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تا حالا به این فکر کردید که چطور میشه جی تی ای وی رو دو نفره به صورت Split Screen بازی کرد ؟؟؟ حتما این ویدیو را ببینید!!! نفر اول با Game pad Xbox و نفر دوم هم با کیبورد و موس!! لینک دانلود مد های لازم! It was not split screen in GTA San andreas, it was more crap. It was unplayable when I use to play it. Half the time was glitching. Oh okay, was not sure since i didn't use it. But for gta v, would it be possible to have a splitscreen mod offline? #4 Wanda gen mehr.

Files for GTA San Andreas
File uploaded by:Joriva
Here are some cleo scripts that were written to extend native PS2 coop modes on PC.
Default PS2 two-player modes included in the pack as CLEO scripts.
- Second player now has an armor, if the main player has it at mode start.
- Second player now has SF fight school melle attacks, instead of default.
- Second player now has a white marker and it shows on radar*.
- Distance between players is set to it's maximal value.
- Ability to toggle 'Deathmatch mode' ingame to make players able to target each other.
- Ability to toggle vehicle entering modes - players can sit to the same car or to different cars.
- New amazing comfortable camera view when driving separate vehicles! Now it's fully playable**.
- A player on the passenger seat doesn't perform a drive-by by default. Now it's a hotkey to toggle drive-by!
- Adjusted text box when starting pool game, added a line that asks to press Start on second controller to play 2 player pool.
All included modes are fully untouched, except the fact that they are now CLEO scripts.
* - There's a known bug ingame, even in PS2 version - second player doesn't have a marker. Actually it appears, but it's tied to first player.
There's no ability to create a directional marker by using default opcodes without memory hacking. Unfortunatly I'm not so skilled in this,
so I'll be grateful if someone helps me with this. Default square marker is a temporary solution for now.
** - This camera mode is the same as onfoot - topdown with ability to focus on eash player's car by pressing button.
Now you finally can do some racing, flying two helicopters, and even planes!
Copy all contents of this archive to your CLEO directory in GTA San Andreas folder.
ATTENTION: there are two additional language files included - English (tplaye.fxt) and 'Wasted'Russian (tplayr.fxt).
You should take only one of these fxt files to your CLEO/CLEO_TEXT folder.
Almost every feature is a different module (script) so if you don't want any of them - just remove it from CLEO folder:
2pl_dm - Toggle 'Deathmatch mode'. Press Dpad Left + Right Stick while player is on-foot. Both gamepads supported, or ] on the keyboard, when at least one player is on-foot.
2pl_drivers - Toggle vehicle entering modes. Press Dpad Right + Right Stick while player is on-foot. Both gamepads supported, or [ on the keyboard, when at least one player is on-foot.
2pl_drvb_ctrl - Enhanced drive-by features. Press Right Stick while on passenger seat to toggle drive-by. Both gamepads supported, or Sub-mission key on the keyboard.
2pl_enh - Distance, marker and armor control.
2pl_help - Help text box. Shows ingame notifications about useful functions. Basically, the same that was described a few lines earlier.
2pl_veh_cam - Improved separate vehicles camera. Enabled by default and no way to disable it ingame.
Special version of '2pl_enh' script included with 2-player distance hack by skatefilter5. It disables distance limit between two players.
ATTENTION: second player will fall through the ground when further than generic objects draw distance - 300 units by default!
If you want to use this optional script with maximal distance hack - place 2pl_enh.cs file from the Distance Hack directory to CLEO folder.
To use this mod you have to install CLEO 4.3 (
To make the game work with second player controls you have to use Silent's GInput plugin (
I recommend you to use Widescreen fix by ThirteenAG and Wesser ( even if you don't use widescreen monitor.
Also despite the mod is compatible with keyboard shortcuts and GInput gives an ability to use keyboard+pad, I highly recommend you to use two Xinput-compatible gamepads (Xbox 360 Controllers)
Actually you can use these enhancement scripts with every other custom coop modes, but be careful, they were tested only with default coop missions.
- When driving two separate vehicles - you will hear the engine sound only from the last obtained one. Nothing to do with this - game engine bug.
- When entering a vehicle as a passenger - you will see the drive-by animation for a moment. Script overwrites the basic behavior so it takes a millisecond to change player's 'task'.

Mods → CLEO scripts
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Gta Sa Split Screen Mod


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Gta Sa Split Screen Mod

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Gta Sa Split Screen Mod Pc