Muller Martini 321 Service Manual

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Muller Martini #0889.0726.4 - Y-Brush PVC Block,.014 level black nylon Type: For Stitching, Gluing, Stackers View Details HOLD DOWN BRUSH 2.0 W x 1.63 L x.630 H. MULLER MARTINI 321. Age 1989 approx. N° 4 signature feeders mod. 306 + cover feeder mod. N° 2 flat stitching heads mod. Hohner + n° 2 flat.


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Various gathering chain tracks with covers

New gathering chain for Muller Martini 1509 Minute Man (34 sections front and rear complete)

Red flights

Black flights

Stitching head parts please click here

Feeder small size kits 0370 Prima/Bravo

Feeder basses Prima, Bravo, & 306 feeder concrete bass

Caliper solonoids available for Presto, Valore and 1509

Clincher frames for 1509, 321, 335, 221, 335 and JGV stitching machines

4th & 5th knife units: Prima, Bravo, 0890, 217, DSS & 1522 trim units

Spare knives new & used

Machine guards

Various machine shafts


Vacuum pumps

New original complete with all flight gathering chains for 1509, Minute Man, Presto, Valore, 321, Prima Bravo

Various lengths

2:Two pocket deliveries

1: small bolt on stacker delivery (motor driven)

1: Stacker air table spares repair.

We also break machines and supply very good used parts.