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Gothic 3 Questpaket 4 Update 1 This file has been downloaded 1522 times since 2009-11-09. Download locations: Server Location Mirror provided by; Mirror 1 http. For all those of you who always wanted the old type of orcs in Gothic 3, this mod is a must-have! To play Gothic 3 with the orcmod one must install the following components in the correct order: 1. Community-Patch v1.75 3. Quest Package v4.2 + Compatibility-Update to CP v1.75 4. Content-Mod v2.4 5. G3-Orc Mod v2.1. Update: Made from scratch! Fixed the miss ordered skill icon under Alchemy Skill. Respeced the hero at level 0 instead of 1. Removed the save file that focuses on Thieving Skill, it's not fun, trust me.

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Gothic 3 Questpaket 4.2 Download Ps3

Gothic 3 questpaket 4.2 download free
System NameBitch
ProcessorIntel i7 2600K @4.6Ghz
MotherboardMSI Z68A-GD80 (G3)
CoolingNoctua nh-u12p se2
Memory8GB Corsair Vengeance 1866MHz 9-10-9-27
Video Card(s)POWERCOLOR HD 7970 3GB
StorageOCZ Vertex 2 240GB SSD / 2*320GB WDC RAID 0
Display(s)Samsung 226BW 21' 1650*1080
CaseLian Li PC B-25
Audio Device(s)Creative X-FI Professional PCI
Power SupplyOCZ PC Power & Cooling 860W
SoftwareWindows 7 x64
If like me, you have spent a good few hours playing the likes of Skyrim, trying your best to marvel at the artistic direction and sheer scale of the game, yet somewhere deep down, you realise that the game is a pile of faggy souless Hundeschei├če, then I have a recommendation for you:
Gothic 3 + 1.75 CP + QP 4.2 + CM 2.4
Back in 2006, Gothic 3 was released in an unfinished train wreck like state. Any promise that the game had was drowned by bugs and crushing perforance issues. However, several years and a good few Community Patches down the lines, the game has had all its major bugs ironed out, runs like a dream, and is indeed now the game the developers may have dreamed about creating in the first place. Also with the CM 2.4 Add-On, the graphics/textures have been given a bit of an overall to bring the tone of the world back into line with the darker style of the previous Gothic games (with Gothic 3 the developers were tasked with aiming to appeal to the yanks).
Combining the above improvements with modern hardware (here mostly a decent CPU and lots of RAM is main requirement as GPU is never placed under huge demand) and the end result is in my opinion quite simply the most stunning, creative, interesting and absorbing virtual fantasy world ever to have existed in a video game.
Well worth checking out for those of you who are pining for a bit of vast open ended RPG action but who for some reason cant stomach the lame souless emptiness that Bethesda churn out.
Gothic 3 Community Patch v1.74
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Upload Date 31.05.2010 at 21:36
AuthorCommunity Patch Team
Size 914.2 MB
Traffic 176.3 TB (202247 times loaded)
The patch can be installed on all g3 versions and is available for all languages. It's only for original G3 game, not for Forsaken Gods.
The CP 1.74 contains all previous patches. So you need only this patch to update Gothic 3.
1.7x savegames are compatible with CP 1.74. Older savegames (1.60 or earlier) are not compatible.
Choose only the option 'Activate ATI/AMD workaround for shadow problems' at the end of the installation if you have a 4xxx/5xxx ATI card. This workaround can be activate/deactivate in the ge3.ini
If you have installed modifications then save it before installing the patch. The patch will delete all superfluously files during the installation. We can't guarantee that all modifications will work with the CP 1.74.
If you have installed the quest pack then you should install it again after the 1.74 installation. The current quest pack version will has some minor issues because of missing stringtable entries (English quest pack version is in progress and follow soon).
Changelog English
Readme English
Mirror @ (13672 Hits)

Gothic 3 Questpaket 4.2 Download Free

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