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  • Nuance Vocalizer Expressive TTS offers a wide portfolio of more than 40 languages and 70 voices, allowing you to create global solutions.

Nuance Vocalizer is a new generation of text-to-speech (TTS) technology that enriches user experience with enhanced expressiveness and multilingual support.

Nuance Vocalizer Expressive TTS 5.4 Nuance Vocalizer Expressive TTS 5.4WebsiteSystem RequirementsOS: Windows 7 - Windows 10 ( does support Windows XP)Reading application: any application with SAPI-5 supportDescriptionVocalizer Expressive is a text-to-speech engine used by Reading applications to produce speech from electronic text. The voices sound very close to the natural human speech. Some of them, like Spanish Jorge, were first developed by Loquendo and then improved by Nuance.IncompatibilityThe Voices from this release may not function properly if installed on the same computer with the following products: Vocalizer Expressive 5.2.3 (Previous release),,

It's recommended to remove these products before installing Vocalizer Expressive 5.4.InstallationTo install the voices, extract the archive(s) to any folder and run Setup.exeAfter installation is complete, Windows Installer will delete files in unpacked folder because it assumes them been temporary. So, unpacked folder will not have any further use and it must be deleted.The list of voices can be seen in the Speech Properties, which is located under Control Panel, Speech Recognition, Text to Speech.UninstallationTo uninstall particular voice go to Start Menu, All Programs, VE 5.4 Name of Voice, Uninstall.Download from Google Drive.

Learn how the Text-to-Speech (TTS) engine allows you to establish your brand's voice. Feel free to type anything else, and even choose another voice.

Yes, it is possible. But these VE 2.2 voices would be incompatible with 5.2.3 version, because they use single database file instead of several.I can make SAPI-5 version of those voices and put them to separate folder on a server. However, VE 5.2.3 must be uninstalled before using them.So, which voice are you interested in?By the way, VE 2.2 for NVDA is not exactly 'new'. It still belongs to V5 line of products. Their quality is almost same as VE 5.2.3.


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The newest version is Vocalizer 6 (Enterprise), which has quality much better than V5. You can check it on example page there is no download links on internet for Vocalizer 6. V6 must be bought directly from Nuance. If you're going to use Acapela 2.220 on Win10 you'll need to replace the file acattssapi5.dll with newer version from later releases (infovox3 or infovox4). Here is a magnet link:magnet:?xt=urn:btih:C2AC0680FF36A1EBACB2& works in 'demo' mode – it has three restrictions:1. Works only 1 hour after PC startup.

After 1 hour you'll need to reboot2. Speak only 1 sentence at time. If encounters 'Dot' it produces beep3. The sentence length must not exceed 987 symbolsIf you're familiar with C# or or even C, you can write your own TTS application to bypass restrictions 2 and 3. The '1 hour' thing can be solved by using TimeStopper. You have not understood my comments. I know very well how to combine various parts into one with HJSplit.

Nuance Vocalizer Expressive 5.4 Skills

I already downloaded Part 2 without any issue, however whenever I click on Part 1 download link on Userscloud it shows this error page.' This site can’t be reachedThe webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.ERRINVALIDRESPONSE'Wish I could share you the exact screenshot:-(I downloaded other 4 Voices, but no errors during their downloads.

Exceptional to this Part 1 of Paya Bengali voice. Please, provide alternative links if you have to download. AnonymousThanks for your fast respond. I thought it was not necessary to asked that question since google know a lot of thing, so I did searching for hours but ended up with nothing.

Seems like google don't know about 3LetterLanguageCode yet.Is there a free/full version software to edit pronunciation through graphical user interface, instead of the way which you have provided up there? I mean software like neospeech's VT-editor, unfortunately it's not free and I have not find the full version of it. AnonymousHello Lea Walter, I realy need help on modify the pronunciation.example word: youEdit The pronunciation to: yesyou // #'jEs#Let's say, the pronunciation result is exactly as what I wantbut if the word in the text area is something like this:'you'The TTS App doesn't pronounce it as I want, in other words this string: ( you // #'jEs# ) which I added to the dictionary doesn't work for this: ( 'you' )So I Add the following string in the dictionary:'you' // #'jEs#but it doesn't work either.How to deal with double quotation marks word? AnonymousHi,I would like to ask a few questions regarding these voices:1. You updated from version 5.2.3 to 5.4 where single file variants of the voices were released.I would like to know if the older archive is still available and what version number the ve.dll of v5.2.3 had.I have seen older voices with v1.1, v1.3 and also v1.5 but it was always named Vocalizer Expressive and never Vocalizer Embedded.2. Was there ever a version 5.3?I am asking because for a time Vocalizer for Android from CodeFactory shipped voices where in each file name for downloadable voices they had the v1.5.0 added to their name.There was for example a multi file version of Rishi, before you released your new single file variant of voices.These voices also existed for Windows before they got updated.

There the ve.dll was V1.5.0 and was named Vocalizer Expressive and was the first variant where end users saw a 32-Bit and 64-Bit DLL if the user had a 64-Bit system.3. I know that Vocalizer is supposed to have some multilanguage versions of voices.the first Vocalizer Expressive package for the NVDA screen reader had petra-ml and audrey-ml, but the multilanguage features were never usable probably due to a custom made interface.But the voices and the language files were different compared to the standard versions of these voices.For example 5.2.3 Petra was around 138 MB (premium high) while petra-ml had 222 MB in the same quality.The current voice packages still should contain ml variants of some voices and not only in Vocalizer 6.4. Is there a single file version of the Siri voices so that they might be included in this package?Some years ago some Siri voices were published and it was known that these were compatible with Vocalizer 5.2.3.But no one seems to have seen a V5.4 compatible version of any of them.5. CodeFactory released an updated version of Vocalizer voices.They went from Vocalizer Expressive 2.1.0 or 2.2.0 (which compares to your voices) to Vocalizer Embedded 3.2.They released new files, brought in a new US English voice called Noelle and it also looks like as if the new package does not contain any premium high variants of anything.Moreover Harpo seems to have updated their voices as well, even single file voices like Anna got reduced in size from 590 MB to 194 MB (for trial versions at least) and they are selling Noelle now, allthough you have to search her on the harpo site.6.

Can you get other voice variants like embedded-compact or the other variants in the middle quality range?I am asking for comparison purposes and because I don't get why some asian voices should not exist in high quality.They did in V5.2.3, if I remember right. And it seems unlikely that they updated voices to make them better and then dropped quality down to a fraction of their original state in the switch to v5.4. Hi, I'll try to answer your questions1. The version of ve.dll of v5.2.3 is and VE v5.2.3 is no longer available, because I made some mistakes in that version.2. I have no idea if ever was a version '5.3'. There are many distributors of the same product 'Vocalizer Expressive'.

Examples of distributors: Ai Squared, GW Micro,,, Freedom Scientific. Some of these have their own naming for the version of voices. I took '5.4' from XML file, describing the voice.3. It seems the 'Multilanguage voices' are present only in Vocalizer 6. I didn't find any '-ml' voices for Vocalizer Expressive. If you find such voice, let me know.4. Siri is a 'Virtual Assistant' in iOS and macOS, right?

Nuance Vocalizer Expressive Tts 5.4

Deadpool zipped for pc. Click Download through your web browser or Download with MEGASync to start your download. (For web browser downloading, you should use chrome and have the MEGA extension installed, which you can get ).

I don't think the voices from this release can be installed on Mac and vice verse.5. I'll try to make Noelle and Joelle as soon as possible. Another voices such as Malay Amira will have to wait until they spread in Internet enough.6. I don't plan to include 'compact' voices, since it does not have a sense. 'compact' variants were developed when home computers had minimal resources. Now, even low-end laptop has at least 4 Gb of memory.

And I agree with you that Asian voices must also have premium-high quality. Unfortunately, the new version of ve.dll is incompatible with older 5.2.3 voices. If your system is really Windows 7 x86 (32 bit), then you'll need to perform these actions:1. Extract archive to some folder. If you already did this, repeat this step again2. Navigate into 'extracted folder' → 'msi'. Inside the 'msi' directory would be folder 'languages'.

Copy this folder 'languages' into 'C:Program FilesVE' directory and overwrite everything.3. Download Registry file here Double click downloaded file VEHindiNeel22kHz.reg5. Click Yes when prompt popups6. Now, if you open Balabolka you should see Neel among other Sapi5 voices. I'm not a person, who made all these voices. I only made Sapi5 version of them. If I remember correctly, Damayanti was created by Nuance (It's not original Loquendo voice).

From what you said, Damayanti needs a full-scale user dictionary. On this website I already described this technique. To make such dictionary programmatically you'll need usual Indonesian phonetic dictionary, where each word has its phonetic representation in IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet). Since I don't know this language, I have no idea where to seek such dictionary.

It must exist on some Indonesian linguistic websites. Btw, i am so amazed with SSML voice editor of IBM watson.

Many features of expression like 'express as apology, goodNews, etc.yea i know i can use xml tag on balabolka - for example - but it's not good as IBM has.have you take a look here?and here: Their web response is too slow for me. So it's boring. I didn't know why.seems like there is no alternative / similar to you have any idea? AnonymousGreetings Lee,Thanks a million for all your hard work; it truly has made a tremendous impact in my life in many ways-too many to list-. Please see below for a few important questions.First, I've just found out from Codefactory website that there are apparently cool new voices in the latest iteration of Vocalizer like Korean Nuri and UK English Stephanie; is there any way you can also make these voices available as soon as possible? Especially being Korean, Nuri sounds far more natural compared to existing voices from Nuance; since you have been able to make Joelle and Noelle available, I'm very curious.Second, would you be able to bring Vocalizer 6 anytime soon?

Nuance Vocalizer Free Software

I particularly like new voices in that version like Evelyn and Evan for American English; please advise.Last but not least, I have read that you are working on bringing the older version back; any further update on that?I am greatly looking forward to your detailed reply at your earliest convenience; much appreciated once again Lee. Hope you are having a good weekend!Warmest Regards,SJ. Hi, I'll try to answer your questions.1. I know that Codefactory has released some new voices.

These voices available for Windows and Android are encrypted. I was able to make Joelle and Noelle because I found their unencrypted version on But don't worry, soon or later these voices would be available for NVDA or for some another open source project and then it would be possible to make SAPI5 version of them.2.

Nuance Vocalizer Expressive 5.4

Truth be told, I'm not sure if Vocalizer 6 (Now it's Vocalizer 7 or Vocalizer for Enterprise) would ever be available for individuals. I think Nuance sells this product only to organizations for intended use in Call-centers, banks, etc. I'm certain Vocalizer 6 existed at least four years and during these years I didn't find single mention of its Windows Desktop version.3. I'm still working on remaking previous version of VE. AnonymousI have natural reader 15 and textaloud 4 and use these programs to play stories to my son before bedtime.I have been hunting for long time for the acapella child voices of australian girl olivia and english girl rosie. These are so perfect for reading stories to a child.I found a 15 day acapela trial you can download and use with NVDA but then after you need to pay license to continue. I will continue my hobby of hunting for a torrent for child voices for nextup or natural reader.Curiosity has made me post here after seeing how much you communicate with people and really try to help them.

This impressed me as its pretty rare to see these days.Anyway, I just wanted to say hello. MshI would to thank you for replay, but i found a serious problem in an installation of the voice pack Laila Arabic voice v 5.4,i downloaded the pack from couple months ago, and installed it successfully but when tried to install the old unpacked files on windows 10 pro x64, the error message downloading zipped pack, unzip, compare folder's files!!! Wow they differ?I think after the installation the installer delete some files!! Am i right?I hope this help some peopleThanks again. AT&T Voices are 10 years old, but you can still download them using Torrent Client:magnet:?xt=urn:btih:9f8b02c8c00135bb2043536a33e878&dn=NextUp+-+Text+Aloud+%2B+AT%26T+Natural+Voices+%2B+NeoSpeech+Voices+%2B+SERIALAcapela voices need keygen/crack to unlock them.


The closest thing would be installing Acapela for NVDA with RevoUninstaller and then re-installing again when 15-day trial period expires.Ivona Voices must be used together with Speech2Go in order to unlock them. Install voices, Speech2Go, then run Speech2GoPNKeygen.exe and generate key for voices. When you open Speech2Go enter key.magnet:?xt=urn:btih:eb41ea2e4f45f676dfe5a4b4aa02f3d510ae6235& Talker is a 30-day shareware. You can use RevoUninstaller in same manner as for Acapela voices. Sorry, but my google drive is already full. The magnet links are working and have enough seeders. Probably, your Firewall is blocking ports of Torrent-client.


So, you'll need to temporarily disable it.Anyway, here is Speech2GoPNKeygen.exe (You can download Speech2Go and Ivona Voices from remember, if you use Nuance VE54 from this page, you must NOT download NUANCE Voices from, because they are incompatible with VE54.

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Nuance Vocalizer Expressive 5.4 Sounds

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Nuance Vocalizer

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