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Flipnote speed is the rate at which a Flipnote animation's frames are played. There are 8 different Flipnote speed values. Column Descriptions Speed: The speed value in Flipnote Studio Time for 128 Frames: The measured time for 128 frames. FPS: Frames Per Seconds. The common used value for the frame resolution of a video. FPM: Frames Per Minute. FPM equals BPM if you want one frame for every. Flipnote Studio has a website counterpart called Flipnote Hatena, which allows you to view animations that have been uploaded by other users. You cannot create new flipnotes on Flipnote Hatena.

  • 12-23-16 OMG 364 likes?!;w; thank you all so much I hope this helped out everyone. I do plan on using flipnote again at some point in 2017. A series in that.
  • When you are on the editing page, tap on the flipnote frog icon in the bottom left (alternatively, press the up arrow for right handed users, or the X button for left handed users) Tap on the film roll icon, then choose 'copy' Choose 'back', then 'exit' Tap on the second note, then choose 'edit' Tap on the flipnote frog icon in the bottom left.
  • Flipnote is a drawing and animation app that lets you create drawings with intuitive pencil and eraser tools.Draw characters and settings, add new pictures, press play to view your draw in action.

Below is the official online database for the NUS Downloader utility (NUSD). If you have additions/corrections to the database, please add them here. NUSD is automatically downloading the data from this wiki page. Don't forget to change the date entry (or try to delete your old xml file in order to get the new database downloaded).

The NUSD tool allows to download offical DSi firmware/system updates from Nintendo servers to a PC. It can also decrypt the files; this requires a 16-byte file dsikey.bin containing the DSi's Common key. The decrypted '.app' files are containing a regular DSi Cartridge Header (exceptions are non-executable datafiles: WiFi Firmware, Version Data, and Nintendo DS Cart Whitelist).

Flipnote studio equivalent for mac 2Equivalent

The source code and executable for that utility can be downloaded here, some how-to-use info can be found here. More titles may be found on Title list page (although not in the database format).



The top of the hierarchy is the database tag. Inside of this, there are 2 sub-types. When adding a title, you should chose the category which best represents the title type. They are self explanatory.

Flipnote studio equivalent for mac osx

Flipnote Studio Equivalent For Mac Pro

Within the category, the details of the title can be added with the following tags.

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  • <name> - The descriptive name of the title
  • <titleID> - The title ID of the title. End with XX if the title is region based. Equivalent to CartHeader[230h]
  • <version> - The decimal version(s) of the title available on NUS. Equivalent to CartHeader[01Eh] multiplied by 256.
  • <region> - The region(s) of the title available on NUS.
  • <ticket> - Boolean; whether or not the title has a ticket available. Tickets are needed for decryption, and are available only for free system files.
  • <danger> - A description of why the title could be dangerous to install/tamper with.

Enough said, here's an example...


Here is the latest database available:

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