How To Know If Iphone Is Unlocked Without Sim

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Open iTunes on your Mac or PC and verify that you have Internet connectivity. Ensure the SIM card that came with this device is inserted in your iPhone. (The problem is I do not have a AT&T sim and the seller disposed the original sim). Feb 16, 2020 Part 2. How to Check if iPhone is Unlocked with SIM Card. The easiest way and perhaps the most accessible way to check if an iPhone is unlocked is with the SIM card. Simply by inserting a different SIM card, it will show you whether the iPhone you have is locked or not. The following are the specific steps to do that.

  1. Check If Phone Is Unlocked
  2. How To Know If Iphone Is Unlocked Without Sim
  3. How To Tell If Phone Unlocked

Some iPhone manufacturers used to lock their device with the particular signal carriers. Apple does not lock with any Sim card. It is an unlocked device and it is more expensive when compared to other iPhone providers in the market due to this feature. Here in this article let us learn how to check whether the device is unlocked without Sim card.

However, some iPhones allow you to check if it’s unlocked from within settings. You can also use the SIM card from the iPhone to check if it’s unlocked. If you just need to check if your iPhone is unlocked, jump to the how-to. But if you have questions about what unlocked iPhone means, we’ll cover that next. If you have both of these things, you can quickly and easily learn how to unlock iPhone without SIM card. Here’s how: Step 1: Using a pin, remove the SIM card from the other phone and put it into yours. Step 2: Log on to your Wi-Fi network and follow the setup options. Step 3: Wait for phone to activate and return the SIM card to your friend.

1. Why need to unlock iPhone?

Unlock iPhone matters a lot. If the iPhone is locked, then it is narrowed to a particular signal carrier. If it is unlocked then the device can adapt with any signal carriers as per your desires. Checking whether the iPhone is unlocked without Sim card is necessary if you want to go ahead with a new signal carrier. If the device is unlocked then you can switch on to the latest signal carriers and enjoy the benefits without any regrets. You have to unlock your iPhone to use the latest signal carriers.

How To Know If Iphone Is Unlocked Without Sim

2. How to know if iPhone is unlocked without Sim card

You have reached a right place to verify whether the phone is unlocked without Sim Card. Have a glance at the methods discussed below for better understanding.

Check if iPhone is unlocked using IMEI Number

First, you have to know to trace your IMEI number.

  • You can find the IMEL number series at the back of your device.
  • Unlock the device and go to ‘Settings’ and proceed with ‘about’ option to view the IMEI number.
  • Open the iTunes platform by connecting your device with the computer and click on the device summary in the iTune page in order to witness the details of the IMEI serial number.
  • You can find the IMEI serial number on the Sim card tray.

When you are sure about the IMEI serial number of your device then you can check that the iPhone is unlocked using this number. Go ahead with the CTIA accredited IMEI checker which surfs the Apple‘s GSX database to know about this unlock status. This service is available for free and few cases they may charge to find out this detail from the Apple’s GSX database. You can also find this IMEI checker run with GSMA blacklist and whitelist check and will assist you to resolve the signal carrier issues. Using IMEI serial number you will be able to know the iPhone is unlocked with the Sim card. Make use of the IMEI checker feature to achieve this task optimally.

Apple iphone check if unlocked

Check if iPhone is unlocked via settings

You can make use of ‘Settings’ option to know whether the iPhone is unlocked with the Sim Card or not. Look at the guidelines below as a reference.

Check If Phone Is Unlocked

Step 1: Unlock your device ad go to the ‘Settings’ option.

Step 2: Open the Phone settings and tap on the ‘Cellular data’.

Step 3: In this option you can identify ‘Cellular Data Network’ feature. If this option is available in your device then it states that your iPhone is unlocked and you can use any signal carrier as per your desire. In case, this option is unavailable in your device then your phone is locked to a particular cellular network and you will not be able to use other Sim Cards. Your choice gets narrowed because of this lock set.

3. What to do if the iPhone is locked

If you want to unlock iPhone in order to access necessary data or apps, or if you want to switch to some other signal carriers, then make use of the three given methods.

How To Know If Iphone Is Unlocked Without Sim

How To Know If Iphone Is Unlocked Without Sim

Suppose if your device is synchronized with the iTunes platform then you can connect with this mode even when ‘Find my iPhone’ feature is disabled. You can also make use of iCloud platform to resolve this issue if you have enabled the ‘Find my iPhone’ feature. If both the methods doesn’t work for you then launch the recovery mode to unlock your device. It is a best technique to overcome this issue in an optimum manner.

How To Tell If Phone Unlocked

Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the device is locked or not for better usage. Initially verify the settings and later try to unlock your device if it is in the locked state. Make use of the above discussed three effective techniques to release the lock in your device. Choose the right method as per your convenience. The locked devices narrow down the options and you will not be able to enjoy the complete benefits of the iPhone. Unlocked device enables you to access different apps and you can get connected with the latest signal carriers with best quality services. Expand your options by unlocking your iPhone in an effective manner. Follow the guidelines provided in order to unlock the device successfully. Get rid of the locked devices and choose your desired cellular network in the market.