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Miracast is already available in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. You can share your screen through HDMI and WIFI. Miracast for windows 8.1 and 10 has already inbuilt with this technology. But if you are using windows 7 version then you need to do some setup. Because the miracast for windows 7 is still not released. What Is Miracast Miracast on Windows 10, a wireless technology, was designed by Wi-Fi Alliance to mirror your PC screen to TVs, projectors, and other media players. With Miracast, you don’t have to look for any wires or converters that can be compatible with your device, so it is a great convenience. MiraCast is really flaky in Windows 10. Sometimes OEM manufacturer supplied wireless drivers break MiraCast, Windows Update drivers enable it, sometimes it’s the opposite. Similarly, sometimes, Windows Update GPU drivers break it, and manufacturer supplied drivers from Intel, NVIDIA or AMD enable it. Most of the Windows 10 PC support Miracast. If your system has Windows 7 then we suggest you upgrade to Windows 10 so that you can use this Click on START and open the Run command. Type dxdiag and enter.

Sometimes very inconvenient to use HDMI or VGA connection. So Miracast is an excellent solution to stream media using a wifi connection. You make sure that your device supports these features. Miracast application use to share your screen on your tv. Miracast uses WiDi technology to stream your screen on smart tv and a projector. WiDi is a short form for intel wireless display. This application works as Chromecast sharing. You can transmit your screen from one device to another without cable. You can share photos, videos, and other files. Miracast is also available for Windows 7/8/10. Here I am going to write about install Miracast for windows 7.

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Miracast is already available in windows 8.1 and windows 10. but Windows 7 and 8 not provide Miracast support. if you want to install this technology in old windows 7 and 8 pc then you have to download the latest driver to use the Miracast wireless display. you can find any drivers on the internet.

How To Miracast Windows 10

2Use Miracast for Windows 7/8/10
4Pros and Cons

The requirement to install Miracast for Windows 7/8/10

Miracast only works with wifi systems that mean you can use it on a laptop and other wireless support devices. so please make sure your wifi connection should fast and reliable. if your pc doesn’t come with wifi technology. you use a wifi adaptor. there so many wifi adaptors available you can buy any device.

As I already told you Miracast supports windows 8.1 and windows 10. but it does not available in windows old version. if you really want to this tool for windows 7 and windows 8 then you have to update your version and drivers. You should have the latest updates for Windows 7 to install a Miracast application. also, The computer needs to be WiDi certified. WiDi is an integrated protocol that is primarily based on Intel’s CPU and wi-fi networking cards.

Use Miracast for Windows 7/8/10

Method 1

This method only works if you have done all set up on your computer to work with Miracast. Now follow the below steps to start the screen mirroring.

  1. First things you do to turn on a TV and press the source button
  2. Choose screen mirror
  3. After that open the setting and click device and printer.
  4. Click on add device
  5. Select your TV connection that’s it

If you face any issue please upgrade your windows 7 to windows 8. you can upgrade the windows version to Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Method 2

If you can’t able to update your driver then this is an alternative method to install Miracast on windows 7. here we will use the android version tool. first, we need an android emulator to install the android version. android emulator helps you to use any android apps on the computer.

Bluestack player is the best android emulator. you can download it from the official site.

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  1. Download Bluestack android player on your pc from their site.
  2. now install the software by the simple installation process.
  3. Open the Bluestack player by double click on the icon.
  4. It will ask for a sign in with your Google account. if you don’t have an account then you also go for sign up to create a new one.
  5. Open Google play store app from the home screen.
  6. Search for Miracast wireless display and press hit the button.
  7. Download and install Miracast wifi display
  8. It will take a little bit of time while installation.
  9. after downloading the app, open the app, and connect with your TV.

You have installed successfully Miracast on your pc. if you face any problem please me know. now you are able to screen share of gaming and movies.

Miracast Adaptor support

Some old smart tv can’t support the Miracast facility. if you still want to use Miracast on your Tv then you can use it via adaptors even your TV doesn’t support Miracast. There are so many adaptors available in the market. you can use an amazon fire stick, Microsoft wireless display. this adaptor might be costly but really awesome. you can also use cheap adaptors but please make sure it supports Miracast. the tool.

After buying an adaptor, plugin on your TV, and start the Tv. now start the Miracast on your computer and it will automatically search for the device. after finding your device connect with your tv and share your screen on the tv.

Pros and Cons


Miracast allows you to share your screen on Tv, Projector, and android devices. you can enjoy games, movies, and other videos on the big screen. you can also arrange a seminar with this tool. smooth and fast streaming provides among mirroring tools.


Miracast only works with a wifi connection so you may not able to some devices. there are so many screen sharing tools available with more features. sometimes the tool takes more time for connection.

Miracast Driver Windows 10

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1. Is Miracast available on Windows 7?

Miracast supports windows 7. you need to update your version. please make sure to install all the latest drivers. all step by step methods explained in this post.

2. How do I install Miracast on Windows 7?

Miracast Windows 10 Free Download

you can download the latest version from their official site by upgrading your system and drives. also, you can use it via Bluestack player.

Video Guide

Download Miracast Driver Windows 10

I hope this guide will help you. if you still have an issue please let me know I will try to solve your query. guys if you like my guide about installing Miracast for windows 7 please share it with your social media. comment below for feedback.