How To Unlock The Necromancer In Gauntlet Slayer Edition Guide

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Gauntlet: Slayer Edition FAQ. The necromancer can also do this with her domination build. Using polymorph potions to turn enemies into extra keys is the only way to unlock. How To Unlock The Necromancer In Gauntlet Slayer Edition Guide I got to play as the Necromancer on Xbox360 but I don't remember how I got him excatly. Do I have to buy a DLC.

Disclaimer: The information in this article was written for Arrowhead Studio's original version of the Gauntlet reboot, now under the name Gauntlet: Slayer Edition.Most of the information here still applies to Thor as far as abilities and tactics are concerned, but some information no longer applies, such as the abilities given out by Masteries. Dec 10, 2014 Gauntlet adds Necromancer and Colosseum mode. Gauntlet has made Lilith the Necromancer available for purchase, but those looking for free stuff can also get the Colosseum mode with today's 1.1 update. Known only as 'Gauntlet' (Or Gauntlet TM on the official Steam store page), it seems to be an ambitious game that aims to bring the classic dungeon crawling adventure into the realm of modern-day gaming. Though one fair word of warning, this game is not like Gauntlet Legends.

For the enemy character, see Necromancer (Enemy).

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Voice ActorCheryl Murphy

The Necromancer is a premium class available for purchase as downloadable content for Gauntlet.


Using her expertise in dark magic and her knowledge of the Book of the Dead, Lilith summons a pack of undead skeletons to rise from the ground and strike her enemies before they quickly vanish. She also has the ability to Ghostwalk through her foes to either slow them down or make a hasty retreat. And with every enemy she destroys or Ghostwalks through, Lilith builds up her “Soul Power” which allows her to call forth Skeleton Fighters that fight independently of her as allies.

Default Loadout

Lilith's VisageNALiving for centuries in a state of perpetual undeath may not be as great as it sounds. Lilith's trying to stay positive though.
Lilith's TalismanNALooking the part is important when representing the necromantic elite.
Lilith's GarmentsNAWith dark powers comes no responsibility.
Lilith's ScepterNARaising the dead has become as easy as breathing for Lilith, and this scepter, constructed with the eye of a Shadow Beast, is a powerful focusing tool allowing her to keep the dead walking without her having to sustain the power flow manually.

Normal Loadout

Crown of the Betrayer50,000The cursed Queen of Andar, known to her people as the Betrayer, used the souls of her trusted followers to fuel powerful dark rituals.
Scepter of the Vampire King40,666A masterfully crafted conduit of dark powers with an ominous radiance. Any mortal foolish enough to dare even hold this item risks corruption of both body and soul.

Hard Loadout

Dark Fang Knot50,000A hairstyle for the focused mind and a sharp look, popular among the Vampire-admirers of the western societies.
Dark Fang Cape80,000The people of the Kellan villages have for generations been telling gruesome tales of The Dark Fang and its followers. Accounts of blood drinking and necromantic rituals are keeping most children home at night.
Dark Fang Garb6,000Simply stylish.
Eternal Night16,666In ancient times the Night Lord decreed that the world would be covered in eternal darkness. He never specified when, exactly, this would happen so it is very hard to say whether he was right or wrong.
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Unfair Loadout

Skull of Dariokh50,000The skull of a Vampire in an awe-inspiring symbol of power as well as a potent source of necromantic energies.
Shroud of Dariokh80,000This ancient shroud was claimed from Dariokh's remains in the moments following his assassination.
Skin of Dariokh12,000The gloves and the boots of the infamous vampire before his long awaited demise.
Necrotic Vessel30,666This morbid scepter is designed to hold a fresh heart for use in various necromantic rituals. A good quality heart can serve its purpose for many days before being depleted or worn out.


How To Unlock The Necromancer In Gauntlet Slayer Edition Guide
Lilith's HeartN/ALilith's Heart is very important to her. Even more so since she impaled it on a spike and started using it to channel her vampiric powers.
Steal health from enemies around you, while slowing them
Dream Catcher 75,666This construction works to trap evil spirits within it. It also works fairly well to let said evil spirits out again when needed.
Creates a Dark Remnant that forces enemies to attack it. When destroyed it explodes, damaging all enemies around it.
Reaper Charm 100,666Lilith stole this from the swirling manifestation of a Monthra demon. It is said to posses the power to pull mortals' souls back from the realm of the dead.


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  • • Wizard
  • • Elf
  • Necromancer

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