Polycom Communicator C100s Windows 10 Driver

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Skype communication device (Polycom Communicator C100S on USB) disconnected and settings reseted - problem remains; On Control Panel Realtek HD Audio Manager: Tab 'HDMI Output' activated and set as default 'Full-range speakers' set as 'Front left and right' 'Speaker configutation' set to '2/2.1 Speaker' - following test on displayed speakers. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Polycom Speaker USB C100S Desk Phone Communicator - Black at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The Polycom Communicator C100S is compatible with Windows XP. Category Science & Technology; License. Hi All, My C100S suddenly stopped working with the following symptoms: - Windows 7 64bit - OS can't recognise the device - neither installing driver automaticaly (it. Travel Technology - Polycom Communicator C100S - Lately I've been spending hours on the phone (3.5+) when I'm at home on Fridays. Anyway, I'm not a big fan of having my cellphone glued to my ear (I don't have a landline), the speakerphone on the iPhone that great, and I can't bring myself to wear a headset.

A few weeks ago I received an invite to the grand opening of Polycom’s new Executive Briefing Centre at a plush 16th floor location near Liverpool Street station. Today marked the event, and I have to say that Polycom’s new location is tremendously impressive – if you get an invite, take the opportunity to visit them.

Joined by my frolleagues Stuart McRae and Murat Gunenc, I was there because we’re partners with Polycom in the UC² market offering integration with Sametime 8.5.1. After presentations, demos, drinks and nibbles – and catching up with my very good friend Tony ‘Binge Thinking’ Cocks – it was time to depart and make my way to Waterloo to catch the Ascot Express (it was too late for one of the two direct trains back to Camberley).

As I handed my badge in I was offered a parting gift, but the lady from Polycom apologised that they were only giving the TomToms to customers. A TomTom One, just for turning up at an event with free drinks…? That’s what I call generous. If you were the owner of one of the many non-attendee badges, right now you should be kicking yourself. Anyway, I have a TomTom XL and I understood that the gifts were for customers (I could have argued that IBM are a Polycom customer, but that would have been rather petty), so ’twas no big deal. Instead the nice lady offered me some rather expensive-looking pens or a ‘communicator’.

Communicator software installation supports the installation on Microsoft® Windows Vista® /Windows 7® 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. (For Windows XP® there is a different version of drivers available). Polycom Communicator software is localized to support Chinese (Simplified).

I’m okay for pens and the picture of the communicator on the box looked interesting so I gratefully received the gadget. On the train (a journey which offers lots of available time) I took a closer look and saw that the product was actually a Polycom CX100 Speakerphone For Microsoft Office Communicator 2007. At this point I was tempted to eject the box out of the train window, but not wanting to hit the 18:57 from Hampton Court I decided to inspect the device further. It’s got speakers, it’s got a microphone, it’s got a flap on the back that opens, and underneath said flap is a USB cable and connector. The instruction booklet says, and I quote:

Polycom c100s drivers windows 10

In order to use the Polycom CX100 Speakerphone, Microsoft® Office Communicator 2007 must be installed on your computer.

I arrived home, kissed the current Mrs A, hugged the offspring (beaming from a wonderful first day at her new school) and suffered a frenzied attack of affection from an excited micro-dog. Then I put Polycom’s claim to the test… would this nifty box of tricks work without Office Communicator 2007, and would it work with Sametime Unified Telephony? Answer… of course it does. Windows XP recognised it, so did the MacBook Pro, and switching over to SUT’s softphone both of them provided perfect integration.

And not only does it work, it’s the perfect thing for SUT demos. Earlier today I demoed SUT, but there’s always an audio barrier to break when in front of an audience. Can you hear this voice coming out of my mobile phone or my wireless headset? Maybe if you’re right down the front next to me. But with the CX100 we have the perfect telephony end-point for letting the audience hear what’s going on.

While I have no plans to relegate my Plantronics head-set to a dusty drawer, I have a feeling I’ll be using the CX100 a lot (and I should also mention it comes with a smart carrying pouch). I intend to call my Polycom contact tomorrow and see if I can blag a couple more, because it’ll be such a useful addition to our SUT briefings. But I think I should mention that Polycom need to correct their marketing message – it’s not just for Office Communicator… this integates with SUT too.

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Polycom C100s Drivers Windows 10

Polycom Communicator C100s Windows 10 Driver
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Polycom communicator c100s usb speakerphone

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Polycom Communicator

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Polycom Communicator Driver

Intel Management Engine Interface — Windows 8 beta.

Polycom Communicator C100s Driver

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