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Saints Row 2: Corporate Warfare is an episodic expansion pack for the sandbox-style action-adventure video game Saints Row 2, developed by Volition, Inc. And published by THQ. The second of three planned downloadable content packs, Corporate Warfare was released via Xbox Live and PlayStation Network for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 systems respectively, on May 28, 2009.1 Corporate Warfare. Hey i loved saints row 3 hairstyles can some one port them over for femails and males it would help a lot as id love to make a simlar female player to joni from gta iv addon the ballad of gay tony as i mostly played that game till i could afford a decent pc to play ssaint row 4 on as well as fallout 4 and gta v. First of all, I want to thank you guys for getting back into the Saints Row 2 PC edition to fix all the problems it's had and giving it the attention it needs after so many years. Us PC gamers who are big fans of the franchise genuinely appreciate it. ːlunar2019piginablanketː I do have a question about the upcoming new build of the port: I've read stuff around the internet that it will be.

Saints Row 2: Corporate Warfare
Developer(s)Volition, Inc.
Release dateMay 28, 2009[1]
GenreSandbox, third-person shooter, action-adventure
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer
Age rating(s)BBFC: 18
ESRB: Mature
PEGI: 18+
Platform(s)PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Saints Row 2: Corporate Warfare is an episodic expansion pack for the sandbox-styleaction-adventurevideo gameSaints Row 2, developed by Volition, Inc. and published by THQ. The second of three planned downloadable content packs, Corporate Warfare was released via Xbox Live and PlayStation Network for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 systems respectively, on May 28, 2009.[1]

Corporate Warfare focuses on the struggle between the 3rd Street Saints and the Ultor Corporation,[2] featuring the successor to Dane Vogel, Eric Gryphon and also Dexter Jackson,[3] a former Saint from the original Saints Row.[2] The expansion pack also adds new customization options, vehicles, and additions to the game's multiplayer.

Gameplay[editedit source]

The game adds content for use with the main game. An array of new outfits can be purchased and worn by the player character,[4] including commonly requested items such as face bandanas,[5] the Ronin gang jacket and baggy jeans with wallet chain option.[6] A wide range of facial hair from the winners of the Movember cancer awareness competition, originally planned for Ultor Exposed,[7] feature in the pack.[6] The pack also adds numerous new vehicles drivable by the player at any time.[2][4][8]

The game also adds to the multiplayer component of the game. Three multiplayer maps can be played online; two for the Gangsta Brawl/Team Gangsta Brawl modes and one for the Strong Arm mode.[6] In addition, a metagame can be activated while players free-roam in co-operative play.[6] The option for activation becomes available after a player achieves at least a single silver star ranking for a vehicular stunt and the object of the metagame is to outmatch the other player in a driving stunt competition.[6]

Plot[editedit source]

Head of the Ultor Corporation and successor to Dane Vogel, Eric Gryphon, requests protection from the 3rd Street Saints in exchange for information on Dex Jackson,[3] an original lieutenant for the Saints (See Saint's Row 1) who now works as the Ultor Corporation's head of security.[2] After meeting with The Boss at the Saints Hideout, Eric meets with Dex saying that he is unafraid of Dex's attempts to kill him. Eric reveals to The Boss that Dex has been selling nuclear waste on the black market and is using the Ultor Masako Team to cover up the evidence. The Boss then steals the waste from the nuclear power plant and steals it for himself, crippling Dex's finances. Dex abandons his position in Stilwater and requests a job transfer, fleeing to another city. The Boss learns of this through Eric, who in turn helps The Boss eliminate key associates of Dex during the Ultor Family Picnic. The Boss then reveals to Eric that he will find out which city Dex fled to and kill him, a hint about a possible sequel.

Development[editedit source]

On September 25, 2008, lead producer of Saints Row 2 Dan Sutton stated in an interview that 'Definitely we have [plans for downloadable content], yes. We haven't announced them yet, but we are looking at bigger stuff definitely.'[9]Saints Row 2 was released in mid-October, gaining positive acclaim. In March 2009, the first downloadable content pack, Ultor Exposed, was announced.[10] Originally slated for an April 16 release,[11] Ultor Exposed was released on April 29.[12][13] The first screenshots of Corporate Warfare surfaced at the beginning of May, 2009,[5] and a patch to prepare consoles for the pack was released on May 11.[14] The Weekend Scavenger Hunt was a marketing approach where three screenshots of the pack were released on May 15.[4] An open letter from producer Jim Torbit gave the first official details of the pack and set the release date for May 28.[2] A Developer Diary video featuring Torbit, designer Bryan Dillow and programmer Phillip Alexander was released on May 22, giving an exclusive look at the new inclusions and missions in the pack.[15]Corporate Warfare was released on May 28, 2009 through the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live costing $7.00 or 560 Microsoft Points.[1]

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Saints Row 2: Ultor Exposed Review

Volition released some DLC for Saints Row 2. Interested as I was, I bought the DLC from the PS Store for, I think £6-7? The truth is, it wasn't really worth it. Here's a quick review to sum it up.
SPOILER WARNING - This page could contain spoilers.
I'm lost for the story at the moment as I haven't played Saints Row 2's storyline missions enough to get what it's all about. But from what I've gathered... In Ultor Exposed you work for a woman... who's a microbiologist or something (I've lost her name in my noggin') while she tries to frame Ultor for doing something - Again, I'm not sure what. In one of the missions she makes you collect dead bodies which Ultor have experimented on. That's all I've gathered, sorry.
Ultor Exposed adds three new story missions... yes three. It's not much at all, especially for the amount of money you have to pay. One mission includes you having to collect dead, mutated bodies in a pickup truck for a woman who's name I forget, another see's you chasing a large truck and shooting it while the Ultor security chases you and the final mission includes you taking out wave after wave of Ultor security people and attack helicopters at the top of the mountain. The missions are quite fun, but only take around 10 minutes to complete. You definitely don't get a run for your money with the missions.
What It Adds
Ultor Exposed adds several new clothing items to choose from, as well as 10 new hair styles. Six new vehicles are also added. If it wasn't for the vehicles, I reckon Ultor Exposed would be available for free...
Here are some screenshots of the vehicles included in Ultor Exposed.
Name: Temptress
Details: An agile, sexy and speedy convertible.
Special: -
Type: Car (convertible)

Rocket launcher:

Rockets in action:
Name: EDF Scout
Details: Speedy and armored (?) but with shit handling.
Special: Mounted multi-rocket Annihilator. The rockets you fire can be guided too... manually.
Type: Car? Not quite sure...

Name: Stallion
Details: Speedy racing car with decent handling.
Special: No
Type: Car
Details: Three-wheeled, fast and has pretty good handling.
Special: No
Type: Motorcycle?

Name: Vulture
Details: Large military (?) helicopter with a deadly arsenal of weaponry.
Special: Has a useable minigun which you can control - As well as rockets which you can auto-target with (or manually aim and guide with)
Type: Helicopter (Attack)

Name: AB Destroyer
Details: An airplane with some neat tools on-board. Also modeled on an A10 Thunderbolt?
Special: As well as being speedy and agile like a fighter jet, this airplane can fire rockets which you can guide yourself (or auto-target with), and also has a minigun which you can fire (but the minigun can only fire straight-ahead, you cannot control where the minigun points)


If it wasn't for the cool vehicles it adds, I would recommend you give this DLC a miss. Frankly, the new missions, clothes and hairstyles aren't worth paying for.
Overall score: 5/10 'Not worth the money.'