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USB Activity Monitoring Software monitors the USB mass storage device activities on client’s system on Windows network. USB drive activity monitoring software for LAN effectively and efficiently prevent the unauthorized access of USB device activities including insertion and removal of USB devices on client’s machines. Server has the rights to change or assign the access and permission settings of USB port of the client’s machine in LAN. The administrator can block the read/write permission and even the accessing of USB mass storage devices by the client using easy to use Windows network Anti>Real time and offline monitoring log is prepared that includes the detailed insertion and removal activities of USB device in network. Provide device details including device name, status, access time IP address using USB activity monitoring utility. Access and permission settings changed by server are also recorded in Activity Log of USB Data theft Protection tool for Windows Network. The Log details can be easily saved at specified safe location in your computer system for later use.


I wish to monitor the USB traffic to and from a device. I've searched, but different sites seem to give different information and I'm confused. Some sites suggest that I need to recompile the kernel, while others suggest that all I need to do is install the latest wireshark.

While you are on a shared computer in your office or you are at a public place to use a particular PC, you might fall in trouble because of unwanted USB plugin(s). To get rid of such problem, do check this tutorial to track USB drive activity on Windows using a third party software.
It will be highly beneficial if you can know the date and time when a particular USB drive was used on your machine and moreover, if the name as well as the serial number of that USB drive is in your knowledge. Yes!! this is possible with a freeware utility named USBDeView.

  • Monitor USB activity on Workstations: Track files copied to a workstation or uploaded via a browser or attached to an email with CPTRAX for Windows. Visual Click Software.
  • The USB application monitoring software is useful to monitor plug-in and plug-out of USB storage devices on the computer network. USB Monitor is a complete software solution that can easily manage and record client’s USB activities log without using any additional expensive hardware solutions.

What is USBDeView

USBDeView is a freeware utility readily available in web and serves general mass to keep track of USB drives used in computers. It is essentially a portable yet very simple application that shows all the USB drives connected to your computer at present as well as in the past. Adding to these, this simple Windows application also informs you about the device name, product id, serial number, vendor id, the time and the date and many more detailed information for your benefit.
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Nov 06, 2018 Monitoring USB Storage Activity with Splunk – Part 1 (Connectivity events) By Tony Lee Have you ever wanted to monitor what goes on with removable media in your environment, but maybe lack the money or man power to run a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tool to monitor the USB devices? Monitoring USB Traffic and Analyzing USB Devices Activity. Part 1 - Explore USB Device Tree, view USB Device Properties. Capturing Hot-Plugged Devices. USBlyzer is a featured USB traffic monitoring software that allows you to not only monitor the activity of the devices already present, but also monitor the devices activity at the time of connection.

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How To Use USBDeView To USB Drive Activity on Windows

1. At first, download the application USBDeView from this given link.
It is a zipped file and you must have a unzipping software essentially Winrar or Winzip to open it. After downloading the application the zipped file should look like the one below :
2. Once you double click on that file, the Winrar window should open up where you can find an exe file.
3. Now just double click on the .exe file and USBDeView window opens up. Here you can see all the details regarding the usage of USB drives in your computer.
That’s all! You have each and every detail in front of you and by following the steps mentioned above you must have been enriched with the idea how much simple the application is.

Most Significant Features Of USBDeView

Although, USBDeView consisted with all genuine features those could help you all the time to track USB drive activity. Among all the corresponding features, the following list is worth checking out,

  • Device name
  • Brief description
  • Device type
  • Connected or disconnected
  • Safe to unplug or not
  • Whether a USB device is connected through USB Hub or not
  • Drive Letter (It may be changed if someone plugins in multiple USB devices together)
  • Serial number (Most important)
  • Created date
  • Last Plug/Unplug date
  • VendorID
  • ProductID
  • Fireware information
  • Port number
  • Service name
  • Service description
  • Driver filename
  • Driver version

Windows 10 Monitor Usb Activity

And more other information. However, to get all the feature, you should give it a try.
Final Verdict
It is quite natural that fortunately or unfortunately you have to use a shared computer at your office or even outside your workplace. It is also the fact that you have to keep some files in that computer for the sake of your work. But here lies the danger! What if somebody else copies or modifies some of your files from that shared computer by his USB drive?
Hence you will want to keep an eye on when an USB drive is being used on your computer to be sure of any malpractices that may happen underneath.
To conclude off, we must admit that this application is really of great help in keeping track of some malpractices regarding copying of files or modification of the same from your shared computer by using a USB drive. But it does not end here. This freeware utility is also capable of running a program when a USB drive is inserted in your computer. Moreover this tool prevents autorun of programs from USB drives and also gives you the facility of using USBDeView on your remote computer so long you are logged into that computer as an administrator.