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We’ve found the Best Sims 4 School Mods

Helsoseira's Sims 4 Downloads sims 4 Sims 4, Sims 4 anime, Sims mods. Helsoseira's Sims 4 Downloads. Technically not anime or kpop but oh well:P. Jul 19th, 2019. Apr 28, 2019 - HAIR PACK 1 - BOKU NO HERO ACADEMIAI’m sure you’re going to love this, and that’s the best part. You know I once uploaded this 5 characters hairs but they were in a really bad quality as they were. Aug 03, 2020 The Basic Sharingan Eye Set mod created by Sairen88 is a great addition to your growing list of anime eye mods – especially if you’re a Naruto fan. Since no one has done a Sharingan eye from Naruto for The Sims 4 yet, Sairen88 created this three drop Sharingan that can be viewed well as you zoomed in in life mode. And here we are: this amazing mod allows you to feel like a true Hyuuga with the.

There are lots of mods and custom content that affect the way Sims go to school. In this list, we’ve put together the best Sims 4 school mods that will make the game more challenging, fun, and exciting!

How about the other mods and custom content for Sims 4? Take a look at our Comprehensive Guide on The Sims 4 Mods and CC for more useful information about these awesome creations that make The Sims 4 a more enjoyable game experience. But before that, here are the best Sims 4 school mods that you can use. Enjoy!

Sims 4 Mods Anime

#1 Drop Out of High School and Get a Real Job

Sims 4 anime character mods

Let us directly kick in with the first one! Are you feeling like you don’t want to obey the rules of the world? And you know that nothing shows independence like carving your own path? That’s why, for the true rebels at heart, we’ve found this super cool mod, which lets you take an alternative way in your Sim’s future. Now they can leave their education and choose if they want to remain a High School Dropout, get an Adult Job for Teens and continue with Adult Career Outfit for Teens. This is an amazing extension pack, and it is wildly popular within the community. It is created by Telford and published on ModTheSims. To directly download it click here. Notice, some of the mods require the Get to Work and City Living expansion packs. If you have them, we recommend it 100%!

#2 Go To School Mod Pack

Doesn’t it feel annoying sending your Sims to school and not really seeing anything of their education? Right, it sucks. Luckily, we’ve got another awesome pack for you. This one makes school actually fun by allowing you to follow your Sims in school. Classrooms, gyms, halls and locker room talks – everything is included! Now your Sim can make friends, pick subjects and enjoy school. Created by Zerbu in 2015, this mod is improved and built on many times. It is also tremendously popular and loved by many Sims 4 players. This extension mod can be downloaded from the Tumblr account: or by following the direct link here.


#3 Elementary School – Go To School!

We wouldn’t be we if we didn’t find something for the Kids Sims too! Here is a wonderful Elementary School you can send them to and follow their school days closely. It has amazing classrooms, cozy ambience and beautiful design – everything your Sims need to feel inspired and ready to achieve their goals. This works as an addition to the previous Go To School Mod Pack and makes it more complete. It is created by Sim4fun and you can download it from or by clicking on the direct link here. Go try it!

#4 Willow Creek High School – Go To School!

And to complete the whole set, here is a brand new High School in Willow Creek. It is packed with dozens different rooms which your Sims can explore and participate in various activities. The school is built brilliantly once again, with everything that it needs and more. It is also one of the most popular mods with over 70,000 downloads on And to get it for yourself, visit the page or follow our direct link here.

#5 No Goals Needed For School


And now we have something a little bit different. This mod is a real quality of life change for every Sims 4 player. Why is it genius? Because it removes the need for your Sim to complete their goals in order to advance their grades in school. You won’t even see those goals anymore and instead your Sim’s grades will only be influenced by their work performance. You can find this most useful change on or you can download it directly from here. The creator is Reubenhood.

#6 No Grade or HighSchool From The Start Mod

Have you ever dreamed of life without school? No early wake ups, no getting ready in a hurry, no attending boring classes? Just… living? If yes, then we’ve got the perfect extension mod for you which prevents your Sims from being enrolled in school. Now they can enjoy the world and pursue their goals with freedom! This mod is created by Azoresman and you also find it on or download it directly from our link here. Don’t miss out on this one!

#7 Preschool Mod

And for the youngest we have brought you this amazing Preschool Mod. Now your toddlers can attend school, learn new things and build skills, which will be a relief for your adult Sims because they won’t have to teach each toddler everything. This extension mod comes with many interactions and fun stuff that your toddlers can do. To download this fantastic addition click here and if you want to find more of the amazing creator (which you should) visit his page: Have a blast!

#8 Cheat Teen High School Performance and Homework fully Done for the Day

This mod is a real treasure! If you’ve ever run out of time to complete all your Sim’s homework assignments, this will be perfect for you! This mod makes all the school requirements and homework to be completed without you spending even a second on them. It is really simple to use and very fun! Once again, you can find this mod on or download from our link right here. Try it now and enjoy your free time!

#9 Meet Sims Faster and Gain Work or School Performance

Another quality of life change is this fantastic mod which speeds up the socializing of your Sims so they can make friends way faster. It also boosts their performance at work or school so they can advance quicker. This mod is also hugely popular amongst the Sims community and it is downloaded over 20,000 times. The creator is Claudiasharon and you can download it from our direct link here.

#10 Early Exit from School Mod

And for the end we have this amazing and helpful mod by Diffevair. End the school time earlier for your Sims and set them free to conquer the world! Make the boredom end and let the adventures begin! You can download this mod from or by following our direct link here. Don’t wait too long for this one!


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