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Hey all,
I'm just getting ready to start a new game with a buddy of mine in Enhanced Edition, and want to build a mage. My problem is I can't decide which weapon to use.
As I'm hoping to be spending most of my turns casting spells, the main purpose of either weapon for me will be for ground effects (burning oil, electrifying water, etc.). The way I currently see it, using a staff I can only manipulate the environment through Staff of Magus once per turn, whereas wands I can target different areas as long as my AP allows. Wands also have the benefit of 2 elements (a different element in each hand), so if I find I'm in need of burning some oil and electrifying some water, I can do both without a weapon swap. The downside is I will need to invest points in dual-wield to make use of my wands. Using a staff nets me more skill points at the cost of the utility of wands.
I suppose with an investment in dual-wield, wands do also allow me to have some filler attacks if I run into cooldown issues. On that note: with high INT, using a pyro/geo build, can I expect to be casting spells every turn? Or am I going to need something to fill the gaps?
The main point I'm unsure of is what each option brings to the table in terms of stats. Could anyone provide me with some examples of mid-to-late-game wands and staves? Maybe even some legendary/unique examples? Knowing what's to come as far as itemization goes might help me make a decision.
If there's anything else to consider between both options feel free to throw that into the mix as well!
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  2. One-Handed Weapons in DOS:2 are listed on this page.Divinity: Original Sin 2 has Swords, Clubs, Wands, and Daggers, offering a wide range of options and even allowing dual wielding options for when you're feeling especially dangerous.
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Divinity Original Sin 2 Wands

In this Divinity Original Sin 2 Skill Combos and Weapons Guide, we will list all the weapons, Skill Combos and weapon combinations along with potential status effects in Divinity Original Sin 2. Radeka the Witch is an NPC in Divinity: Original Sin II. She is a former lover of Slane the Winter Dragon who can be found near her cave and a collector of Blood Rose. Radeka the Witch information. Level 6; Radeka the Witch is related to quest The Purged Dragon.; Radeka the Witch has one Purging Wand, which you can use to kill the Shriekers. If your wander is a mage/caster already, pump INT and put any skillpoints you want to spend on wand ability into dual wielding to reduce the AP usage and help the offhand. I generally will increase INT and Speed at a rate of 2:1 on a wander mage depending on my gear bonuses.

Divinity Original Sin 2 Wands Vs Staff

Divinity Original Sin 2 Wands

Divinity Original Sin 2 Wands Vs Staves

I have gotten as far as a finished character creation yesterday, having spent a few hours just planning out the skills I want to use.
I've got some questions about wands, if anyone can answer them. I can't test myself right now, but am curious.
1. Attacks from wands can't miss. Is that correct?
2. Wands have charges of spells in addition to their standard attack type. Can they be recharged?
3. What happens when wands are 'depeleted'? I'm asking because I played Wizardry 6 recently and in that game using up all charges meant the item was destroyed ...
4. In one of the early EE gameplay videos, it was said that there were penalties to AP cost if you use a weapon with no points in the relevant skill. Or maybe I misheard. Is there any other advantage to putting a point in the Wands skill besides the one listed (10% more damage with wands per point)?
5. Can wands be used to attack surfaces or is that a perogative of the staff skill both characters start out with (which obviously requires a staff; forgot the exact name)?
6. You can dual wield a sword and a wand, but only the main hand gets used in combat. Is that intended or an oversight?

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