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This project is intended to create an application to view edit electronic maps created in FBL format. The idea is to be able to customize factory fbl map viewer editor - Browse Files at File Viewer Lite is a FREE program that allows you to view over 150 file types on your Windows PC. File Viewer Lite is a universal file opener that allows you to open over 150 file types your Windows PC. Simply drag and drop any file or folder onto the application icon or program window. JSON Editor Online is a web-based tool to view, edit, format, transform, and diff JSON documents. FBReader is a popular (20+ millions installs) multi-platform ebook reader. Supports popular ebook formats: ePub, fb2, mobi, rtf, html, plain text, and a lot of other formats. Provides access to popular network libraries that contain a large set of ebooks. Download books for free or for a fee.

From time to time you can see files that are not associated with any program, and Windows cannot open them. File Type Advisor was created to help in this situation. This small program will provide you with a detailed description of every format in question and will recommend software to open or convert this file type.

Information About All File Formats


Everyone has at least once found themselves in a situation when they have todeal with files that are not supported by any of the programs that areavailable on your PC. Free File Viewer Pro was created to help recognize thesefiles with just a few clicks. This compact program will provide you with adetailed description of every format in question as well as providerecommendations on which software to use in order to open or convert this filetype.

Encyclopedia of File Formats


Free File Viewer Pro is an easy-to-use program that provides informationabout file formats that cannot be recognized by any other programs on your PC.The principle behind the program is that it associates itself with unknown filetypes and replaces the standard tool of Windows that often fails to provide anydescription of rare file types.

Once you add a file of an unknown type to Free File Viewer Pro, the programwill scan a large database and as a result, provide all the necessaryinformation about the filename extension and associated file format. It willalso show of programs that support such files.

In addition, media files can be played automatically the moment they areopened in Free File Viewer Pro with the help of a built-in media player.

Information about popular file types and software to open them iscontributed by users of Free File Viewer Pro.

With new formats appearing from time to time, you can keep your softwareup-to-date by checking for newer versions. You can set the frequency of updateschecks in the 'Help' menu.

Keeping software up-to-date is important, as some viruses use knownvulnerabilities in older versions of popular software. Furthermore, newerversions typically include bug fixes and improvements.

How to get Free File Viewer Pro?

To download Free File Viewer Pro, click here. Then, follow the setup wizardinstructions to install the program on your computer. Our software may alsocome bundled with another program. In this case, you can choose whether toinstall Free File Viewer Pro along with the main program. Programs in bundlesare usually more beneficial not only due to lower price per each, but also interms of saving your time, as you don't have to look for similar softwaresomewhere else. Note also, that all the programs feature free trial versionsthat will help you see if they match your expectations.

How to uninstall Free File Viewer Pro?

Free File Viewer Pro can be easily uninstalled using the 'Add/RemovePrograms' or 'Programs' section of Windows Control Panel:


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- Open Control Panel (on Windows Vista/7: Start Menu - Control Panel; onWindows 8: move mouse cursor to the right upper or lower corner of yourDesktop, select Settings - Control Panel; on Windows XP: Start Menu - Settings- Control Panel).

- Select 'Add or Remove Programs' on Windows XP, or 'Uninstall a program' onWindows Vista/7/8.

- Click on the ' Free File Viewer Pro' entry in the list.

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- Click the 'Remove' (Windows XP) / 'Uninstall' (Windows Vista/7/8) button.Please check our End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy beforeinstalling the program.

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Please check our End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy before installing the program.