm506

and secure cover.
sensor assembly and/or solenoid
7HVAC power
• Turn humidistat off.
FAN setting turns the blower on.
If circuit is tripped, reset or
• If fault persists, unplug
• Validate proper TrueSTEAM
installation guide (69-2036).
of the wires.
HVAC equipment board, ensuring
if wire nuts are used.

Honeywell Truesteam Humidifier Manual

C to validate 20-30VAC is present.
to close furnace interlock switch.
unit in. Press the RESET button.
replace unit.
control TrueSTEAM, it is not
power. DIP 4 may be turned on

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