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GabrielCas29007 is back with his new creation and this time you will find yourself in the Jurassic period! yDinoCraft is, without exaggeration, one of the best dino add-ons for Minecraft Bedrock Edition along with

This app allowed you to download & install the best and most popular dinosaurs mod for Minecraft PE called Jurassic Craft Add-on. This addon adds many cool dinosaurs, creators, and a car to your Minecraft Bedrock or Pocket Edition game. Each dinosaur contain a unique set of behaviors such as some dinosaurs you can tame and ride them, but some may want to kill and eat you! Browse and download Minecraft Jurassic Texture Packs by the Planet Minecraft community. Realms Plus is Minecraft’s monthly subscription service that lets up to ten players enjoy over 90 pieces of the best content on the Minecraft Marketplace, from adventures, skin packs. Browse and download Minecraft Dinosaur Texture Packs by the Planet Minecraft community. Available on the Minecraft Marketplace: 17th August, 2017 Link: Map Description: This once-idyllic island has been overrun by p.

yCreatures (follow the link to install over 100! animals). Ever dreamed of surviving in a world where dinosaurs are everywhere? Take this addon!
By: GabrielCas29007

Dinosaur List:

• Diplodocus
• Edmontosaurus
• Triceratops
• Segisaurus
• Microceratus
• Oviraptor
• Alvarezsaurus
• Tyrannosaurus
• Quetzalcoatlus
• Apatosaurus
• Ludodactylus
• Stegosaurus
• Xixianykus
• Achillobator
• Chilesaurus
• Spinosaurus
• Dilophosaurus
• Citipati
• Thalassodromeus
• Camptosaurus
• Dimetrodon
• Galimimus
• Herrerasaurus
• Iguanodon
• Mussaurus
• Plateosaurus
Minecraft Dinosaur Texture Pack
• Therizinosaurus
• Plesiosaurus
• Ceratosaurus
• Giganotosaurus

Dinosaur habitat:

Dinosaurs invaded the whole world and you are more likely to meet with a dinosaur face to face than you will find a vanilla mob. Any biomes, even the coldest and hottest, the aquatic environment, the ocean and small lakes, dinosaurs can be anywhere.

Predators and herbivores:

Each dinosaur is a separate entity whose model uses real data and features. Therefore, dinosaurs are divided into predators, attacking almost everyone else and herbivores, not posing a danger to players and other mobs.

Taming and breeding:

yDino Craft is not limited to simple dinosaurs as walking entities. If you are confident in your abilities, you can try to tame some using vegetables or meat. Tamed dynos are rideable creatures as well as protectors.
Dinosaur breeding can occur in several ways. The simplest are spawn eggs belonging to all dinosaurs in yDinoCraft Addon. But besides the usual egg picking, you can move on to a more complex way working with the Dna Combinator and Dna Analyser. Both devices have been added to produce spawn eggs of some dinosaur.

yDinoCraft Features:

Like other GabrielCas's add-ons, yDinoCraft consists of the following items that are very important for a cmfortable game.
• Added sound pack corresponding to each dino
• Breedable, tameable and rideable features
• Compatible with Minecraft PE 1.16 Beta
• Additional machines and items


How to install the yDinoCraft Addon?

1. Open the file (.mcpack) using Minecraft PE.
2. Activate the addon (world or game settings).
3. Experimental gameplay must be enabled.Minecraft dinosaur texture pack 1.12.2

Download yDinoCraft Addon for Minecraft Bedrock 1.16

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The small pack includes different add-ons for Minecraft PE 0.17.0. Here you will find unique dinosaurs that will diversify your world. Raptors, Compsognathus, Tylosaurus and other dinosaurs are included in this pack, you only need to download and install the addon. See below a detailed description.

Raptor dinosaur

Perhaps this is the most popular dinosaur of all. Everyone has seen it in movies, read about it and now the raptor will be added to your game. The addon consists of 5 different growth stages of the dinosaur. Each stage is different from the other in size as well attack power and health points.
You will be more difficult to tame large creatures and some of them will become very dangerous. You need to feed it and your creature will constantly grow up. Of course, you can ride it and use the dinosaur as a chest for things.

Ludodactylus reptilia

Another creature which existed millions of years ago. Looking up, you'll see these reptiles instead of the usual bats. Addon like the previous one contains 5 growth stages. But unlike the raptor, ludodactylus can fly and also used as a transport. Feed it with any fish and it becomes your friend. Unfortunately, you will not be able to control the creature during the flight. But otherwise it's a great new mob for Minecraft PE 1.0.

Compsognathus dinosaur

Another add-on for those who like to run away from dinosaurs. Compsognathus is quite small (about half of your height) and are always ready to attack you. One such dino is not so dangerous, but if you are surrounded by a flock of them then run and save your lives. Compsognathus inhabit the desert so run there.
If you have little health points then take in hands a piece of meat, it will distract them. In addition, you can breed Compsognathus by the same meat.

Spinosaurus dinosaur

If you install all of the dinosaur mods that are included in this pack, you can turn the game into Jurassic Park. And here is another addon replacing the zombies in Spinosaurus. And here is another MCPE addon which replaces zombies. New mob has powerful jaws and will attack any enemy. Like many of the previous ones, Spinosaurus addon is also composed of 5 different stages. Each stage is unique, you will see different creatures both large and small which have different characteristics.

For example, the first stage is a small baby. You can feed him, and it will grow rapidly. The last stage is a huge Spinosaurus having multiple abilities. You can tame it, ride it, use it as a chest to carry things and tying it with a leash.

4 small dinosaurs

If large predators have bothered you then this addon simply diversifies surrounding fauna. The Small Dinosaurs addon includes 4 small dinosaurs which are completely harmless and will not attempt to eat you. They will exist peacefully in the world, to run away from you if you'll come close, and they are prey for larger dinosaurs from the previous addons.

That is, if you install the Raptor addon and this one at the same time, then the raptor will use small dinosaurs as food. Moreover, the new dinosaurs have growth stages and can be tamed. Use fruits and vegetables to feed and breed them. They look quite nice, and maybe you will be using them as pets.

Minecraft Jurassic World Texture Pack 1.12.2

Minecraft Dinosaur Texture Pack Download

T-Rex dinosaurs

In this pack it is the most dangerous dinosaur. It causes serious damage and has a lot of health, making it one of the hardiest of creatures. T-Rex is several times higher than you and hunts for all peaceful animals. You can also tame it and use food for growing. Like many other dinos, T-Rex has a work chest, where you can put any items.

Beware of it when the dinosaur grew to the last stage. At that moment it is very dangerous and can bite you only a couple of times to kill you. Tamed baby will be your protection only at the moment when you grow it. T-Rex babies have low parameters and they die almost immediately in the first battle.

Other dinosaurs will be added in the future.

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Jurassic World Texture Pack Minecraft

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Minecraft Jurassic Craft Resource Pack


Minecraft Jurassic Texture Pack

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