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Tenali Raman Stories - Browse through and read from our huge collection of fun and adventurous Tenali Raman stories about the witty historical figure, Tenali Raman.

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Thenali Raman Story

Tenali Raman or Tenali Ramakrishnan, was also known as Vikata Kavi and Tenali Rama. He is a South Indian folk hero who was a court poet and the court jester of a king in the Vijayanagar Empire, in the 16th century.


Tenali Raman Stories for Kids in English Geethanjali - Cartoons for kids channel has various kinds of videos for kids such as short moral stories for childre. Aug 11, 2019 Tenali Raman Short Story In English: Tenali Rama was traveling to Hampi, with his wife. On their way, they came across a small town. There was a huge crowd gathered near the village temple. His wife got curious and dragged Rama with her to see what the hustle was all about. They pushed their way through the crowd and saw a bodybuilder in the.

Historically, he may be compared to Birbal, who was the court advisor to Akbar. Over the generations the stories of his wit and intelligence have inspired many books and TV shows.

Our web page comprises a huge collection of entertaining Tenali Raman stories in English. Also known as Tenali Ramalinga, the poet is said to be a huge devotee of Lord Vishnu. Such was his legacy that even kings in the north wished to meet him, among them was king Barbar of Delhi.

He was particularly known for his humor and knack of making fun of others. This is why Tenali Raman stories are humorous in nature and would have your child in splits. Our team has made sure that it is easy for you or your child to filter the stories on preset parameters that help group Tenali Raman stories in a manner you can relish.

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Tenali Raman Humorous Stories In English Pdf

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Tenali Raman Moral Stories In English Pdf

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