Software Starsat 1400d Super

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Software Starsat 1400d Super
09-09-2009, 20:30
1. USB upgrade in Menu:
Copy the file to USB disk, insert into working STB, enter USB menu, select the file then press OK, it upgrades, after finish appears prompt “restart or not”
2. USB upgrade on Start:
Copy the file to USB disk and change name to 7109.bin, press and hold OK button on front panel, same time power on STB till LED to shows”- - - -“, at this time insert the USB flash to STB, start to upgrade automatically, after finish will restart automatically;
3. PC-->STB RS232 upgrade:
Connect PC and STB via crossed RS232, open Serial upgrade tool, open the upgrade file, click update to start connect, then press and hold the front panel MENU key to start STB, connects automatically and upgrades, after completes the automatic start;
4. STB-->STB RS232 upgrade
Connect STB A and STB B via crossed RS232, press and hold Power button on front panel of master STB A to start first enters the transmission condition, then press and hold the front panel MENU key to start STB B, connects automatically and renews, after completes the automatic start;(Change STB B into STB C, master STB A no need restart)
5. FTPDownload upgrade:
Connect net wire to STB, After start enters Installation-- >FTPDownload menu, choose download type to “Main S/W”, press OK to start download and do automatic upgrade, after finish appears prompt “restart or not”
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