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Some of the updateable contents

Roads are constantly changing. To drive with peace of mind, it is necessary to keep your map up-to-date. Just lean back and relax, because your Honda navigation system comes with a 3-year MapCare™ solution.

MapCare™ – free map updates provided for 3 years from the time of car purchase. These map updates will be released up to two times each year.*

All you need to do is to download the Honda Toolbox and install the latest map to your navigation system.

The new 2020 Honda Navigation DVD was released in September 2014 and now available from the official Honda Navigation Store – click this link for more details. Typically Honda GPS updates are released in a disc or DVD format in the fall of every year. The newest Honda GPS models for a 2012 Honda CRV and Civic are also available, you can choose the best model for your car accordingly. We can also help to check which honda sat nav dvd is right for your car, just send us your car's dashboard picture so that our technicians can check for you, you wil get a quick response from one of our customer. The new Honda CRV Navigation DVD is out now and includes all the new map updates, directions, routes and points of interest files including all road changes from the last twelve months. You can get the cheapest deal and lowest prices on the Honda CRV Navi DVD by clicking on the link below, or just read on for more information about the Honda.

* Please note that the exact number of available map updates and their actual content within the free period may depend on the type of navigation device, region of car purchase, etc.

Your map comes with the wide range of POIs. Find hotels, tourist attractions, pharmacies, banks & ATMs, airports, and parking garages – whatever you need during your journey.

Please note that content is provided by third parties. NNG Llc. and Honda Automóveis do Brasil Ltda. does not make any representation regarding the suitability, accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the content, and shall not be held liable for any deficiencies thereof. (Shall you encounter any deficiency of the content, please contact the content provider with your complaint.)

Honda Crv Navigation Dvd Download


For those who want to upgrade the factory Honda CRV car stereo with navigation system, it’s much more easier now. The aftermarket navigation DVD player for Honda CRV is so popular that nearly all car stereo shops should have installed these Honda CRV stereo upgrade before, and installation for in-dash navigation unit is more or less the same for different car models.

Honda Crv Navigation System Manual

Honda CRV is a SUV which is sold well, for the basic model it does not come with factory navigation, if you want to upgrade the factory unit with aftermarket navigation system, you just need to pay much less than the original one, no need to cut wires or frames, plug and play.

If your CRV is between 2007-2011 year model, you can contact us for another installation instruction.

While if your Honda CRV is in year 2012, 2013, 2014 or 2015, installation is a little different, but all steps are more or less the same. The following is one by one step installation instruction for your reference.

  1. Factory dashboard with only radio and CD player.
    If your car’s dash looks like the same, you can upgrade it with an aftermarket 10.1″ Android Honda CRV aftermarket navigation which fits perfectly in your car:
  2. Use special installation tools to pry out the air vents on left and right side.
    After taking out the air vents, you can see screws which fixed the car radio system.
  3. Remove 2 screws, so that you are able to take out the factory radio and CD which will be replaced with new unit.
  4. Take out the factory radio, unplug cables behind, and unplug the hazard warning light.
  5. Remove 2 screws from the light, detach the hazard warning light.
  6. Install buckles into the new Honda CRV navigation.
  7. Connect GPS cable with a golden port from the back of the unit, connect the power cable, iPod cable. You can put the GPS antenna at top right of the dashboard.
  8. After all cables connected well, push the new navigation unit into the dash, fix screws, install back air vents, done.
  9. New Update for the new 10.1″ Android head unit for 2012-2015 Honda CRV:

    The wiring harness is a little different, you can check below photo:
    And all plugs connections:
    How does it look like after installation?

Honda Crv Navigation Reviews

Note: If your Honda CRV comes with factory USB and back up camera, you will need to use a adapter cable to connect them, check this post for more info.

Honda Crv Navigation Dvd Download Windows 7

The 2012 2013 2014 2015 Honda CRV navigation from DVDGPSNAV can support factory USB and rear view camera, other units from other sellers may not support, pay attention to this before you place the order.