Nimco Control Valve Repair Manual

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  1. Every product that is delivered assures that every machine equipped with a Nimco directional control valve and remote control unit delivers solid performance. This is the Nimco Commitment to our customers today and in the future. The nimco commitment 2 3 2 nimco t nio oitnt tnia data on ntr tno oy oad snsing tno oy trodraui roortiona vas o.
  2. Nimco Control Valve Repair Manual. 1996 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic Repair Manual; Suzuki Bandit 1250 Factory Service Manual.
  1. Nimco Control Valve Repair Manual Free
  2. Nimco Control Valve Repair Manual Download
  3. Nimco Control Valve Repair Manual Online
1 ) Typically, most control valves found on cars today are not the original units withthe original components. Many valves have been swapped off of different yearand car models from junkyard cars and such. Often some of the pieces have beenchanged out somewhere along the line. The valve may have been previously exchangedwith a rebuilt unit which in itself may have been pieced together from severaldifferent units. While most Bendix valves use many of the same parts throughoutits production, many pieces are different and uniquely designed for certainapplications. Granada parts are a popular swap item these days, but many Granadacontrol valves (though identical in exterior appearance) are quite differentfrom other valves by not having any reaction valve components at all. Even somenew reproduction control valves contain parts that are of poor quality anddesign and should be changed out during a rebuild. Be aware that the valve on your car may not be correct for the application it isbeing used on and some parts may need to be changed in order for the valve to operateproperly.
2 ) You cannot always rely on the plan to reassemble the valve based on the way it wasassembled when you took it down. Many valves have already been improperly assembledby a previous owner or mechanic, even sometimes professional rebuilders.Depending on the brand and distributor of the rebuild kit you buy, the includedinstructions (if any) are likely to be fair to worthless. Many kits are soldwith a generic instruction sheet that has been through so many generations of photocopiesas to be practically illegible. Even the instructions and illustrationsfound in factory Ford shop manuals have mistakes and inaccurate information.Sometimes the information given will not even work on the year and model valvethe book claims to cover. The most important thing to remember is that typical kit and shop manual instructionswere originally designed for mechanics that worked on these valves duringa warranty period or reasonable time span from when the car was new. They do notaddress the problems and situations that can come up on rebuilding a 25-40 yearold valve that may or may not be complete, original or in rebuildable shape.
3 ) There are several problems that often damage a control valve due to physicalenviroment and mechanical action. One such problem is rust corrosion due towater getting inside the hydraulic system itself or inside non-pressurized areasof the valve. It may not seem likely, but water inside the fluid system is acommon problem. Water tends to get in no matter what, and in the power steeringsystem, tends to settle in the lower components, such as the control valve. Thiscan cause the valves inside to rust and pit, which can cause seals to fail,pieces to stick and parts to freeze up completely. More commonly, water gets inareas not a apart of the pressurized areas and affect parts not even benefittingfrom the washing action of the fluid system. Keep in mind that the control valvesets under the car and catches a lot of water thrown up from the road. Duringcertain turning conditions, the drivers side tire literally drenches the valvewith water and spray while driving. Examples of these problem areas are illustratedbelow.
4 ) The steering linkage is also subject to physical abuse in many areas. Most of thisis caused by bottoming the valve or linkage on something, but some years mayhave damage simply because the wheel alignment was improperly done. A lot of physicaldamage is done by owners and even professional mechanics during removaland aseembly of the parts on the car. Proper use of the proper tools is important to avoid this damage. Never use a 'pickle fork' to separate steering linkage. This tool alone is responsible for most of the physical damage we see each day.Using it will damage parts and may make them unusable.

RRV 04/06


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Nimco Control Valve Repair Manual Free

The SVB 04/06 6/2 Circuit Selector Valve is designed to redirect the work and return flow from one function to another and can have up to 3 separate valves stacked together...




Nimco Control Valve Repair Manual Download

The SVB 04/06 6/2 Circuit Selector Valve is designed to redirect the work and return flow from one function to another and can have up to 3 separate valves stacked together...

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Nimco Control Valve Repair Manual Online

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