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I had built this High School to play Sims 3 KinkyWorld mod very long time ago (I wanted to build school similar to Sainan High from To LOVE-Ru Anime) However Sims 3 build engine turned out to be very limited, for example, you cant place walls like this: Spoiler So I recently found it in my Si. I never really got my sims very far until this game because my computer would always glitch the game to corruption, but thanks to my new i5 computer the game actually runs great. Anyways from what I heard is after the sim ages, they should get a notification of where to go to graduate. The Sims 3; Downloads - The Sims 3; MP's High School for OnikiKay's KW New School Added 4/2017. Every time I extract the full high school package I get multiple.

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Well, bookshelves have since evolved from that one defacto book to over a hundred different books in The Sims 3! These books can be bought at the book store and/or come as starter books for a bookshelf. Sims can read these books for pleasure and enjoyment.


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