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Foto Friend is a web-based photo booth effects software that features 55+ photo booth effects, and thus you can be able to customize your images to your preference. The software offers an exciting way to which users can be able to manipulate their images and in the process explore their creativity. Photo Booth Application Icon on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow leopard. Photo Booth is included with all current Macs with an iSight camera installed. It also comes pre-installed on the iPad 2. Photo Booth is used to add effects to your personal photos. It comes with a limited selection of effects, the same ones that you can use with iChat, More can be. Photo Booth backdrop effects. Thread starter MattBrinkman1; Start date May 19, 2009; MattBrinkman1. Joined May 11, 2009 Messages 16 Reaction score 0 Points 1 Location Owensboro, Ky Your Mac's Specs MBP 15' 2.4Ghz 2gb RAM, nvidiaM GT + 256, Iphone (3G), Ipod classic 80gig. I've been working with Photo Booth for quite some time now and I have. Take pictures online with your web camera with Fotofriend's free online photo booth. Add cool webcam effects online for free on Windows 7 PC, Vista, Mac etc: no download required.

Mac Photo Booth Effects Online

Ever since Apple started building in the iSight camera into all the Macs, they also added an application called Photo Booth.

For those that don't know, Photo Booth let's you take pictures with the iSight camera and add tons of cool effects while your at it.

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Ever thought that Photo Booth doesn't provide enough image effects? Probably not; there are sixteen (very cool) effects built in. However, there are a couple of ways to get more effects. You could use this hint to add more effects directly to Photo Booth. If you'd rather not do that, though, try these alternatives.

Photo Booth now comes with 24 different photo and video effects. There fun, but why not add more?! Here are a couple Photo Booth add-ons that let you do just that.


Photo Booth Effects Download

  1. CatEye : 8 Cool Retro Effects For Photo Booth.
  2. iGlasses : iGlasses lets you change the video settings. Change the brightness, contrast, rotate the image and more!
  3. More iChat Effects : A free pack of 48 effects that work in both iChat and Photo Booth.

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These should keep you entertained for a few months.

More Effects On Photo Booth For Mac

Have fun!