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This is one of the best alternatives to Omegle that you can try in 2018. Here you will have the access to thousands of chat rooms. Here you can also create a chat room on your own. Here people can chat via messages, video, and mic. This is another very useful alternative to Omegle. ChatRide Chatroulette Alternative Video Chat lets you video chat with random strangers and invite your friends by email to have a private 'chat ride' with you. Instead of the Chat roulette Next button, ChatRide allows you to choose people you want to video chat with from a user list in every video chatroom. The fastest Omegle alternative app! For an easy, take-anywhere experience we recommend downloading our free OmeTV Video Chat Alternative app. We’ve got a huge crowd waiting for you there — over 10 million people have been using the chat on their phones and tablets! It’s fun to meet new friends online with the mobile chat app — grab a.

Are you looking for more apps like Chatroulette that you can use to talk to people from all over the world? If you are looking for similar alternatives, then keep reading because we have a list of five apps that are similar to Chatroulette. Chatroulette is one of the biggest social apps out there on both iOS and Android. It is a free app where you can chat with people from all over the world, giving you the option to change the person you are talking to within seconds. If you do not like the person, then just switch and you will begin talking to someone else. This is a video calling app, so a lot of people who use Chatroulette are using a webcam or their camera on their smartphone to talk to you face-to-face.

If you do not want or have a video option, you can still chat with someone without them knowing what you look like. Chatroulette is also a bit risky in terms of sometimes you get someone popping up on your screen who might be engaged in adult behaviors. That is why this app is best for older people, such as those over the age of 18. Even though adult content could be on Chatroulette, there are many young people, including teenagers who use Chatroulette to talk to strangers around the globe. It is definitely entertaining, and here are five apps like Chatroulette that we wanted to tell you about.

Best Apps like Chatroulette 2018

Omegle– If we are talking about the best apps like Chatroulette, we first have to talk about Omegle. You likely have heard about Omegle before since it is very popular, especially among teenagers and younger people. You can get this app free on Android or through the web version. With this app, you can talk to people from all over the place, and you get to choose the language that you want to begin chatting in. You also can look for people who share the same hobbies and interests as you, which allows you to talk or meet people who are similar to you.


There are many possibilities with Omegle, and it is such a fun place to go if you want to chat with people. You can make a profile and even setup an introduction message. This allows you to not have to mention the same things to people over and over, such as your hobbies, location, and other details. Omegle is one of the few where you can choose your own language to chat, so it is great for people who know more than one language.

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AnonymousChat- Anonymous Chat also makes our list of the top apps like Chatroulette. This app is free on Android and it allows you to chat in private chat rooms. The chat rooms are all anonymous and it gives you the option to choose your language you want to chat it, as well as the ability to list your age and gender. Anonymous Chat allows you to completely hide your identity, which is a good thing for a lot of people who worry about the risks of chatting with strangers.

There is also a new notification system found in this app, which tells you when there is a message being received. You also have the option to save your chats with Anonymous Chat, which is new and something a lot of other chat apps do not have. The ability to save chat messages is the standout part of Anonymous Chat, along with the new notification system. This app is secure and private and it makes it the best option for those that worry about the risks involved with chatting online.

Monkey– If you are looking for the best apps like Chatroulette, then you might want to check out Monkey. Monkey is available for iOS and it is completely free to use. With Monkey, you can chat with people all over the world just like you can with Chatroulette. You can also text and call using this app, so you can choose to accept or reject the incoming phone calls from other people. There is a local part to this app, so you can begin talking to people who live near you.

You also can chat with people who have similar interests and hobbies, which allows for more conversations and fun times. The calls begin at 15-seconds, and then you can tap to continue the phone call. It does cost money to add time to the phone call, so you might choose to just begin talking outside of the Monkey app at that point. Either way, it is a great way to begin a new friendship with someone just like Chatroulette.

Chatroulette Alternative 2018

MeowChat– MeowChat is also one of the best apps like Chatroulette out there today. MeowChat is only available for iOS, but it is free and a world of fun. You can meet people from all over the place and talk to people using this app. There are a ton of people using this app, so it is like a huge community where like-minded people can talk. You can discover people that live around you too, so there is an option for a local chat.

If you do not care about talking to local people, you also can just chat with random strangers from anywhere. You will have your own personal chat room with MeowChat too, so not everyone else will see what you are saying to the other person. There are stickers and skins in MeowChat as well, which means you can personalize this app to fit your personality.

Chatous– Last, on our list of the top apps like Chatroulette, we have Chatous. This is a free app available on both Android and iOS. Chatous is definitely a popular chat application that also comes with the ability to text. You can video chat various random people using Chatous, similar to how Chatroulette works. With this app, you can meet new people and make new friends, and all with the click of a button.

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Some people might share the same interests as you if you choose to look up people who enjoy the same types of activities. If you just want to talk to random people, that is an option for you too. You also can share photos and videos in Chatous, so the people you are talking to can see you and your favorite hobbies. Chatous is very simple to use and understand and the design of the app makes it pretty cool.