Ffxv Flying Car Dungeon

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Airship in Final Fantasy XV is as not large as you would think it would be. At least, not the one you can control.The main one is the ultimate update of the

Mar 12, 2018 Unlike airships in other games in the series, the Final Fantasy 15 flying car Regalia Type F is an entirely optional find, so you could easily miss it if you're going for the story alone. So I am around level 39-41 and did the headlight car quest (I am new to this game, give me some slack) I struggled to get through this dungeon due to my level but I wanted the flying car. After an hour of waiting for my ultimate ability for each battle I was able to retrieve the headlight and I headed out.

Ffxv Flying Car Dungeon

Ffxv Flying Car Dungeon Osrs

Regalia, the car that Noctis and his companions use. The flying car – airship serves as the final means of transportation. It is marked as the Regalia Type-F.

Ffxv Flying Car Parts

If you’re interested in getting this vehicle in the game, check out our guide on How to get FFXV Regalia Type-F.

Airship General Information

Airships have a rich history in the Final Fantasy franchise. Their looks were different from game to game, but the main purpose was transportation. The ones you could use were usually obtainable further into the game. It opens up the game with the new quests regarding the ability to fly.

Ffxv Flying Car Dungeon Simulator


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Ffxv Flying Car Dungeon Games

  1. Airship is the Regalia’s final car update. It will be obtainable toward the end of Final Fantasy XV. If you haven’t, check the Regalia Type-F trailer shown here.
  2. It is a skipable upgrade, as you need to complete a quest to unlock it.
  3. As you are about to fly up, the wings come out from the Regalia’s trunk. The rear wheels retract, the car lifts up, and off you go.
  4. Airship has even more customizeable actions while in air. The rear wheels pull up revealing a turbine engine, two giant stabilizers show up, with a large one in the back. The two giant ones have a bright red color. This leaves the question regarding the Car skins. Will they change the look of the Airship as well? For the car customization options check here.
  5. You can’t engage in air combat in the Regalia. This might be the reason why we get the Airship later on in the game.
  6. It will take a certain amount of skill to land the Airship without killing the entire party.
  7. Unlike in some previous FF games, this Airship can not land on water. You have to land it on the road.
  8. In the Airship videos we can notice that the vehicle can’t hover. You’ll have to perform some good old runway landing style action.
  9. Being in an Airship, you’ll be able to reach the new location. This is where you’ll find the secret dungeon Pitioss. We’ve done a complete guide on How to reach secret dungeon Pitioss with Regalia Type-F.