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This is a screenshot of my Sony PSP running firmware 3.95 GEN 2. I installed Ubuntu 7.10 v1.0 which was released a few days back. Unfortunately there is only a French version. Hopefully the English version will be released soon, so if English is your primary language, you may want to wait. Or just try the French version in the meantime.

  1. Psp Seplugins Rar Apk

Put this on ur psp. Seplugins.rar download at 2shared. Click on compressed file put this on ur psp. Seplugins.rar to start downloading. 2shared - Online file upload - unlimited free web space. File sharing network. File upload progressor. 17425632 compressed files available. Here you can download seplugins psp 6.60 shared files: PSP 6.60 PRO B10 1000 2000 3000 Pack de temas ctf psp 6.60.(TODO PARA PSP).rar mediafire. Click download file button or Copy seplugins psp 6.60 URL which shown in textarea when you clicked file title, and paste it into your browsers address bar.

  • 1 - Download and extract DATA-v5.rar, copy the folder KHBBS to the root of the memory stick.(memory stick first page) 2 - Copy the folder seplugins to the root of the memory stick (memory stick first page) and replace while backing up your original seplugins folder. 3 - Go to recovery 'Plugins - Make all Plugins enabled.exit recovery menu.
  • PRO Firmware is a Aftermarket Firmware for the Playstation Portable (PSP) It's licensed under the GPLv3, and thus is under full control of the community, made by users for the users. Features: Homebrew Compatible - Run your own unsigned applications, both user and kernel mode.

This is not a real ported version of Ubuntu for the PSP. Its just another a homebrew application for the PSP.

Download and Install Ubuntu

To get it on your PSP, first make sure you have Homebrew installed, i.e. not Sony's original firmware. You need at least 3.71 M33.

  • Download Ubuntu from and unzip the RAR file onto any directory in your hard disk.
  • Connect your PSP to your computer via USB and select USB Conection on your PSP.
  • Copy the folders PSP, PICTURE and Docs to the root of your PSP.
  • Copy the contents of 'seplugins' from your computer to the 'seplugins' directory in your PSP root directory.If you notice any files have the same names, merge them.For instance, I already have vsh.txt in F:/PSP/seplugins in my PSP with this one line: ms0:/seplugins/screenshotbmp.prxSo, I add the lines in the vsh.txt from the Ubuntu extract into the vsh.txt in the PSP. My vsh.txt now has this: ms0:/seplugins/ubuntu.prxms0:/seplugins/screenshotbmp.prx
  • After all the copying is done, press the O button and close the USB connection.

Starting Ubuntu

  • Navigate to Game -> Ubuntu and press X. You should see the Ubuntu login screen.

Its in French. No worries if you don't know the language. I don't speak French either.

Enter the username. Press 'start' and enter 'admin' as the username.

Next enter the password/Mot de passe. Press 'start' and enter 'admin' as the password.-

Ubuntu should start normally unless you haven't copied all files properly.

More screenshots

Created on 01 January 2008

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Total Noob is back at it again, this time with CDDA enabler for the PSP. We all know that CDDA stopped working around firmware 4.01, so if you tried to play a PS1 game with CDDA all you would get is silence. So Total Noob had to reverse a lot of parts for the POPS module. When he had to found the failure, and track down the bug to its origin so he could patch it. This was a bug that even Dark_AleX couldn’t solve.

So if you like what total noob has done you can donate to him via paypals here … id=8158859

Here what Total Noob had to say..

PSP is still one of the best devices to play PS1 games on a handheld. Thanks to the built-in POPS emulator, you can create your own EBOOT.PBP files
and play them with your PSP.
Every PSP firmware has a built-in POPS emulator and compatibility of PS1 games change with every version of POPS. Generally later versions have more
customization options and deliver a better experience overall.
PS1 games generally have 2 kinds of streaming audio, XA and CDDA. CDDA is uncompressed redbook audio while XA is 1/4 lossy compressed. So CDDA audio
delivers a much better audio quality in the games it was used. Unfortunately any POPS version bundled above 4.01 PSP firmware has actively disabled
CDDA audio for homemade PS1 EBOOT.PBP files. You hear silence instead of CDDA audio if you boot these games. That is not valid for PSN released
PS1 games as Sony uses a property compression algorithm for CDDA audio on these games.
To overcome this limitation, you can use POPSLOADER plugin to load a POPS version equal or prior to 4.01. This will cost you 2 things. 1)Less customization
options of POPS 2) Bad compatility with PSP3000 and PSPgo series. Especially if you have a PSPgo, every POPS version supporting CDDA audio with
POPSLOADER will either blackscreen or output audio only from headphones.
Now with CDDA Enabler, you can enable CDDA audio on PSP firmwares > 4.01 without enabling POPSLOADER or having compatibility problems with your homemade
EBOOTs. It just works.

– Copy ‘cdda_enabler.prx’ to the ‘seplugins’ directory of your Memory Stick or Internal Storage of PSPgo.
– Add “ms0:/seplugins/cdda_enabler.prx 1” (or “ef0:/seplugins/cdda_enabler.prx 1” if you are using internal storage of PSPgo) line to the end of ‘pops.txt’
in ‘seplugins’ folder.

Also here is a simple tutorial to create CDDA supporting PS1 EBOOT.PBP files:
– Rip your game via using .ccd .img .sub format, unfortunately that is the only format supported for cdda. .bin, .cue will not work. Alcohol 120% and
other rippers support this CloneCD format.
– To test the cd image before converting, mount it with daemon tools or some loader like that and be sure your pc detects extra audio tracks and play
them just as it would play an audio cd.
– Use the latest PSX2PSP (1.4.2). Some other converters do this too, but they need a modified exe or some other stuff etc. Use 1 or low compression
like 2-3. Do not use 0 compression.
– Transfer the resulting file to your PSP and load it from XMB with CDDA Enabler plugin enabled.
– Enjoy your CDDA audio.

Source code
In firmwares above 4.01, the POPS module takes the wrong index length of the EBOOT.PBP, which caused incompatibility with custom CDDA audio.
This small plugin dynamically searches the offsets of the index file and patches them to the right length. The small size of the plugin says nothing about its difficulty, because
the few magic lines have been written after 10h of reversing, testing and understanding the POPS module.
Remember, it is a bug that not even Dark_AleX could figure out and fix it.
The source code is licenced under GPLv3, respect it.

– Dark_AleX

Psp seplugins version 6.61

Psp Seplugins Rar Apk

Download: CDDA Plugin