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This article talks about the importance of ETABS software for civil engineering students. And also includes the advantages of ETABS software in structural analysis, construction, and design of buildings, it’s 3- Dimensional imaging techniques, the sophisticated design facilities offered by it for a wide range of materials, its various implications in the domain of Architecture and Civil Engineering, associated job prospectus, etc.


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ETABS Full Course for Beginners - Part 1 - Civil Engineering ETAB ENGINEERING LEARNING SOFTWARE TUTORIAL (1) ETABS Watch and Learn video tutorials cover a wide range of topics, from basic product overviews to advanced subjects such as performance-based design. Download latest version of ETABS, Structural Modeling, Analysis and Design Software by CSI (Computers and Structures, Inc.) ETABS provides an unequaled suite of tools for structural engineers designing buildings, tall buildings, high rises.

1. GIS

2. Structural & Foundation Analysis

Etabs version 9.7.1 full version; Posted on September 28. 32 students enrolled. Other Civil Engineering Software (2) Plaxis (10). Today, I am giving the complete list of free and best civil engineering design software’s to download. Some software’s listed here are trial as well as full versions. Some software’s are open source which you can download and both students and professionals can use it without any coast. I have listed civil engineering software along with 9 free and best civil engineering softwares to.

3. CPM & BIM

4. Tall Building Design

5. Construction Technology (Career Building Course)

6. Foundation Design

7. Construction Project Management

8. Building Information Modelling

9. Seismic Design

10. Quantity Surveying

11. ETABS Software

12. Structural Analysis & Design using STAAD Pro

13. Project Management with MS Project

14. Project Management with Primavera

15. ANSYS for Civil Engineers

16. MEP with Revit

17. BIM with Revit Architecture

Etabs Civil Engineering Software Free Full Version 64 Bit

18. TEKLA Software

19. SketchUp for Architects

What is the ETABS software?

“ETABS-Extended 3D analysis of Building Systems”, is a product of Computers and Structures Inc. It is an engineering software that is used in construction. It has highly efficient structure analysis and design programs developed for catering to multi-story building systems. It is loaded with an integrated system consisting of modeling tools and templates, code-based load prescriptions, analysis methods, and solution techniques. It can handle the largest and most complex building models and associated configurations. ETABS software is embedded with CAD-like drawing tools with an object-based interface and grid representation.

ETABS software has the following implications in the construction, designing, and modeling industry:

  1. It is a software used in construction. It analyses and assesses seismic performance and checks the load-bearing capacity of building structures.
  2. Using this software, you can view and manipulate the analytical model with great accuracy. Plans and elevation views are auto-generated at every grid line.
  3. ETABS software is used for the analysis of concrete shear walls and concrete moment frames. It is highly acclaimed for static and dynamic analysis of multi-storey frame and shear wall buildings.
  4. It is the most popular civil designing tools used in the building industry and increases the productivity of structural engineers. It also prevents the investment of unnecessary time and money in general-purpose programs.
  5. The input, output and numerical solution techniques of ETABS are particularly designed to take an upper hand of the unique physical and numerical characteristics associated with building type structures. As a result, this analysis and design tool accelerates data preparation, output interpretation, and overall execution.

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Advantages of ETABS software

For nearly 30 years, ETABS Software has been recognized worldwide as the industry-standard software for the design analysis of buildings. The following are the advantages of ETABS software:

  • It displays a 3D axonometric view of the model, plan view, elevation view, elevation development view and a custom view defined by the user.
  • It gives graphic input of cross-sections of any geometry and material (Section Designer).
  • It can copy and paste the geometry of a model to and from spreadsheets.
  • It can easily export the model geometry to .dxf files.
  • It is integrated with EC – Praxis 3J for the analysis and design of steel connections.
  • Also, there is an infinite number of grid systems in a model. They can be rotated in any direction or placed at any origin within the model.
  • ETABS has built-in drawing and drafting utilities to enhance the modeling experience of engineers. In fact, many common industry shortcuts and controls are also available in the software.
  • The solutions to some complicated problems such as Panel Zone Deformations, Diaphragm Shear Stresses, and Construction Sequence Loading are now readily available through ETABS software.
  • The ultimate SAP Fire 64-bit solver massive models with complex designing to be analyzed within seconds and supports non-linear modeling techniques such as construction sequencing.
  • Comprehensive reports are available for all analysis and design outputs which can be customized as per the needs. Schematic construction drawings of framing plans, schedules, minute detailing and cross-sections may be generated for both concrete and steel structures.
  • Design of steel and concrete frames with automated optimization is included along with the inclusion of capacity checks for steel connections and base plates.

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What software do civil engineers use?

There is numerous software available which is used in Civil Engineering. These programs help civil engineers perform their daily duties – whether it’s modeling pipe networks or development of water quality ponds or just ensuring that they are staying on schedule. Based on their usages in different domains about civil engineering, the following software are available-

1. In Management Sector

  • MS Project
  • Primavera
  • Project Kick Start
  • Smarta

2. For Analysis/Design Purposes

  • ETABS Software
  • GTS
  • Sap 2000
  • Struds
  • NISA
  • Xsteel
  • MicroStation
  • Ansys

3. Modeling

  • ArchiCAD
  • AutoCAD Rivet
  • D Studio MAx
  • PDS
  • PDMS
  • SP 3D
  • Tekla Structures
  • Photoshop

4. Water Tanks development


5. Quantity & Estimation

  • QE PRO

6. Geotechnical Purposes

  • Plaxis
  • Geo


  • Arc View
  • GeoMatics

8. Sewer Modelling

  • Kanal ++
  • Mike Urban
  • InfoWorks ICM

9. Water Distribution Network

  • Aqua ++

10. Highways

  • MX Roads
  • HDM
  • Auto Plotter
  • Heads

11. Green Buildings

  • Ecotect
  • Visual Doe
  • Energy +
  • IES
  • Dialux

12. Drafting

  • Vector Works
  • Maya
  • Rhino PSC
  • Auto Cad

13. Girder Design

  • ADAPT-ABI Offshore

14. Platform Design

  • SACS

15. Foundation Design

  • SAFE
  • STAAD Foundation

Why learning ETABS software is a must for civil engineering students?

A certification in ETABS Software enhances the candidate’s overall profile and resume. ETABS certification proves the candidate’s knowledge and efficiency in using the application. The candidates can easily apply for jobs and grab in-demand opportunities in the design and construction industry. This software is developed for civil engineers and architects to generate highly efficient and cost-effective design models.

Basically, it’s a design tool to make complex calculations related to building models easier for the engineers so that they can make powerful structures within a fraction of seconds without making any unnecessary investments. ETABS software is state-of-art technology, which is constantly evolving with time and this would enhance the skills and employability prospects of civil engineers and architects.

You can join various courses, online or classroom, to learn about ETABS Software and gain expertise in this domain starting from the basics and moving on to the advanced levels.

You can also check our ETABS Software online project-based course. In this course, you will learn the concepts of construction technology from basic to advanced.

So, what are you waiting for? Buck up! Pull up your socks and increase your designing skills by enrolling in a course on ETABS software. Enhance your knowledge in the domain of structure analysis and equip yourself with this latest technology to enhance your employability status.

Why learning ETABS software is a must for civil engineering students?
Skyfi Labs Published: 2019-11-21 Last Updated: 2019-11-21

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