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Khmer is a unicode tool designed to help you with your keyboard fonts. Khmer is a unicode tool designed.

Font khmer unicode for mac converter
  1. How to make a khmer font. About this website. Fonts Wanted fonts. About Khmer Script. Typographic styles Character list Sources of khmer script The state of khmer unicode. How to make a khmer font About this website. Khmer OS System. By Danh Hong ដាញ់.
  2. How to install Khmer unicode on mac.


Author's note

TomTor and for more info you can go to or [email protected]

Character map

Font Khmer Unicode For Mac
Please use the pulldown menu to view different character maps contained in this font.

Basic font information

Copyright (c) C) Tom Tor, Designed by Tom Tor, 2003. All rights reserved.
TomTor,: Khmer: 2004
Version 1.0
Khmer is a trademark of Tom Tor,.

Extended font information

Platforms supported

MicrosoftUnicode BMP only
UnicodeUnicode 2.0 and onwards semantics, Unicode BMP only.

Font details


Khmer Unicode For Mac

Units per Em1000
Embedding rightsEmbedding for permanent installation
Mac styleBold
DirectionOnly strongly left to right glyphs + contains neutrals
PitchNot monospaced

Khmer Font Unicode Download

Complete pack contains 3 font weights listed below: