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Immersive Creatures messes with the Leveled lists, so you'll have alot of CTDs unless you make a Bashed Patch, which is actually quite easy. Just download Wrye Bash, open it, go right down to your mod list and there should be a mod called 'Bashed Patch, 0.esp', right click it and select 'Rebuild Patch', just accept everything it says (Mostly merge mods and fix the leveled lists) and then you. Skyrim Immersive Creatures - DLC2.esp. Run For Your Lives.esp. Also she should trigger to sneak when the leader does -she is as bad as bad a.

Mod Content

  • New Mod Configuration Menu
  • New Random Cell Respawner
  • Over 3800 creature variants
  • Over 185 new spells used by the npcs
  • Over 100 new quests for the Skyrim Radiant Quest System
  • Skeleton Random Resurrection
  • New Night Encounter
  • New creature transformation
  • Additional lore friendly spawn system
  • New special encounter
  • Unique encounter spots
  • Unique Boss encounters
  • New appearance for vanilla bosses
  • Creatures only spawn in fitting locations
  • Enemies own advanced perks
  • NPCs use potions in battle
  • New custom loot
  • New spells that can be used by the player
  • lore friendly integration of creatures by new ingame books

Random Events:
  • SIC contains over 100 random events that can occur around Skyrim and on Solstheim
  • faction patrols (Imperial, Stormcloak, Thalmor and Dawnguard)
  • riding faction officer patrols
  • small skirmishes between factions
  • special night events
  • region based events (including region based night events)
  • NPC events - named NPCs are protected during the events (no content spoiler)
  • Goblin Tribe War quests
  • Goblin misc encounter quests
  • misc quest to distribute SIC content
  • creature spawns that are only available during nights (customisable duration)
  • find new werewolves, werebears, vampires, ghosts and many new dangerous creatures at night
  • customize the encounter type and chance time via MCM
Skeleton Resurrection:
  • after killing a Skeleton they have a random chance to come back to life
  • looting a killed skeleton can bring it back to life with a random chance
  • random chance & time of resurrection
  • customizable via MCM
Additional Animal Spawns:
  • bears, sabrecats and wolfs have a chance to spawn additional child variants alongside the normal spawns
  • customizable via MCM
Additional Creature Spawns:
  • creatures like Rieklings or Goblins have a chance to spawn additional variants alongside the normal spawn
  • is only available for specific creatures where it doesn't make sens that they spawn alone
  • customizable via MCM
New Special Encounter:
  • SIC introduces new special encounter that weren't available in the vanilla game
  • mining ore or harvesting spider eggs can lead to unexpected spawns
  • new encounter types + enemies for the Soul Cairn
  • customizable via MCM
  • some unique Vampires have the ability to turn into their beast form if their life went under 35%
  • Hybrid Soul Cultists have the ability to turn into their beast form if their life went under 35%
  • customizable via MCM

Instead of cluttering the vanilla level list with single creature entries, I have created region based sub-lists. These sub lists are divided into five level blocks: Prey, Low, Mid, High and Higher. This system has the advantage that the encounters at several levels are soft un-levelled, but they stay also beatable. The other advantage is that the original vanilla entries don't get overrun by SIC creatures.
Level Ranges:
  • Prey - available only at level 1 like vanilla prey lists
  • Low - level 3 up to level 12
  • Mid - level 12 up to level 24
  • High - level 22 / 24 up to level 50
  • Higher - levels >= 50

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Animals comprise various mundane creatures that have no magical or weapon-wielding abilities. Statistics and summary information for animals except horses are provided on this page; see Horses for detailed information pertaining to horses.

The 'Animals' category includes a wide variety of creatures, with different degrees of aggressiveness (some have no attack capability at all), and many different habitats. The characteristics common to all animals are that they are modeled upon real animals that exist (or existed formerly) on Earth, and that they rely exclusively upon physical attacks using their bodies (claws, paws, hooves, fangs, horns, etc.) The damage values listed on this page under 'Attacks' are all for melee-type damage.

Animals have no true magical capabilities; the only comparable features in animals are:

Skyrim Bad Dog Immersive Creatures Minecraft

  • Resistance to elements. Several animals have resistance to frost.
  • Diseases. Most animals can be infected with (and can transmit) one or more diseases.

Animal behavior is organized into three ranks: Non-hostile, in which the animal will never attack unless under the influence of a spell. Neutral, in which the animal will only attack when provoked by proximity or direct harm. Hostile, in which the animal will attack on sight.

Attacking an NPC's livestock will earn you a bounty, and sometimes cause them to turn hostile. Domestic animals may report crimes and be counted as witnesses.

Skyrim Bad Dog Immersive Creatures


A Bear

Bears are large, hostile enemies that will attack the player if they come too close. They are found either in the wilderness or in the lairs they make in caves. Bears can transmit Bone Break Fever, which deducts 25 points from the player's stamina. They are very tough, but are vulnerable to fire damage.

  • Variations: Snow Bear, Cave Bear

This is a summary of information on bears. See the main Bear article for more detailed information.


A Chicken

Chickens are docile, domesticated birds common throughout Skyrim, even within cities and towns. Attacking NPC-owned chickens will earn a bounty, but you can legally harvest eggs from their nests for use as alchemy ingredients.

This is a summary of information on chickens. See the main Chicken article for more detailed information.


A Cow

Cows are large, docile, domesticated animals common throughout Skyrim, especially on farms. Attacking an NPC's livestock will earn you a bounty. Occasionally you may come across a cow with strange symbols on it in red or blue paint. These cows are usually following a farmer, who is bringing the cow to a giant for a sacrificial ceremony.

  • Variations: SoulDG

Bad Dog Mowers

This is a summary of information on cows. See the main Cow article for more detailed information.


A deer

Deer are passive creatures found throughout Skyrim and will flee when approached or threatened. They can be hunted for meat, pelt and large or small antlers. There are two different species of deer in Skyrim, though the differences between the two are largely aesthetic. 'Deer' resemble caribou or reindeer. 'Elk', in keeping with Skyrim's menagerie of Ice Age creatures, resemble the extinct Megaloceros. Occasionally, either species can be heard bugling for mates.

  • Variations: Elk, Vale DeerDG
  • Unique Deer: White Stag

This is a summary of information on deer. See the main Deer article for more detailed information.


A Dog

Dogs are found throughout Skyrim, usually accompanying NPCs. If a dog is owned by a hostile NPC, such as a bandit, the dog will also be hostile. You can occasionally find stray dogs in the wild that can be provoked into attacking you. Huskies and Death Hounds (both added by the Dawnguard add-on) are generally found accompanying NPCs, though Death Hounds only ally themselves with vampires. See their respective articles for more detailed information.

  • Variations:
    • Dog, Stray Dog
    • Death HoundDG
    • HuskyDG
  • Unique Dogs: Barbas, Meeko, Stump, Tiber, Torom, Vigilance, Ysgramor

This is a summary of information on dogs. See the main Dog article for more detailed information.


A Fox

Foxes are small, non-aggressive creatures which are found in the wilderness. Foxes are often seen chasing Rabbits. They usually drop fox pelts.

  • Variations: Snow Fox
  • Unique Foxes: KitHF, Pumpkin, VixHF

This is a summary of the information on Foxes. See the main Fox article for more detailed information


A Goat

Goats are passive creatures generally found on mountain slopes. They can be hunted for their hides, meat, and goat hornsHF, but occasionally drop nothing.

  • Unique Goat: Gleda the Goat

This is a summary of information on goats. See the main Goat article for more detailed information.


A Horker

Horkers are sea animals, similar in appearance to a walrus, that typically live in packs of three or four. They are usually found on ice at the sides of rivers in northern Skyrim. Occasionally one of these creatures can be seen crawling up a slope near the seaside.

  • Unique Horkers: Lord TuskDB

This is a summary of information on horkers. See the main Horker article for more detailed information.


Skyrim bad dog immersive creatures minecraft
A Horse

Skyrim Bad Dog Immersive Creatures Pictures

Horses are non-hostile animals that you can ride. They can be purchased from a stable, stolen, found abandoned, borrowed for work done, or rewarded in a quest. An owned horse will aid you in combat. If you haven't sided with either faction, a horse can be obtained for free after the player clears Fort Greymoor. Wait for the Imperial Army to take over, and there will be two horses in the courtyard that the player can take. All horses participate in combat if you cast a Courage spell on them. Horses can traverse steeper inclines than the player can, although a fall that would kill a horse is much shorter than one that would kill the player. The strongest and fastest horse in Skyrim is Shadowmere, which can be obtained through the Dark Brotherhood questline.

  • Variations: Wild HorseCC

This is a summary of information on horses. See the main Horses article for more detailed information.


A Mammoth

Mammoths are huge, lumbering animals that can most often be found in Giant Camps or being herded across the tundra by giants. Mammoths are usually not hostile, although they will fight back if attacked and may become aggressive if approached. If you attack a mammoth, the giants herding it will retaliate. Mammoths have high health and a powerful melee attack, so attacking one at a low level is not recommended, although if proper caution is exercised the mammoth can be one of the most essential skill-leveling creatures in Skyrim. Due to their poor ability to cross over certain terrain the mammoth can be easily killed by making use of distanced combat techniques. Mammoth corpses may be looted for Mammoth Tusks and Mammoth Snouts. Of note, mammoths are the earliest creatures you encounter which can fill Grand Soul Gems.

This is a summary of information on mammoths. See the main Mammoth article for more detailed information.


A Mudcrab

Mudcrabs are small nuisance creatures primarily found near water. Their corpses may be looted for Mudcrab Chitin which can be used as an ingredient in alchemy, and Mudcrab LegsHF, a food introduced by the Hearthfire add-on. Skyrim mudcrabs are hardier than their Cyrodiilic cousins, having nearly triple their health.

  • Unique Mudcrabs: Old SaltyDB, PincerHF

This is a summary of information on mudcrabs. See the main Mudcrab article for more detailed information.


A Rabbit

Rabbits are small, non-hostile animals which will flee from you, and are sometimes hunted by foxes and other predators.

  • Unique rabbit: CottonHF

This is a summary of information on Rabbits. See the main Rabbit article for more detailed information.

Sabre Cat[edit]

A Sabre Cat

Sabre Cats are large, hostile felines with huge canine teeth. They will attack immediately, and represent a dangerous foe. They are most often found in wilderness areas throughout Skyrim, and will usually abandon any other prey to attack you. Sabre Cats may carry Witbane, a disease which reduces magicka regeneration by 50%.

  • Variations: Snowy Sabre Cat, Vale Sabre CatDG

This is a summary of information on sabre cats. See the main Sabre Cat article for more detailed information.


A Skeever

Skeevers are small, aggressive, rat-like animals that attack on sight. They may be encountered in dark areas, such as caves or dungeons, as well as in the wilderness of Skyrim. They are generally considered to be the weakest enemy in the game, although they often carry the disease Ataxia, which lowers Lockpicking and Pickpocket.

  • Variations: Venomfang Skeever
  • Unique skeever: BiterHF

This is a summary of information on skeevers. See the main Skeever article for more detailed information.


A Slaughterfish

Slaughterfish are small, hostile fish with razor sharp teeth. They can be difficult to kill due to the fact that entering deep water forces you to sheathe your weapons, necessitating attacks from land or shallow water.

This is a summary of information on slaughterfish. See the main Slaughterfish article for more detailed information.


A Wolf

Wolves are low-level, hostile canids found throughout the wilds of Skyrim. They can be encountered singly, or in packs of up to three, often hunting other animals. The player will often hear their howls before they are spotted.

  • Variations: Ice Wolf, Pit Wolf

This is a summary of information on wolves. See the main Wolf article for more detailed information.


  • Normally-passive animals may attack and/or appear as hostile on your compass due to the spriggan Call of the Wild ability. This is the only time when passive animal attack values come into play, as they normally flee if attacked.
  • In addition to their loot, most creatures also have a 10% chance of carrying minor loot, including leveled rings, gems, and gold. Goats have a 20% chance, while chickens, foxes, and rabbits do not carry any minor loot.
  • Every animal, even those that are not hostile, has a red glow when using the spell Detect Life.
  • With the Hearthfire add-on, some animals can be made into house pets for adopted children.
Skyrim Bad Dog Immersive Creatures


AnimalIDLvlCarriesSta.Deals damage
(health pts/attack)
Hostile Animals
Death HoundDG (Generic)xx00c5ef5Dog Meat, Death Hound Collar121011433%10 or 20; 8 pts/secLesser
Sabre Cat00023ab56Sabre Cat Pelt, (Eye of Sabre Cat / Sabre Cat Tooth)1500225-35 or 52.5Lesser
Snowy Sabre Cat00023ab611Sabre Cat Snow Pelt, (Eye of Sabre Cat / Sabre Cat Tooth)275030050%45 or 90Lesser
Vale Sabre CatDGxx01133a6Vale Sabre Cat Hide, (Eye of Sabre Cat / Sabre Cat Tooth)1500125-65Lesser
Skeever00023ab71Skeever Tail15015-5 or 7.5Petty
Venomfang Skeever000490f27Skeever Tail75065-22 or 33Lesser
Slaughterfish00023ab81Slaughterfish Scales35025-5Petty
Wolf00023abe2Wolf Pelt220205-5 or 7.5Petty
Ice Wolf00023abf6Ice Wolf Pelt137025550%5 or 7.5Lesser
Pit Wolf000ddcd02Wolf Pelt220205-5 or 7.5Lesser
Neutral Animals: Will Fight Back When Provoked
Bear00023a8a12Bear Pelt, Bear Claws2600225-30 or 45Lesser
Cave Bear00023a8b16Cave Bear Pelt, Bear Claws4500425-30 or 45 (See bugs)Common
Snow Bear00023a8c20Snow Bear Pelt, Bear Claws550040050%45 or 67.5Common
Dog (Generic)00023a922Dog Meat21024-8 or 16Petty
Horker00023ab13Horker Meat, Horker Tusk175-25185See bugs15 or 22.5Petty
Mammoth00023ab438Mammoth Snout, Mammoth Tusk931042433%65 or 97.5Grand
Medium Mudcrab000e40101Mudcrab Chitin, Mudcrab LegsHF5425-5 or 7.5Petty
Large Mudcrab000e40112Mudcrab Chitin, Mudcrab LegsHF35430-20 or 30Petty
Giant Mudcrab000218753Mudcrab Chitinx2, Mudcrab LegsHF55435-25 or 37.5Petty
Non-hostile Animals: Won't Fight Back When Provoked
Chicken000a91a01Chicken Breast5-2525-NonePetty
Cow00023a903Cow Hide, Raw Beef87033-10, 15, or 20Petty
Death HoundDG (Follower)xx01aa78
5Dog Meat, Death Hound Collar121011433%10 or 20; 8 pts/secLesser
Dog (Follower)000d95e9
LvldDog MeatLvld0Lvld-8 or 12Leveled
Fox000829b32Fox Pelt22025-NonePetty
Snow Fox000829b62Snow Fox Pelt2202550%5 or 10Lesser
Deer (Female)000cf89d1Large Antlers (50%), Deer Hide, Venison50025-5 or 10Petty
Deer (Male)000abee01Large Antlers (50%), Deer Hide, Venison500200-5 or 10Lesser
Vale DeerDGxx002c021Venison, Vale Deer Hide500125-5 or 10Petty
Elk (Female)000abedf1Small Antlers (50%), Deer Hide, Venison50025-5 or 10Petty
Elk (Male)00023a911Large Antlers (50%), Deer Hide, Venison50025-5 or 10Petty
Goat (Domestic)0004359c3Goat Hide, Leg of Goat, Goat HornsHF22-25850%7.5 or 15Petty
Goat (Wild)0002ebe23Goat Hide, Leg of Goat, Goat HornsHF25-252550%7.5 or 15Petty
Rabbit0006dc9d1Raw Rabbit Leg5-2525-NonePetty
AnimalIDLvlCarriesSta.Deals damage
(health pts/attack)
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