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Kennedy made his debut in 2008 with 25th Hour, followed by Future Street/Drug Sounds and Best After Bobby in 2009, From the Westside with Love in 2010, and The Original Dom Kennedy in 2011. By this point, he had begun touring across the United States and internationally, playing a show in Djibouti, Africa. Listen up, it’s time to cut out the Dom Kennedy slander - he's proven his summer comeback is looming. (My picks: From The Westside With Love 1 + 2, Yellow Album, Get Home Safely.).

Size: 104 MB Torrent Contents. Dom Kennedy – From the Westside With Love II. 2mph Feat Big K.R.I.TMP3 7,647 KB. 3 Gigs More music NOW!txt 277 B. Beats, Hoes and Rhymes Feat Casey Veggies & Schoolboy Q.MP3 7,372 KB. Come Over.MP3 6,761 KB. Digital Crack vol 29- Google now.txt 0 B. Dom's Prayer.MP3 6,448 KB. Dream To Me.MP3 5,340 KB. Graduate.MP3 7,006 KB. Grind'n. Jun 28, 2011 Dom Kennedy has blessed us today with his masterpiece known as 'From The Westside, With Love 2' album. You know the Californian native won't disappoint especially with artist/producers like Asher Roth, Sir Michael Rocks, Chuck Inglish, Casey Veggies, Swiff D, & many more on deck. ↳ / ↳ / Acorralada Capitulo 1 Online Subtitrat ↳ / Das Original Alfa Romeo Spider Alle 1300-, 1600-, 1750- und ↳ / Download fifa 13 full version reloaded.

Dom Kennedy – From The Westside, With Love 2

Released: 28 June 2011

Dom’s Prayer: 3.75/5
Grind’n: 4.25/5
When I Come Around: 4/5
Come Over: 3.75/5
She Ain’t In Love: 4/5
Money Don’t Stop: 4.5/5
O.P.M: 4.25/5
Platinum Chanel: 4.5/5
I Love Dom: 4.5/5
The Ways: 3.5/5
Mr. Champagne Intermission (feat Polyester of L.A.U.S.D): 4/5
Ice Cream Truck: 4.25/5
New Jeeps (feat Asher Roth & Mikey Rocks): 3.75/5
2mph (feat Big K.R.I.T): 4.25/5
Beats, Hoes, and Rhymes (feat Casey Veggies & Schoolboy Q): 3.75/5
Dream To Me: 2.75/5(so much wasted potential on this track, Dom chose to freestyle his way through)
Graduate: 3.5/5

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In 2010, I viewed Dom Kennedy as just a basic rapper who seemed to be magically appearing on every project I listened to from Curren$y all the way 360 to Wiz. Three months ago, he was a rapper whose music I had just began to understand. His laid back flow and delivery took a while to grow on me.

Now, Dom is generally viewed as one of the West Coast’s most popular Hip-Hop acts of the past decade, and with a hefty cult fanbase. Maybe it’s his clever charisma or player persona. Maybe it’s his distinct voice or witty punchlines, or his signature rhyming of the last two syllables in each bar. Whatever it is, Dom Kennedy has built a career off of it, and From The Westside With Love 2 proved to be a successful release from the OPM camp.

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I’d recommend this to longtime Dom fans and newcomers throughout. Dom continues to use the same formula that’s gotten him where he is today – his stoic rhyming pattern and outward vocal projection coupled with smooth beats fit for a West Coast summer.


My one MAJOR takeaway from From The Westside With Love 2 is the stretch from tracks 1-10, where Dom rhymes the entire album by himself (the only feature during that stretch is an uncredited chorus on O.P.M) and it feels so seamless. There are not many rappers who can rap the entirety of an LP and still keep the listener engaged; for measure, Jay-Z is one of a handful of rappers who take on an entire album on his own. Dom can, and the fact that he’s not much of a lyricist makes it even more impressive because de does this simply by sticking to his own formula.


Dom Kennedy has it. Dom Kennedy is…well…Dom Kennedy. Get to know him, because you won’t find it anywhere else.

Dom Kennedy From The Westside With Love 2 Zippyshare Mp3


Dom Kennedy From The Westside With Love 2 Zippyshare Mp3

4/5: Great album