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  1. Fallout 3 Wanderers Edition (FWE) is a major overhaul mod for Fallout 3 that changes underlying game mechanics and adds new features to the game. The aim of the mod is to improving the challenge, sense of immersion, depth of gameplay, and range of options compared the vanilla game.
  2. Make them worse with the Fallout 3: Wanderers Edition mod. It overhauls many of the game's aspects to turn Fallout 3 into a full-on survival game. Enemies are stronger and weapons are more.
  3. Dec 17, 2016 Mike starts a new adventure in Fallout 3, but with a few mods that 'enhance' the difficulty. He struggles to leave the tutorial area. Subscribe: https://www.

Fallout 3 Wanderers Edition. S.P.E.C.I.A.L's Are More Special. SPECIAL's are balanced to be more important, and to make choices between which attributed. Missing textures with FWE - posted in Fallout 3 Technical Support: I recently downloaded the mods Fallout 3 Wanderers Edition, Craft, and Calibr. After i installed all of the mods i started up the game, everything was working fine until i started noticing a lot of missing textures. The textures are only missing from the things that were added with the mods. The Version of the Wanderers Edition.

Changes to the character development include changes to S.P.E.C.I.A.L, skills, perks, level advancement, and a number of other improvements. The intention of these changes is to foster more diverse character types and eliminate the inevitability of becoming a 'master of all trades' as seen in the unmodded game.


  1. 7 Security Changes (Lockpicking + Hacking)
  2. 9 Perks Overhaul

Leveling, Experience, and Pacing

  • Adjusted the experience formula for a slower leveling and pacing experience. This is a configurable option, defaulting to 100-150% more experience being needed across all levels.

Experience Control Panel Options ( > Character > Experience )

Option 1 - Vanilla Leveling (iXPBumpBase = 150)

Option 2 - Faster leveling (iXPBumpBase = 225), requires 35-40% more XP across all levels, balanced for Level 30 Cap.

Option 3 - Moderate leveling (iXPBumpBase = 300), requires 60-90% more XP across all levels, balanced for Level 30 Cap.

Option 4 - FWE Default - slower leveling (iXPBumpBase = 400), 100-150% more XP across all levels, balanced for Level 20 Cap.

  • Tweaked individual experience rewards. You'll receive more experience from exploration but roughly half as much experience from lockpicking, hacking, and defeating opponents. This puts more emphasis on achieving quests and exploration.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L's Are More Special

SPECIAL's are balanced to be more important, and to make choices between which attributed to increase more important and have greater consequences.

  • Each point of strength increase carry weight by +25 (was +10). Base carry weight reduced to 25 (was 150!). You can now carry more weight if you are super strong (strength 9 or 10) compared to the vanilla game, but less weight for other strengths. This option is configuable:

Carry Weight Control Panel Options ( > Character > Carry Weight )

Option 1 - High Carry Weight: 125 base + 25 per point of STR (150 - 375)

Option 2 - Vanilla Carry Weight: 150 base + 10 per point of STR (160 - 250)

Option 3 - FWE Default Carry Weight: 25 base + 25 per point of STR (50 - 275)

Option 4 - Low Carry Weight: 60 base + 20 per point of STR (80 - 260)

Option 5 - Harsher Carry Weight: 0 base + 20 per point of STR (20 - 160)

  • Perception now provides a multiplier penalty (below 5) or bonus (above 5) to your critical hit chance [credit: XFO]. The penalties range from a 0.5x multiplier at 1 PER, no multiplier at 5 PER, and to 1.65x multiplier at 10 PER.
  • Endurance only provides +15 hit points per point (instead of +20). However, hit points only increase by +5 per level, so endurance is relatively more important. This option is configurable:

PC Health Formula Control Panel Options ( > Character > Player Hitpoints )

Option 1 - Vanilla (High) Hitpoint Formula: 10 per Level + 20 per point of END

Option 2 - Moderate Hitpoint Formula: 5 per Level + 25 per point of END

Option 3 - FWE Default (Low) Hitpoint Formula: 5 per Level + 15 per point of END

Option 4 - Harsher Hitpoint Formula: 0 per Level + 20 per point of END

  • Charisma provides a small penalty (below 5) or bonus (above 5) to your ability to negotiate the purchase price for goods [credit: XFO]. This ranges from 1.25x increase at 1 CHA, no change at 5 CHA, and 0.65x decrease in cost at 10 CHA.
  • Higher levels of charisma will allow you to take on more followers, see Followers + Companions section for more details.
  • Each point of agility provides +6 action points (was +2). Base action points is now 40 (was 65). You get more action points with higher agility (8+) compared to vanilla. This option is configurable:

Action Point Formula Control Panel Options ( > Character > AP Calculations )

Option 1 - Vanilla: 65 base action points + 2 per point of AGL (67 - 85)

Option 2 - FWE Default: 40 base action points + 6 per point of AGL (46 - 100), makes agility more important

Option 3 - Harsher: 30 base action points + 7 per point of Agility (37 - 100), makes agility much more important

Bobblehead Changes

  • Bobbleheads are now interactive / havoced objects [Credit: FF Interactive Bobbleheads]. In addition, you can purchase a portable Bobblehead Stand from the major vendors to use in a location of your choice.
  • SPECIAL bobbleheads no longer provide +1 to their associated stat [Credit: FF Interactive Bobbleheads] but instead when you activate a SPECIAL bobblehead you will be confronted with a choice to raise that stat 'and lower a choice of one of three other stats, or do nothing. This provides an incentive to collect the bobbleheads and allow you to SPECIAL-ize you're character more without becoming to powerful.
  • SKILL bobbleheads provide a +5 bonus to their associated skill, instead of the default +10 bonus.
  • These changes for both SPECIAL and skill bobbleheads are configurable:

Action Point Formula Control Panel Options ( > FWE Feature Settings > Bobblehead Bonuses )

Option 1-a - Special Choices (FWE Default) SPECIAL changes described above are enabled.

Option 1-b - Vanilla Bobbleheads: SPECIAL bobbleheads provide +1 to the associated SPECIAL.

Option 2-a - FWE Default: Skill Bobbleheads provide +5 skills points.

Option 2-b - Vanilla: Skill Bobbleheads provide +10 skills points.

Skill Advancement

  • All specials now provide +3 to their associated skills (was +2), but skills only start at 0 [credit: Pointiac].
  • Tagged skills provide an immediate +10 bonus. Each point spent raising tagged skills during level up raises that skill by two.
  • Skill Books now provide unique skill related perks instead the usual +1 to skill (see details below)
  • Gain 10 skill points at level up (plus 1 for every two points of intelligence). [credit: Pointiac/XFO] This option is configurable:

Skill Increases at Level Up Control Panel Options ( Character > Skills )

Option 1 - Vanilla Skill Increase - 11 Skill Points at Level Up, every two points of INT provides 1 additional skill point.

Option 2 - FWE Default - 10 Skill Points at Level Up, every two points of INT provides 1 additional skill point.

Option 3 - Balanced Skills - 5 Skill points at level, every three points of INT provides 1 additional skill point. Balanced for Level 30.

Option 4 - Harsher Skills - 3 Skill points at level, every three points of INT provides 1 additional skill point. Balanced for Level 30 for a harder overall experience.

Barter Skill Tweaks

Barter settings adjusted to make higher levels of barter skill much more useful. At 100 skill you can trade with an equal exchange. With very low barter skills, items are significantly more expensive. This change is configurable:

Barter Setting Control Panel Options ( Character > Barter )

Values in the options show the range for a hypothetical item that has a base value of 100.

Option 1 - Give Aways (Vanilla) Barter Settings: Purchase price ranges from 155% (Barter 0) to 110% (Barter 100). Sell price ranges from 45% (Barter 0) to 95% (Barter 100).

Option 2 - Sale Every Day: Purchase price ranges from 225% (Barter 0) to 100% (Barter 100). Sell price ranges from 30% (Barter 0) to 90% (Barter 100).

Option 3 - FWE Default: Purchase price ranges from 300% (Barter 0) to 90% (Barter 100). Sell price ranges from 25% (Barter 0) to 90% (Barter 100).

Option 4 - Tough Bargains: Purchase price ranges from 350% (Barter 0) to 125% (Barter 100). Sell price ranges from 25% (Barter 0) to 95% (Barter 100).

Option 5 - Harsh Traders: Purchase price ranges from 400% (Barter 0) to 150% (Barter 100). Sell price ranges from 20% (Barter 0) to 100% (Barter 100).

Repair Skill Tweaks

In Vanilla fallout, a repair skill of 25 would let you repair items to 55%, 50 skill would allow you to repair items to 70% condition, and 75% to 85% condition. FWE tweaked the repair skill settings so you can now only repair equipment to a condition equal to your repair skill.

Security Changes (Lockpicking + Hacking)

Alternative Lockpicking + Hacking System

A new skill based lockpicking and hacking option has been added to the game. When activating a locked door, container, or terminal, a message box will appear allow you to bypass the mini-games and the skill requirement check and utilize a new chance based system. This allows you, for instance, to open a level 50 lock with less than 50 in lockpicking. However, the chance of an unsuccessful attempt get's significantly higher with greater difference between your lockpicking or hacking skill and the lock level. In addition, you run a risk of breaking bobby pins, jamming the lock, or breaking the terminal. The mini-games can still be played normally as well.

In addition, your LUCK plays a minor role in determining success with the chance based system. Each point of luck over 5 provides the equivalent of +3 lockpicking or science skill when determining your success chance.

Science / Bypass Module

A second alternative hacking system has been added, which uses new bypass module items and your repair skill,to attempt to break into terminals. The bypass modules are created at the workbench, and require you to obtain one more schematics first (four are hidden in the game world; think about placed with people who might use these). Bypass modules are made from 1 sensor module, 3 microfusion cells, 1 wonderglue, and 1 camera combined at the workbench. Obtaining additional schematics will improve the quality of your built bypass modules. Creating a new bypass module will also upgrade any order versions of the modules that you might have.

When you have a created bypass module and you attempt to use a locked computer terminal, you'll be prompted to 'activate' the terminal normally or 'Use bypass module.' Success with the bypass module is based on your repair skill (not science). However, there is a chance you'll overload your bypass module (breaking it) and locking-down the terminal if your attempt fails.

Explosive Entry (by Lap)

Explosive Entry allows you to bust inside almost any container or door using explosives. This is considered to NOT be a cheat mod and it is balanced to the best of my abilities using your explosives skill, luck stat, and ranks of the 'Demolition Expert' perk. Based on your explosive skill you will be able to use a wider variety of ammunition and weapons to break a lock. A player with poor explosive skills may need a mininuke to open a tough lock that a master of explosives could do with a frag grenade or two. Depending on the game settings there is also a chance of the timer malfunctioning or the explosive destroying items inside a container.

Beware of the following when deciding to use explosives to breach a lock:

  • Explosions are the opposite of a stealthy act. Expect to alert any nearby NPC's to your actions.
  • Explosives may destroy the contents of container so think carefully about what strength of explosive you need. Using a mininuke on a safe will likely destroy the contents. This can include items you may need to complete quests.
  • The timers on explosives can malfunction and go off earlier or later than desired.

Your explosive skill, luck stat, whether you are in combat or not, and rank in the 'Demolition Expert' perk, will also determine your effectiveness at using explosives.

The integrated explosive entries mod is configurable through the FWE Control Panel > Sub-Mod Configs > Explosive Entries

Stealth Overhaul [credits: XFO + Arwen's Realism Tweaks]

FWE changes a number of stealth gamesettings to make the stealth system more realistic and immersive. These options are configurable (see below), butby default provide the following major changes:

  • AI will search across a greater distance, indoors and outdoors, for the player.
  • The weight of armor has a more significant effect on your ability to remain undetected.
  • Sound and light both have a more significant effect on your ability to sneak.
  • Sneak messages can be disabled or turned into a more immersive mode that is less obvious.
  • All options are configurable:

Sneak Setting Control Panel Options ( Character > Sneak Settings )

Values in the options show the range for a hypothetical item that has a base value of 100.

Option 1a - Sneak Messages On (Vanilla)

Option 1b - Sneak Messages Off (FWE Default)

Option 1c - Immersive Messages

Option 2a - Very easy sneaking (Vanilla)

Option 2b - Easy Sneaking

Option 2c - Moderate Sneaking (FWE Default)

Option 2d - Harder Sneaking

Perks Overhaul

Please refer to the Perk Reference section for complete details on perk effects, changes, and requirements.
FWE features an significant rebalance and expansion of the vanilla perks, making a number of balance changes to perks and rewarding players that focus their perk advancements to make a more specialized character [credits: XFO].
  • The 5/5 skill perks -- Daddy's Boy/Girl, Scoundrel, Thief, Little Leaguer, and Gun Nut -- are all now available at level 2. They also have five total ranks now (from 3), including the fifth 'mastery' rank, which has double efficacy (10/10 SPs, for a total of 30/30). With the lower SP formulas, this may make these overlooked skills much more worthwhile, as well as giving a bonus to specialized builds. (In the near future, these will be again rebalanced. I'm thinking something like 4,4,8,9,10)
  • Size Matters has been brought down to 10 SP per rank, to keep in line with it's fellow 5/5 perks. It also now features five ranks, and the mastery rank adds a significant bonus to encumbrance (for hauling around those big beasts!). The level req has been reduced to 6.
  • Cyborg has been revamped to give more love to the energy weapons users, who previously had no real way of raising their skill. It now only gives +3% DR/PR/RR at level one, but gives 10 points to energy weapons for each rank up to five ranks. Mastery grants the completion of cyberization, bringing the resistances up to 10 (like they were in vanilla). Level req has been reduced to 8.
  • Chem Resistance now gives total immunity to chem addictions.
  • Intense training is limited to 6 ranks.
  • Finesse now has three ranks, granting +3% (instead of 5%) to critical chance per rank, with an additional percent at mastery for 10% for three ranks.
  • Lawbringer and Contract Killer, being 'fun' skills, have been lowered to a level req of 10. Child at Heart, for similar reasons, has been lowered to 2.
  • Nerd Rage has been 'beefed up,' in consideration of its high level and its low HP requirement. It now maxes out the player's DR at 85% whenever HP drops below 20% (in addition to the previous 10 STR).
  • Toughness now has five ranks, for 5% DR each. With the greatly increased weapon damage, this gives fighters the option to beef up without (or in addition to) armor. This also balances with lower cyborg DR and lower initial DR. Five ranks would grant +25% to DR! Lvl req is 8.
  • Strong Back now has three ranks, for +30 pounds each. Lvl req is 10.
  • Educated, also previously badly overpowered relative to other skill perks, now has a single rank which provides +2 skill points per level.
  • Life Giver now has three ranks, for 20HP each. Strangely enough, these ranks were already programmed in the game, just deactivated.
  • Here and Now was a joke, so I kept it a bit of one: it now requires lvl 19, for some immediate need gratification ;)
  • Demolition expert now gives +30% explosives damage per rank, with an additional 10% at rank three for a total of double damage. Puts explosives back where they should be when combined with the splash radius increase from my misc tweaks esp.
  • In accordance with radiation increases, Rad Resistance has been increased to 33% (from 25%).
  • Several perks have had their SPECIAL requirements upgraded where it made sense. For example, someone should need a high charisma to be a 'lady killer' or a 'child at heart,' and they didn't in Vanilla. This makes your initial 'SPECIAL build' more important, which is also very good for balance.

Integrated Book Perks Mod (by Kelenius).

  • Skill books no longer provide skill increases, but instead provide new 'perks' relavant to their associated skils.
  • There are five ranks for each book perk (7 with comprehension). You need a minimum of 40 skill to read the first book, and an additional 10 skill for each rank after.
  • You need to read four copies of each book to gain a perk. Comprehension reduces this requirement to three books.

Book Perk List (adapted from the Book Perk Readme):

Barter 'Jerky Vendor'
'Junktown Jerky is made of people!' With each rank of this perk, the price of every item you buy from a vendor is reduced by 3%.

Big Guns 'U.S. Army Specialist'
You know how to effectively use your heavy weaponry and you know that you need and want to carry a lot of it with you. With each rank of this perk, you can carry 10 more pounds of weapons and equipment.

Energy Weapons 'Teleforce Hardwiring'
You've learnt some tricks from Nicola Tesla and you've been exceptionally interested in his work with Death Rays. With each rank of this perk, all of your energy weapons do an additional 3% damage.

Explosives 'Duck and Cover!'
'What to do if you are surprised by a Nuclear Explosion?' With each rank of this perk, all of your explosives do an additional 5% damage.

Lockpicking 'Locksmith Training'
Your skill with the bobbypin has made you a natural at tickling the tumblers. Now, those pesky, easier locks are no challenge for you at all. You also have a increased chance with each Rank to recover any broken bobbypins. Lockpicking skill increased by +10 per rank for purposes of determining whether you can pick a lock.

Medicine 'Living Anatomy'
You have a better understanding of living creatures and their strengths and weaknesses. You do additional 1% damage to living creatures with each rank of this perk.

Melee Weapons 'Barbarian Rage'
Maybe you should show few tricks to those who still say comics are nothing but a waste of time. With each rank of this perk, all of your melee weapons do an additional +1 damage and you gain 10 Hit Points.

Repair 'Expert Electronics'
You have a better understanding of repairing and scavenging items. You are more efficient at repairing and you scavenge more parts from items you repair with. With each rank of this perk you gain 1% more condition per repair and 5% more health from items used to repair equipment

Science 'Scientific Knowledge'
You've gained knowledge about variety of hi-technology skills, such as computers, mathematics, biology, physics and geology. Now you've all tools to sound and look more nerdy. With each rank of this perk it feels that even harder terminals unlock automatically when you touch them.

Small Guns 'Guns and Bullets'
You've read how to maintain and use your small guns and ammunition. With each rank of this perk, all your small guns do additional 3% damage.

Sneak 'Special Ops Training'
Through intense study and training in the art of not being seen, you've learned how to become one with the shadows. With each rank of this perk, the weight of worn armor has less of a negative effect on your ability to sneak, allowing you to better sneak in heavier armors.

Speech 'Congressional Style'
You have read about and learnt the ways of politicians, you now have a knack for lying. With each rank of this perk, every person you meet seems to like you a bit more.

Unarmed 'Pugilism Illustrated'
You have learned the secret arts of the East, or you just punch harder. In any case, with each rank of this perk all your hand-to-hand attacks do an additional +1 damage and you gain 10 Hit Points.

Karma Overhaul

FWE reworks the karma levels and many of the rewards for Karma acts [credis: Karma Revamp]

  • Increased Karma level ranges. Very evil ranges -1600 and below, evil from -1600 to -800, neutral from -800 to 800, good from 800 to 1600, very good at 1600+.
  • Good Karma gained from donating at the church reduced from 0.25 (from 1)
  • Good Karma gained for giving Water to Beggars has been lowered (Vanilla was 50 now it is 10)
  • Good Karma gained for giving Scrap Metal to Walter in Megaton has been lowered (Vanilla was 10 now it is 2)
  • Good Karma gained for selling the Fingers of Bad Guys has been lowered (Vanilla was 10 now it is 2)
  • Good Karma gained for Freeing Slaves has been lowered. (Vanilla was 100 now it is 25)
  • Good Karma gained for killing certain evil characters has been lowered. (Vanilla was 100 now it is 25)
  • Bad Karma gained for Turning someone into Slavery has been increased (Vanilla was 10 now it is 100).

In addition, the Karma pop-up messages are removed by default [credits: Reeners Invisible Karma]. Messages can be turned back on in the FWE Control Panel.

Alternative Starts [credit: Alternate Start Roleplayers by Khet]

FWE incorporates a heavily modified version of the Alt Start Mod. When you start a new game, after the opening video, the 'birth scene' will begin playing normally. Towards the end of the birth scene you will be prompted to 'continue dreaming' (which will allow you to play through the remainder of the Vault 101 starting sequence) or 'Wake Up!' If you choose to wake up, you will find yourself in an empty shack (not in Vault 101). This is the begenning of the integrated 'Alternative Start' mod.

There is a computer you need to activate that will let you choose your initial name, SPECIAL, skills, starting karma, race, and your 'history.' The different histories determine where you start the game and what equipment you have. While setting up your character, a number of scripts will be initializing in the background.


This mod has been tweaked moderately in FWE for better balance. The starts no longer provide overly advantageous bonuses, others receive better starting equipment, etc. The following describes each of the different alternative start options and their respective benefits/penalties.


  • You are a mechanically engineered bio-form known as an Android. You feel, think, breathe and eat just like a human but you are far from it. Your cybernetic nature makes you a little tougher than the average mortal (receive the Cyborg Perk) but are a little slower to the draw (-15 Action Points).
  • Other Bonuses: Start with Rank 1 Cyborg Perk.

Chinese Officer

  • You are part of the Chinese Remnants located in what remains of the United States. Due to your poor English you suffer a penalty to your Speech (-5) and Barter (-5) skills. However, you gain bonuses to you Lockpicking, Sneak and Small Guns skills (+5 each) due to your training as an infiltrator.
  • Other Bonuses: None.


  • You were raised by a rather accomplished Wasteland surgeon, granting you a bonus to your Medicine skill (+15). However, time spent fixing bullet holes in patients has left you with less time to practice making your own (-5 to Small Guns and -5 to Energy Weapons).
  • Other Bonuses: None

Enclave Refugee

  • Colonel Autumn has gone mad and declared you a Traitor to the Enclave. You've managed to escape but your former comrades will now shoot you on sight. Due to training you receive before being declared a traitor you receive a bonus to your Energy Weapons (+10) and a high aptitude for precision (+5% Critical Chance). A life in bondage has left you with few talents for negotiation (-10 barter).
  • Other Bonuses: Enclave is hostile.

Escaped Slave

  • You've lived a life of slavery and as a result you have become accustomed to using your hands to take care of business (+10 Unarmed) and moving quickly to avoid the whip (+10% Speed). However, a lack of education has left you woefully unskilled with technology (-10 science).
  • Other Bonuses: Slavers will shoot on sight. Unremovable Disarmed Slave Collar.


  • You are viewed as a walking corpse (-30 Disposition). And rightly so, as your body has been mutated due to severe radiation exposure. However, while humans see you as a Ghoul your mutations aren't as severe and other Ghouls still refer to you as being a 'smoothskin.' On the positive side, radiation will heal you.
  • Note: Ghoul history requires the Ghoul race. Disposition Modifier only applies to humans. Ghouls will have normal Disposition toward you.


  • You've always had an easy time with mechanical parts, earning a bonus to your repair skill (+15). Furthermore, you seem to possess an aura around you and robots will never fire upon you unprovoked. Time spent talking to machines all day has left you a little awkward around your fellow humans (-10 to Speech).
  • Other Bonuses: Robots and RobCo Robots are friendly.


  • You were once part of the mighty Brotherhood of Steel but defected with your comrades. Due to the training you received you gain the ability to wear power armor and a bonus to your Big Gun Skill (+5). The Brotherhood was never known for stealthy approaches and you are no exception (-10 to Sneak).
  • Other Bonuses: Can use Power Armor. In the Outcast Faction (their enemies are your enemies). Access to Fort Independence.


  • If the world hadn't been practically destroyed you probably would have been an amazing politician. You are more charismatic than most and possess amazing speech skills (+10). However, because you've talked you way out of most situations in life you've never been very good at fighting (-5 to Unarmed and -5 to Melee).
  • Other Bonuses: +10 Disposition for everyone you meet.


  • You've spent your life plundering and pillaging to your heart's content. Years of using force to get what you want has resulted in a boost to your Small Guns (+10) and being forced to fix your own weapon you gain a bonus to Repair (+5). However, the need to most fast from one place to the next has left you unaccustomed to heavy loads (-10 Carrying Capacity).
  • Other Bonuses: Added to the Raider Faction (their enemies are your enemies)


  • For your entire life you've always been on the move, never taken settling down. You've been constantly attacked by Super Mutants, Raiders, and Slavers alike and have become quite proficient at hiding from them (+10 to Sneak). You’ve also relied on your words more find shelter among other wastelanders (+5 Speech). A lack of education has left you slower in certain subjects (-5 Medicine, -5 Science).
  • Other Bonuses: None


  • You've spent most your life tracking and hunting evil throughout the Wastelands. You’ve become adept at reacting quickly to dangerous situations when enacting the rule of law (+15 action points). Heavy firepower usually leaves the suspect in poor condition, and your training is limited with those weapons (-10 big guns).
  • Other Bonuses: Added to the Regulator Faction (their enemies are your enemies). Start with the Lawbringer Perk.


  • Living the life of a scavenger you've learned to find parts and pieces in the most obscure locations. You have also become condition to lugging all of your “treasures” around the wastes (+15 to Carrying Capacity). But with all the time in world, speed has never been on your side (-5% Speed).
  • Other Bonuses: Starts with the Scrounger Perk.


  • Humans and Ghouls are nothing more than a commodity and the world is full of commodities. Years of haggling for the best price for a slave has granted you a substantial increase to your barter skill (+10). Furthermore, keeping your slaves obedient has trained your hand (+5 Melee). However, you’ve always had your minions doing the manual labor, and your mechanical skills have suffered (-10 repair).
  • Other Bonuses: Added to the Slaver Faction (their enemies are your enemies)

Talon Company Mercenary

  • You were raised by the rutheless Talon Company Mercenaries. Due to the harshness of the life you have gained a bonus to your Small Guns (+10) from the extensive training. The Talon Company’s reputation precedes you, making those you meet a little uncomfortable (-10 disposition).
  • Other Bonuses: Added to the Talon Company Faction (their enemies are your enemies). Start with Contract Killer Perk.

Vault Dweller

  • You've lived your life underground in Vault 101 and have spent your time studying and learning and are granted bonuses to your Science (+10) and Medicine (+5) skills. Due to limited exposure to radiation in the vault, you have little stomach for it in the wastes (-10 radiation resistance).
  • Other Bonuses: None


  • You've spent your life wandering the Capitol Wasteland. Due to radiation exposure you've developed a slight resistance to Rads (+10 Rad Resistance) and skill at setting traps (+10 explosives). Rock and sand fills your days, and you’ve never given much thought to technology (-5 to Science).
  • Other Bonuses: None.
< User:Kelmych

The PC Keyboard Map mod by DMichaels provides a useful graphic keyboard map for the vanilla keys used in Fallout 3. These are the same keys used in most other Bethesda games, so the map is also quite useful in Fallout New Vegas and some of the recent The Elder Scrolls (TES) games like Skyrim. Unfortunately the map is in a .pdf file, and neither online PDF editors nor free PDF editors are able to edit it. Adobe Acrobat (the full program, not the Reader) or some equivalent professional PDF editor is needed if you want to add additional game-specific key annotations to the map.

One suggestion is to printout the basic keyboard map and then add annotations with a pen or pencil for the hotkeys added by mods. This can be quite useful during the game since it's hard to remember all of the hotkeys and how they work. For those needing more details on use of the pencil device (vs. a keyboard) see Pencil.

Fallout 3 Wanderers Edition Guide Rs3

For the mods in the Fallout 3 guide the following additional hotkeys are used.

Fallout 3 Wanderers Edition

Grenade Throw Hotkey (default is 'G')
Grenade Toggle Hotkey (default 'H')
Hold Breath while shooting to improve accuracy Hotkey (default is 'C', recommend change to 'K')
Primary Needs menu Hotkey (default is 'Numpad Enter']
Scan weapon hotkey (default is 'S'); used only while in Pipboy inventory menu

Fallout 3 Wanderers Edition Guide Wow

Bullet Time Hotkey ( FNV default for this is 'C' but this conflicts with JIP CC&C so choose a letter that is not used by another program on this page. Ghostwise suggests using Mouse Button #4 (if your mouse has those))
Sprint Hotkey (set this in Sprint submenu. Ghostwise suggests using Mouse Button #3 (if your mouse has those))

JIP Selective-Fire

Fallout 3 Wanderers Edition Guide Download

Hotkey (default is 'B') switches between fire-modes
Held for one second when the weapon is holstered: Opens the Weapon Setup Menu, where various settings can be configured for every weapon, individually
Pressed while holding 'SHIFT': Opens the mod's Control-Panel

JIP Realistic Weapon Overheating

Hotkey ('Shift' + 'Backspace') opens the mod's control panel
Hotkey (default is 'C') opens the mod's control panel
Hotkey to toggles flashlight on and off: (default is B, recommend changing this to 'L' to avoid conflict with 'JIP Selective Fire')

Immersive HUD - iHUD

Hotkey (default is 'I') toggles HUD display on and off
Hold hotkey for 2 seconds to bring up iHUD settings menu

Adjustable HUD - aHUD

Hotkey (default is 'F6'); press hotkey until settings menu appears

Advanced Recon Thermal Nightvision

Hotkey ('N' key) activates nightvision to increase the brightness in incremental steps
Thermal Imaging Hotkey ('M' key) activates thermal imaging and cycles though thermal imaging options

Powered Power Armor

Fallout Wanderer Edition

Power Armor Menu Hotkey (default is 'P') also brings up settings menu
TRO Hotkey (default is 'Q') changes Thermal Regulation Override state

Stimpak Counter

Hotkey ('Right-Shift') allows moving position of counter on screen using arrow/cursor keys


Save Hotkey ('F4')
Restore Hotkey ('F8')

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