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Omegle Girls Tool is a Free Tool To Find Girls On Omegle. Omegle Girls Tool For Mac. Download Omegle Girls Tool for Mac by clicking Download button below. IMPORTANT My Discord has been changed to Jackaldev#8979.Discord Server Tracker Tool

Talk with strangers will now be a lot more fun, when you have a voice changer. Sound like a girl when you talk, and boom, it's time to show your face. Or to all the female users out there, it's fun to say something in a manly voice to the other person.
Omegle voice changer

You can change voice male to female, female to male, talk like a robot, or any voice you want. You can even add more effects to the talk section. You can sound like you are staying at a public place, traffic jam, in a forest, or any place. And most of all, this is change voice in real time, the other person will hear everything you say immediately when you talk. To change voice in, what you need is AV Voice Changer Software Diamond.

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

This is the software that I use to change voice while calling in The software has the feature Nickvoices, which are the ready-to-use voice presets that you can use to change voice instantly with one click. You can sound like a little girl, a sweet woman, a middle-aged man, a grandma and many non-human voices.

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Besides, it also has an audio editor, audio converter, recorder, file morpher. With these tools, you can record your changed voice, edit in wave tracks, add more effects. Or, you can edit audio files, morph the vocal to be higher or lower, tempo faster or slower, and save in many audio formats.
You can read more about the software here on their official website: AV Voice Changer Software Diamond.
To download the software and try it out, you can conveniently use the button below:

Change voice in Omegle with voice changer

Before changing your voice in Omegle, you will have to install AV Voice Changer Software Diamond first. After that, we connect the voice changer with via the browser you are using.
For me, I usually use Chrome as the default browser. So in this tutorial, I will show you guys the steps with Chrome to give access to the microphone and connect voice changer.
  • Launch your Browser (I use Chrome in my case)
  • Access
  • When Chrome asks to use your Microphone, select Allow
Allow Microphone on Chrome to use for Omegle
  • On the top right corner, select that Video icon
  • In the new dialog box, select Manage.
Manage Microphone on Omegle to use with voice changer
  • In the new Content Settings tab, select Microphone
Microphone Settings

Omegle Macbook Camera

  • In the new Microphone section, select Microphone (Avsoft Virtual Audio Device) as your device.
Select Microphone for Omegle voice changer
  • Close the Settings tab, and get back to Omegle.
And now, you are ready for a fun talk. Change voice while talking on with AV Voice Changer Software Diamond.

Adjust voice changer to change voice while talking in Omegle

After connecting AV Voice Changer Software Diamond with Omegle, now it's time to change your voice in real time. To change voice with the software, simply choose a Nickvoice that you want.

Omegle Mac Download

Nickvoices of AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

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On the other hand, you can also change your voice manually with this voice changer. Freely adjust the age and gender of your voice, add more voice effects and background effects. To do this, just follow my tutorial at:
>> Voice Changer 101
To download the software, simply use this link:
And now, are you ready to surprise the strangers?

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