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A weather station is a facility with instruments and equipment for observing atmospheric conditions to provide information for weather forecasts and to study the weather and climate. The measurements taken include temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, and precipitation amounts. Jul 09, 2020 Some home weather stations come with five sensors, while others come with three. More sensors are not necessarily better, though; rather it depends on what you plan to use your station for. If you’re after fairly recreational data, the AcuRite 00589 is the best home weather station for you.

WeeWX is a free, open source, software program, written in Python, which interacts with your weather station to produce graphs, reports, and HTML pages. It can optionally publish to weather sites or web servers. It uses modern software concepts, making it simple, robust, and easy to extend. It includes extensive documentation.

WeeWX runs under most versions of Linux, as well as macOS, *BSD, and Solaris. Many users are running on the Raspberry Pi. The images on this page and throughout this web site are from sample stations running WeeWX.

Thousands of stations throughout the world run WeeWX, many of whom have opted-in to be shown on our station map.

Key features:

  • Support for many popular weather stations;
  • Uploads to popular weather sites including WeatherUnderground, PWSweather.com, CWOP, WOW, and AWEKAS and others;
  • Easy package install for Debian (Ubuntu), Red Hat (CentOS) and SUSE users;
  • Uploads to your website using FTP or rsync;
  • Extensive celestial almanac;
  • Ability to create or modify skins (the look and feel of your weather site);
  • Support for localization;
  • Simple, but extensible templating system;
  • Native support for US or Metric unit systems;
  • Support for sqlite or MySQL databases;
  • Runs under either Python 2 or Python 3;
  • Calibration corrections;
  • Filtering of anomalous values;
  • An easy to understand, simple, extensible micro-kernel architecture;
  • Ability to extend WeeWX with new services and reports.

Digitech Wireless Weather Station Software Download

Last, but definitely not least,

  • A fun, supportive Users' Group!

I wrote WeeWX over the winter of 2008-2009 for two reasons: it was a wet and miserable winter here in Oregon with not much else to do, so there was no good reason not to, and because I wanted a simple, easy-to-understand server to run my Davis VantagePro2 weather station on a Linux box. I had been using wview, which is a high-performance and feature rich system authored by Mark Teel with lots of users. Written in C, it is an efficient system that can run on underpowered boxes. In exchange, it is huge (45,000+ lines of code), tightly integrated in with its companion library, radlib (another 14,000+ lines), and very complex, making it difficult to understand and reliably customize. I wanted something more modern and much, much simpler.

Having made a career in C++ and Java, I was also interested in some more modern languages, so I thought I would try either Python or Ruby (although, truth be told, the roots of Python are nearly as old as C++!). I ended up picking Python because its libraries are more mature and there are many more choices for third party libraries.

WeeWX has grown to about 15,000 lines of code, plus another 15,000 for the hardware drivers. Because it is pure Python, it requires no makefiles, no builds, no special installs. It offers very powerful configuration and templating options, as well as an internally extensible engine, making it easy to customize. Its internal modular design and use of modern exception handling make it very robust and difficult to crash. It is also architecturally very simple and easy to understand.

Some intrepid users have run WeeWX on Microsoft Windows, but this is not yet widely supported.


The wunderfixer is a utility for users of WeeWX or wview that will compare data in a local sqlite database with data at the Weather Underground, then optionally republish the missing data.

Weather Display can be used with the following weather stations:>

the Huger/Radio Shack/Oregon Scientific WM918/WX200,WMR-918/WMR-968/WMR-928N,WMR100,WMR200,WM-900H,63-1016,WMR300,WMR89
the Davis WMII, Wizard III, Grow, Vantage Pro/plus/6161/VP2/Vue/WLL etc (with datalogger), supports soil temperature/moisture/leaf wetness and UV/solar (extracted data from logger too)
the ELV/Conrad/Huger WS2000/WS2010/WS2210/WS7000/WS2300/WS2305/WS2310/WS2315/Hyundai WS-05/WS2500PC/WS2510/3600
the La Crosse 2010,2110,2210,2308,2310,2315,2300,WS23XX,WS2350,2500,2510,3600/3610 (note, history data does not work with W7)
the Peet Bros Ultimeter 100,500,800,2000,2100 and II
the Maximum Instruments Weathermax (with datalogger)
the Metron UWS 3000-ws
the Rain Wise WS2000/MK III (with data logger). Now supports the new CC-3000 data logger and IP-100
the Dallas 1 wire weather station (and version 3) and Hobby Boards sensors
the Texas Inst. WR-25 and variations and NWS
the Heathkit ID -5001
the Climatronics Ultrasonic
the Novalynx WS-16 Weather Station
the Capricorn 2000. Now supports the new micro server
a ASOS station and a RAWS station
the Weather Hawk /Weather Hawk IP
the Environdata weather master 2000
the Kestral 4000
the Campbell Scientific
the Lab Jack
the Instromet
the RM Roung
the Inspeed Vortex anenometer
the Vaisala WXT510/520 ultrasonic station
the HoneyWell TE923/Irox Pro/Nexus USB
the ELV WS500/La Crosse WS550 USB
the OS WMR100,WMS200/300/WMR88/WMR180/WMR89 USB
the IRDAM station via TCP
the Meteohub/Meteobridge
the WH1081PC/National Geographic/Zephur/Fine Offset/WX-2008,Watson/Ambient/Aercus WS-1080/1081/2080/WH3081 USB station
the new Davis IP data logger (direct connection for Live data)
the Airmar Ultrasonic GPS
the new AAG TAI603B 1 wire station
the new Hobby Boards ADS speed/dir board and soil/leaf wetness sensors
the 1 wire OW-ENV-THPL embedded data systems sensor
the new La Crosse 2810 (via the curdat.lst file updated by Heavy Weather software)
the Weatherwise Pro WS-1081, Solar powered transmitter and the WH3081 with Lux and UV sensors
the Ambient/Digitech WiFi Pro station via wunderground.com data or via IP connection or via direct USB connection or via direct WiFI
the Acu-rite 5 in 1 01025/01035/2032c or similar with USB or Bridge (via separate VIS or Bridge program)
the WH4000/WH2310 Tycon/Funk/Froggit and clones Solar+UV station
the NetAtmo station
the Bloomsky station and now Storm too
the WeatherFlow/Tempest weather station
the 'purpleair' air quality sensor
the 'uRADMonitor' air quality sensor
the x320m Weather Station
the Davis Weather Link Live
the www.ecowitt.com GW1000 station (or similar station type by using the GW1000 Bridge)
the Froggit DP1500

... and others too!

Weather Display is compatible with Windows NT/98/2000/ME/XP/Vista/W7/Mac OSX.

And it's only $58US for a lifetime registration!

802.11 weather station

Digitech Wireless Weather Station Software Windows 10

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