How To Cook Coke Into Crack In A Spoon

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Grab your gram and throw it in the spoon, and grab a SMALL pinch of baking soda and just put it in top of the cocaine. Then get a paper towel and run water over it, and squeeze the water out of the paper towel into the spoon, you SHOULD see it fiz a little bit, then stop. This is good, the reactions already started. Cooking Crack With Ammonia In A Spoon I;m not sure. I;ve cooked crack quite a few times. I always used a big spoon, pour some ammonia in. Then put in like half a gram of coke. Either way, what you are doing is freeing the cocaine alkaloid from the hydrochloride so that it is smokable, but let’s stick to crack as our freebase. Measure out a 4:1 or even 3:1 ratio of coke to baking soda. It depends on the quality of your coke and the desired quality of your product. 3.Put this shit into a beaker and add just enough.

How to cook coke into crack in a spoon set
  • I guess the reason I logged onto this site has gone missing so I will give it another go…

    I don’t know pages back possibly, folks were arguing about re-rocking cocaine.

    Here are the FACTS:

    When made and finished, cocaine is a fine white,off-white,pinkish white powder so it is rocked or compressed for the airplane, ship-what have you to save space-once it lands in its country of destination most likely it is pummeled back into powder and chunks where additives are mixed in such as lidocaine, procaine, wall board, sugar, salt, almost anything that is cheaper than cocaine that resembles coke in color and texture. Smaller dealers often use dextrose (corn sugar) which runs at about 50 cents a pound where coke can run $10,000 a pound up here.

    2 reasons I can think of why it is cut:

    You cannot put pure coke on the streets, too many people would overdose and profits would take a terrible tumble. So now we have the new mixture of powder so it’s time to re-rock it. Here is a way-form your brick between waxed paper applying a fine mist of alcohol to hold it somewhat in place. Then take a few car jacks applying appropriate pressure where you see fit. The next day, undo your doings and let it breath for a couple of hours and behold the buyer thinks he is buying uncut coke from or by you as it is in chunk form (aka rock).

    Cooking coke in water and soda, ammonia or ether will result in crack cocaine aka rock.

    Thats all folks!

    This is called free-basing coke and, sorry to burst your bubble, but the end product is crack to the best of my knowledge, it’s also referred to as ‘cracking’ coke.


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    You can repress cocaine so it looks like its stil on “the rocks” but that is entirely different to rerocking cocke, which I’m afraid is making crack.

    Well in my corner of the world, processing crack, is called cooking for obvious reasons.

    Re-rocking, for what I have found in my quest to learn the techniques, is a closely guarded secret in the drug trade.

    A new acquaintance of mine put it simply and wonderfully just the other night…

    “You should teach him how to do it.”

    “If I do that I’ll make the nigga rich.”

    People like buying coke in “rock” form, because they feel more secure in that:

    A. Its not all cut

    B. Its not cut to shit

    A lot of people who snort coke don’t like my product because its all powder, sure its ready to go, but every time they buy a bag, they are wondering if they are paying for baking soda. If i knew how to re-rock it, I wouldn’t have this issue.

    The Secret of Re-rocking, its become my personal Holy Grail. I’ll get to the bottom of it in due time.

    If you’ve ever seen it’s all gone Pete Tong, you should know what this means

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    Yes. That movie is fucking great and the moral of the story was if you over do your coke habit you’ll get some fine chick. It’s a win-win situation!


    yes. that movie is fuckin awsome…and the moral of the story is if you over do your coke habit, you’ll go def and get with some fine def chick. win win situation!:groucho:


    What do you mean about re-pressing it? Is that like compacting it together?

    I think I know what you’re talking about. Whats a re-press called?

    Does anyone know?

    Re-pressing is pointless as the coke is likely to have been cut already

    to guarantee purity, you have to make crack

    What do you mean about re-pressing it? Is that like compacting it together?

    I think I know what you’re talking about. Whats a re-press called?

    Does anyone know?


    crack is for fools


With the prevalence of crack, making one’s own seems a little pointless. Why bother with the process at all when you can hit the corner or dial up a $20 and be on the higher plane that much faster? There are a few good reasons why anyone who likes coke and wants to get a bigger rush, without using it IV, should make their own base as opposed to buying street product. But first some basics;

Powder coke is cocaineHCl, that means it is a salt, a hydrochloride salt to be precise, of cocaine base. Cocaine is produced first in the base form, then dissolved in acetone, and reacted with hydrochloric acid to form cocaine hydrochloride. CocaineHCl is for snorting, because it is water soluble, you can smoke it sprinkled in a doob or a hand rolled smoke, but you can’t smoke it in a pipe because the heat level required to vaporize it also breaks down the compound itself. Cocaine base is easily smoked in a pipe on a bed of ash, or in a crack pipe with coarse steel wool.(brillo) When you freebase, you react the HCl ion with a base, removing it from the cocaine, leaving simple cocaine base, which is good for smoking. Some adulterants, meth in particular, will still be there, but it will be smokeable regardless.

Making your own base means you are not at the mercy of whomever cooked the shit up, and even though most people will tell you that crack is just cocaine base, any dealer with an eye for profit can doctor it in numerous ways. If you want base, find some good quality powder(yes I know it comes in chunks), and follow the instructions.

Baking soda base;

Find a good sized soup spoon and clean it. Measure out the amount of powder you want to base in a pile, and make a pile of baking soda beside it about 1/3 the size. I would recommend about .2 of a gram of cocaine to start with. Do not use baking powder, it is different, do not use soda that has been sitting in the fridge for 3 months.

Chop the piles together and put them in the spoon. Balance the handle end of the spoon on a thin book so that the bowl of the spoon is level. Using an eye dropper, or a bottlecap, drip water into the spoon till the soda and coke are covered, and a little bit more besides. Hopefully you are using a big spoon, and the water level is about halfway up.

How To Cook Coke Into Crack In A Spoon

Sometimes it starts to react right away, and will fizz a bit. Stir it with a toothpick or a match a bit if you want. Pick up the spoon and heat it gently with a lighter held about an inch or two below the spoon. The reaction should fizz away for a while, make sure it does not get too hot, high temperatures break down cocaine, and overcooking can screw up your batch. Slow and steady. Heat it until the reaction stops, and little clear
islands of the good stuff are floating in the spoon.

Now a little technique comes into play, you can skip this if you want. Swirl the contents gently to encourage the little globs of freebase to merge, this will make it a little easier to deal with later.

If you have really shitty coke full of glucose and manitol, you might notice that not much has come back. Some shit blow is less than 20% real coke, so sorry about your luck, and if you have a bunch of shitty coke go to the ether method at the bottom, it is from the 70’s when all the coke was garbage.

Now you wait, putting the spoon in the freezer helps a bit, but sometimes this takes a subjective eternity. The clear oily bits should form into little hard chunks. Wait a little bit more, sometimes they might look solid but are still a little sticky. If you started with good coke you should have a few big pieces and some shrapnel, take the biggest one and proceed to “Smoking it” If it is still in little tiny pieces, dump it out onto a flat coffee filter and scrape up your goods.

Ammonia base;

For this procedure use only hydrous ammonia with no detergent or scent additives(unless you like lemon scented base). This is sometimes a little hard to find, usually “sudsy” original brand is good, and so are a lot of discount brands. Look for words like Pure on the label.

Take your spoon and balance the handle end on a small book so the spoon bowl is level. Toss in your blow, again about .2g is optimal. Use an eye dropper or bottlecap to pour the ammonia over the blow till it is covered, and a little bit more. It will be a less vigorous reaction than the soda method, but it will fizz a bit. Heat gently, and you should eventually get the same result as the soda method. I advise rinsing rocks made this way

The ammonia/ether method;

This is some serious shit. It is for making large quantities of shitty coke into something useful, or for people who are familiar with the dangers of ether. I have only watched this being done, but the results were fucking amazing. So I will try to pass it on.

How To Cook Coke Into Crack In A Spoon Recipe

Getting clean ether is important, the person who showed me this used industrial grade ether. Get ether from a reliable source, if you are tempted to use “starter ether”, which is sprayed into diesel engines to help them fire up, have fun, there are a lot of articles on how to clean it.

Take your blow, and I would recommend at least .5g, and put it in a 2oz shot glass. Add ammonia until the shot is 1/3 full, it will start to fizz and you should stir it with a toothpick until the reaction calms down. Then use an eyedropper to add the ether one drop at a time, stirring it a little after each addition. The ether will settle to the bottom of the shot glass. Once you have the glass about 1/3 full of ether and the rest ammonia, put your palm over the top of the shot glass and while keeping it right side up, shake it gently for a good long time, at least a couple of minutes.

Now you are wondering what the hell happened to my coke? Don’t worry, it’s still there, it is just in solution with the ether. Now take the eye dropper, squeeze the bulb, put the end right down to the bottom of the shot glass and draw up some of the ether. Then put the eyedropper over a good sized piece of glass and slowly pinch the bulb so the ether drips out a drop at a time. Allow each drop or two to evaporate before dropping more. The white/yellow stuff forming on the glass is the purest cocaine freebase you will ever get. Scrape it up with a blade, and enjoy.


Smoking it; Use a good steel pipe with a fine screen, place some cigarette or joint ash on the screen, it has to be a fair bit, enough that if it was weed it would be a good bowl, and place your base on top of it. Put a lighter to it and draw in a moderate way, not too fast, not too slow. Exhale a massive cloud of smoke. Feel fucking great for 73 seconds, then chase the rainbow for the rest of the night. Also, you can smoke it in a stem, but setting up each hit nicely will slow you down a bit, and if you do too much good base at once you can have a seizure and die choking on your tongue while your friends fight over who gets your next hit.

“now that’s entertainment”

How To Cook Coke Into Crack In A Spoon Roast