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I seem to have come out of Maxos Temple with an extra key, I am 99% sure it is the key you find on top of the chandelier coming down the spiral steps right after the stone "maze" and right before you get to the Temple library. In the inventory its name is simply ". This guide will outline everything recommended to newer players of the game on how to best conquer Honour and Tactician Mode for Divinity: Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition. This game is very unforgiving to players who do not have patience. A similarly structured guide for Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition can be found below.

ReCon can be attached to the game or editor to send console commands.

Some commands will only be applied on the object that is currently selected (i.e. with CTRL SHIFT Click).

Ctrl + shift + click an object to select it or command
select %name% - needed for some commands



  • killcombat - kills all enemies in current combat
  • peace on/off - turn peace mod on off
  • god - turn god mode on/of
  • resurrect - resurrects currently selected character
  • nocooldowns - removes cooldowns
  • infiniteAp - your actions will cost 0 AP
  • infiniteMemory - You will have over 9000 memory
  • think on/off - enables/disables AI char/item scripts except player
  • setHPPercentage <percentage> - e.g setHPPercentage 20, sets the HP of a (selected) character to 20%
  • charm %character or item name% -> makes the current select character charmed by character/item in parameter
  • setCanFight %true/false%- enables / disables the CanFight option for the selected entity (it will still join combat, just not get a turn)
  • setCanJoinCombat %true/false% - enables / disables the CanJoinCombat option for the selected entity
  • setAlignment %alignmentID% - Changes the alignment of the selected entity
  • nearlyKill - Sets the HP of the current selected character to 1.
  • killArmor - Sets the magic and physical armor of the selected character to 0.

Party setup

  • spawnitem GLO_QA_Debug_Item: spawns a Debug book to start in Act 2 with a Party setup - easiest way to start Act 2
  • levelup %amount% - levels up entire party by %amount% levels
  • unlockall - unlocks all skills
  • maxout - gives level 27 and maxes out stats
  • gold %amount% - gives both players half of %amount% in gold
  • givetreasure %table_name%
  • addExp %amount% - gives the selected character %amount% xp
  • magemana - Adds the maximum amount of source points for this character
  • givetreasure CheatBooks and then the respective element will yield all the skillbooks of that element: eg. CheatBooksAir, CheatBooksEarth, CheatBooksNecromancy...


  • raiseTension: increase tension ingame
  • ResetCrimes: removes all performed Crimes and clears your criminal records, this will lower the tension again


Divinity Original Sin 2 Unlock Inventory Controller

  • setWalkSpeedMultiplier %multiplier% - Multiplies your walk and run speed by value (4 seems to be a nice value)
  • loadlevel <levelname> - e.g. loadlevel Cyseal: loads level
  • oe <command> - send an Osirs TextEventSet event with <command> as the parameter
  • teleport <target> - e.g teleport Zandalor: teleport to certain character, object, trigger on current level
  • teleportToMe %name% - teleports a character to currently selected character
  • goto x y - e.g. goto 12 174: teleport to x y coordinates on current level
  • rps win - win a CIR confrontation
  • rps lose - lose a CIR confrontation
  • shroud %on/off% - turn shroud (a.k.a. fog of war) on/off
  • reloadScripts - reloads scripts
  • reloadStory - reloads osiris
  • statusapply <status> <duration> - e.g. statusapply FROZEN 5 - apply status to selected for 5 turns. Duration -1 sets a permanent status.
  • statusremove <status>
  • autoidentify %on/off% - let's you see all magic items
  • think %on/off% - Disables the AI for all NPCs
  • give <objectname> - Moves an item from somewhere in the game (local item, quest item, global item) to your inventory.
  • create <statname> - Creates an instance of a stats object in your inventory (notice there is a huge difference between give and create!!!1)
  • setOffstage <characterName itemName characterUUID itemUUID> - removes (raises OFFSTAGE flag) for specified character or item
  • charAmbientLight <on off> - enables or disables ambient light for currently selected player's character

Dungeon master

  • addDungeonMaster
  • removeDungeonMaster


  • usecontroller
  • usekeyboard

Screen capture

  • SetCaptureScale %amount% - Set scale for screenshot and video capture resolution (game resolution * amount)
  • SetVideoCaptureFPS %amount% - Set target FPS to capture screenshots for the video capture mode (amount x screenshots per ingame sec.)


  • fps %amount% - set the client's fps to a specified amount
  • show projectiles <optional> - show debugging info for projectiles - optional: client (client only); server (server only); %time% (display time)
  • hide projectiles - hide debugging info for projectiles
  • show crimes <optional> - show debugging information for crimes - optional: %index% (index of the crime, provides detailed information)
  • hide crimes - hide debugging information for crimes

Divinity 2 Unlocking Inventory

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