Samsung Tv Firmware Hack

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  • Worse is that the Samsung smart TV Wi-Fi Direct feature is enabled by default every time the device boots up. Researchers tested their attack on Samsung UN32J5500 Firmware version 1480, but.
  • When the hack was first released, Samsung said it was “urgently looking into the matter,” but it’s unclear whether TVs can be effectively patched to protect against the hack.
  1. Hack Samsung Tv Apps
  2. Samsung Tv Firmware Download
  3. Samsung Tv Firmware Hack Apk
  4. Samsung Tv Firmware Hack Apk

Everything is on one page categorized by Country and Network. Searching for desired software is fully automatic. Download speed is very fast, all depends on location and network speed but everything is cachable and work really fast. Instruction how to use the database and how flash firmware to Samsung phone is here: MOD Edit:-Links Removed.

Hello everyone. I recently buy a Samsung monitor with TV (a hybrid one). The 24 inch monitor/TV is capable to play Full HD content (1080p) and it also support Digital and Analog TV signal.
The model is Samsung SyncMaster P2470HD. I noticed on the back of my TV/monitor, an USB port (SERVICE). I want also to enable the USB port to play multimedia content from USB stick, but i don't know what to do. I never find informations for this particulary model (i've heard it is a newer model). I entered into service menu with the clasical Samsung sequence, Power Off -> Info -> Menu -> Mute -> Power On but from here...don't know what to do. I want to make a back-up of the TV firmware but i dont know how. However, the USB port on the back, can be enabled to play multimedia content, mp3, jpg, avi (divx) or mkv's ?
Thank you and happy new year.

Advancement of science and technology have made our life easy. In fact, they have given us a chance to live a better life.

Smart TV also known as Hybrid TV is the one which has built in features to connect to the internet and run different android apps.

Today here we will learn how to hack or jailbreak Samsung Smart TV.

Besides, traditional functions of a TV can also provide you online interactive media and home networking access. Moreover, it is capable of behaving like a normal computer including connecting to a WiFi network. The smart TV is usually controlled by voice command or some apps of Android.


  • How to Hack a Samsung Smart TV
  • Jailbreak Smart TV by Installing Jailbreak KODI

How to Hack a Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV’s usually comes with a Linux Kernel operating system.

Hack Samsung Tv Apps

This OS is used in a lot of devices like Smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, printers, smart cameras plus a number of other wearable gadgets.

To hack or root your Samsung smart TV, it must have a built in ARM processor with firmware <=1018.0. the required tools for rooting Smart TV are Toolchain, Samsung SDK, XBMC or GIT.

Let’s dive into the steps that will guide you in jailbreaking your Samsung Smart TV.

Jailbreak Smart TV [Step by Step]

  1. First of all turn on your Smart TV and go to the settings with your TV remote
  2. From these settings approach the Setup Options. It will require a Pin Code from you, enter the appropriate Pin Code
  3. It will ask you to select a language for further settings. Select a language according to your choice and proceed
  4. After that it will ask you to select a Country. Select a country from there and proceed further
  5. An Auto Tuning option will appear, from there go to channel type and select Digital. Now Auto Tuning will proceed
  6. When the tuning gets completed go Next. It will ask for another scanning, select NO and proceed
  7. After this, it will ask you to select an internet service location. Select your internet service location to process further
  8. Now, click on the aerial option and go next
  9. Enter the required Pass Code and continue
  10. The screen will show you an Update option. Click ‘update now’. Your update will start and will take some time to complete

Once the update is complete, it will ask permission to turn off the TV. Click YES. After that, turn on your TV again to apply your changes.

Now you are done with the hack of the smart TV and should now be able to access all the relevant features on your Smart TV.

Jailbreak an Amazon Fire TV Stick

This video shows how to easily jailbreak an Amazon Fire TV Stick and other smart TVs.


It is actually done with a different media player app which is a lot better than KODI as we have heard that a lot of people are unable to run few KODI add on’s.


The Terrarium TV app has more content with a cool and easy to navigate layout. The process in the video is more like side loading instead of jailbreaking.

Samsung Tv Firmware Hack

Jailbreak Smart TV by Installing Jailbreak KODI

KODI on Samsung Smart TV

The second and most common method used these days to Jailbreak Smart TVs is buy using the android app; KODI. So , let’s get into the step by step guide on how to hack a smart TV with Kodi.

  1. Install CetusPlay from Google Play Store on your Smart TV
  2. Before installation it will ask permission to allow ‘unknown sources’. Allow it to install apps from unknown sources
  3. When the installation is complete, open CetusPlay and search ‘KODI’
  4. KODI will appear there. You will only have to click on it to install it
  5. Once KODI is installed, transfer the APK file to your smart TV
  6. While using File Manager install the APK file on your Samsung or Android Smart TV

Samsung Tv Firmware Download


Hacking or Jailbreaking your smart TV could be tricky at times but it allows you to watch more TV channels without any additional costs.

Samsung Tv Firmware Hack Apk

Samsung Tv Firmware Hack

Samsung Tv Firmware Hack Apk

As smart TV can be easily connected to the internet, these hacks could possibly put your data at risk to more vulnerabilities with an unreliable security system. Therefore, you need to be very careful while trying to Jailbreak Samsung or any Smart TV.