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  2. Click on the menu item that says Winbox to download winbox.exe When winbox.exe is downloaded, double click on it and winbox loader window will pop up: To connect to the router enter IP or MAC address of the router, specify username and password (if any) and click on Connect button.

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Password Hacking software, free download - Password Protector, RAR Password Cracker, RAR Password Unlocker, and many more programs. Winbox password hack software download. How to hack mikrotik router admin password. How to hack any windows 7/8/10 user password without logging in. Free Download WinBox 3.17. A small piece of software that enables you to setup. Do not keep old passwords if user unselected Keep-Password. Winbox Password Hack Free.


Password Hacker refers to the individual who attempts to crack the secret word, phrase or string of characters used to gain access to secured data. Password hacking is often referred to as password cracking. In a genuine case, the password hacker tries to recover passwords from data transmitted by or stored on a computer.

System administrators may use password hacking as a preventive tactic, to help a legitimate user retrieve a forgotten password. Besides, it also helps them to easily track down hacked passwords to modify them for increased security.

Cybercriminals and Online fraudsters hack passwords to obtain access to a secure system. Their intent is malicious and it often revolves around making money through the unlawful means.

How To Hack Passwords

Basically, there are two methods that are in use to hack passwords – one is the brute force method and the other is by guessing.

Brute Force: In the brute force method, a password hacker tries to input every potential password sequence to find out a password. By far, this method is the efficient method for a password hacker to conclude on the password hash function, or mathematical computation, or algorithm, used to encrypt, or code, password data.


Guessing: In the guessing method, a password hacker might make use of the password owner’s personal information to figure out the password. The password owner’s date of birth, pet, relative or other information is all utilized to guess out the correct password.

Hacking Techniques

Ever since the advent of online transactions, unethical hacking has increased in great numbers as the illegal activity provides access to email account details, credit card details, and other confidential information. Here are a few ways by which hackers cull out their required information:


This simple software records the key sequence and strokes of the keyboard into a log file on the computer and then passes it on to the password hacker. This is why Net-banking sites provide the user with a choice to use their virtual keyboards.

Denial of Service (DoSDDoS)

The DDoS hacking technique overwhelms a website or server with a lot of traffic whereby choking it finally to come crashing down. Often, hackers make use of botnets or zombie computers that they have in their network to drown a victim’s system with request packets. Notably, the DDoS attacks are constantly increasing day by day.

Fake WAP

The hacker makes use of a software to dupe a wireless access point and once inside the network the hacker accesses all the required data. The Fake WAP is one of the easier hacks to achieve and one just needs a simple software and wireless network.


The most used hacking technique is the Phishing which enables a hacker to replicate the most-accessed sites and tricks the victim by sending that spoofed link. Mostly the links arrive in the email to the victim.

ClickJacking Attacks

Password Software

Also known as UI Redress – the ClickJacking Attack deceives the victim by hiding the actual UI where the victim needs to click. The attack is targeted on users who try downloading an app, stream movies or visit torrent websites. Mostly it is used to steal the personal information.

Free Hacking tools

Over the years, password hacking which is also known as password cracking has evolved tremendously. On the technical front, hacking involves a hacker brute forcing the way into a website admin panel and this requires faster CPUs. However, a well-informed Cybersecurity personnel will be able to deter the brute forcing attempt. And, the top vulnerable websites that can be forced into with the website password hack software are Aircrack, Crowbar, John the Ripper, L0phtCrack, Medusa, ophcrack, RainbowCrack, SolarWinds, THC Hydra and more.

How to Defend against Password Hacking

The best ways to thwart the password thieves is by relying on a hack-proof password. Find below the essential tips to construct a strong password.

Password Hacking Software

Construct a longer password comprising of alphanumeric, special characters (@#$%^&*) and also use uppercase and lowercase letters. Longer passwords are stronger passwords. Password hackers will not be able to crack it for a while. Passwords are not pass-words so don’t share.

Last but not the least, change the password often. A periodic change of passwords helps keep password hackers at bay.

Free Winbox Loader Password Hack Software Windows 10

You can also try using Comodo cWatch which is one of the leading website security software today. cWatch can effectively detect and remove web security threats (including DDoS attacks) and also enhances the speed of your website. With a powerful cloud-based malware scanning and 'Default Deny' approach, Comodo cWatch will go beyond your expectations. Try cWatch today!

Free Winbox Loader Password Hack Software Download

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