Quake Champions Black Screen

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Like the tittle says, my game keeps crashing to desktop and sometimes I just get a black screen while I am joining a match. The game in question is Quake Champions. I can move around and change settings in the main menu just fine, the crash only occurs while the game is loading a match. If you don't have any Platinum, Quake Champions will whisk you to another store screen where you can buy some. Back at the champions storefront, confirm that you wish to purchase a champion. At today’s QuakeCon 2018 keynote, id Studio Director Tim Willits announced that the multiplayer PC shooter Quake Champions is going free-to-play. Quake Champions experimented with a free-to-play. I've downloaded Quake Champions and cannot for the life of me get it to run full screen. The game runs but the screen fades to black. I can press the windows key to minimize Quake and return to desktop, click quake (that's still running) to make it full screen again and I get to see everything running normally for about 2 - 3 seconds before it fades to black again.


Quake Champions Black Screen Startup

Quake Champions Black Screen

Quake Champions Gameplay

    • Loading Animation - Slow wave left to right that matches the champion's color• Main Menu - All keys pulse a dark orange color until a match starts• Champion Selection - Quick wave on all keys from top to bottom matching champion's theme color• Death Screen - Quick wave of all keys from top to bottom matching champion's theme color• Base effect - Active hights lighted• Player Spawn - Quick vertifcal wave from bottom to top according to current champion's theme color• Weapon Pickup - Corresponding weapon key flashes 3 times• Health/Armor Pickup - Quick blue (health)/green (armor) wave across all keys• Bonus Item Pickup - Dual waves ripple from both ends of keyboard• Other Item Pickup - Quick white ripple across all keys• Ability Ready - Ability key flashes until ability is used• Abiility Cooldown - Ability key fades to black after use and then slowly restores to full color• Ability Use - Ripple from the center of keyboard outward 3 times. Color matches the color of the selected champion• Low Health - All keys pulse a dark red color. Effect only ends if a player picks up a health orb or killed• Death - All keys flash red an then fade to black• Kill - All keys flash gold twice• Round End - All keys cycle through several shades of orange• Chroma Link supported