How Do You Find Mac Adresss For Amazon Dot

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  • To Find MAC Address on an Amazon Kindle: Press the 'Menu' button. Use the 5-way controller to underline 'Settings' Press 'Select.' Under 'Device Info/Options,' you will see an entry for Wi-Fi MAC Address.
  • MAC Address lookup tool finds your computer ethernet card manufacturer or vendor name. The vendor or company name helps to verify the original card manufacturer stated on your network adapter. Do a quick MAC Lookup and check your MAC Vendor.
  • Log in to your account at, go to 'Settings' your Dot under 'Devices', and at the bottom under 'About' you will find the MAC address of your device.
  1. How Do You Find Mac Address For Amazon Dot Sight
  2. How To Find Mac Address On Amazon Dot

Go to the Alexa App’s Home Screen. Bring up the Alexa app on your mobile device.

It is not immediately obvious how to find the MAC address and the IP address on an Amazon Fire HD 8. Fortunately. once you know where to look, it is easy to find.

To find the MAC address & IP address on a Fire HD 8, first open the Settings app. When the Settings app opens, tap on the Wireless category. When the Wireless settings open up, tap on the Wi-Fi option.

This will bring up a list of available Wi-Fi networks. Tap on the hamburger button (three vertical dots) in the upper right-hand corner of this screen. A small menu will appear, and then tap the Advanced item.

This will bring up the Advanced Wi-Fi settings, and your Fire HD 8’s MAC address and current IP address will be listed at the bottom of the screen.

How do you find mac address for amazon dot onlineFind

In this post, we run through how to find Echo Spot IP address, using the Spot’s touchscreen, and navigating through its menu options. Since the Echo Spot allows access to this information on its own screen, you need consult neither your router nor the Alexa app to map the MAC ID to an IP address. The Spot already does this and displays it when you go to the right settings page.

How Do You Find Mac Adresss For Amazon Dot

Now why would you ever need the Echo Spot IP address? Perhaps, to check that the speaker is linked properly to your wireless network. Knowing that the Amazon Spot has an IP address is a valuable troubleshooting clue. It helps in debugging Echo connectivity issues between your speaker and Amazon servers. If your Spot has no IP, you won’t be able use it to play videos, see news, turn smart lamps on and off, or anything else that the Echo Spot normally does.

Further, You can locate the Alexa device’s MAC ID (hardware address) as well, using this same method. How? The MAC ID is listed in the Alexa app on the device’s About page. In fact, we need the MAC address first, and then that we’ll use to find the device’s current IP address. Note that fortunately, registering your Alexa device does not require its MAC address. Unfortunately however, as of this writing, the Alexa app does not show the IP address of its connected speakers. Thus, we must perform the added step of looking up the IP address associated with the device’s hardware address on the router.

How to Find Echo Spot IP Address and MAC Address

Note that the device whose IP address you want must be powered ON and connected to your network. Since these addresses are normally allocated dynamically by the network, your speaker won’t have this address unless it’s connected.

1. Bring up the Actions Menu

Do this by swiping down from top of screen.

The Actions menu then appears as shown next.

2. Tap the Settings Button

Find the Settings button on the Actions menu, as pointed at by the green arrow in the last picture.

The Settings screen then appears, as shown in the next picture.

3. Tap the Network Settings Menu Item

Find the Network Settings option shown in the last picture.

How Do You Find Mac Adresss For Amazon Dot

Tapping Network Settings brings up the Connect to Network screen, as shown next. Here, we see the wireless network to which the Spot is currently connected.

4. Tap the Connected Network Information Button

Touch the little white circle with the ‘i’ in the middle of it immediately to the right of the connected network item. See this in the last picture, pointed at by the green arrow.

You then get the Connected Wi-Fi Network Information screen, as shown next.

5. Scroll Down to Bottom of the Connected Wi-Fi Information Page

Swipe up with a single finger anywhere in the top have of the above screen face to view this Echo Spot’s IP address, as shown next.

This screen gives both the IPv4 and IPv6 version of the Spot’s current IP address, as shown in the last picture. The iPv4 address we see in this demo is

6. You’re Done with How to Find Echo Spot IP Address !

We have now shown how to find Echo Spot IP address for the Amazon Alexa Spot visual speaker. We hope these instructions help you fix any WiFi or internet connectivity problems with your Spot.

But you can also find the IP for any Alexa device by following the instructions in our How to Find Alexa IP Address and MAC Id for Amazon Echo Devicespost. There, we show how to find this data on devices that do not have built in screens like the Echo Spot does.

Best wishes.

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How Do You Find Mac Address For Amazon Dot Sight

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