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Variable Displacement Oil Pump

    variable displacement
  • Variable displacement is an automobile engine technology that allows the engine displacement to change, usually by deactivating cylinders, for improved fuel economy. The technology is primarily used in large, multi-cylinder engines.
  • Capability of changing the volume of liquid moved by the piston for each stroke through either electrical or mechanical means.
    oil pump
  • A mechanically-driven device for distributing or pumping oil around a 4 stroke engine & into a 2 stroke engine
  • The oil pump in an internal combustion engine is usually a gear type (gear pump), driven by the crankshaft or camshaft, or a rotor type (rotary pump).
Ocean Worker Rig Type Semisubmersible Rig Location Brazil Rig Design Friede & Goldman Enhanced Pacesetter 9500 Year Built 1982 Yard Built Hitachi Zosen, Japan Class ABS Registry Marshall Islands Water Depth - Ft 3,500 Drilling Depth - Ft 25,000 Quarters 96 Dimensions 355' x 221' x 120' Helideck 82' diameter octagonal for Sikorsky S-61 Drilling Draft 70' Variable Deckload - Operating 3,500 LT Variable Deckload - Transit 1,800 LT Number of Columns 8 Max Combined Structure Load 1,300 kips Moonpool Dimensions 15.67' x 36.67' Operating Displacement 19,327 LT Bulk Mud & Cement 22,120 cu ft Liquid Mud 3,649 bbls Fuel Oil 10,412 bbls Drill Water 11,290 bbls Brine 1,500 bbls Base Oil 1,500 bbls Potable Water 3,427 bbls Sack Storage 6,000 sacks Drawworks National 1625 DE w/1-1/2' drill line Derrick Golar-Nor 40' x 40' x 185', 1,000 kips Top Drive Varco TDS-4S w/PH-85 pipe handler Pipe Handling System 3 Arm Racking System Rotary National C-495, 49-1/2' Top of Rotary Table to Bottom of Barge 152 Ft. Mud Pumps (3) National 12-P-160 Main Engines (4) EMD 16-645-E8 Annular BOP (1) Shaffer 21-1/4' 5k, (1) Shaffer 18-3/4' 5k Ram BOP (2) Cameron Type U (double) 18-3/4' 10K Diverter Regan KFDH 20' Riser Cameron RD 21' Riser Tensioning 960 kips Solids Control (4) Brandt dual tandem, (4) Triton NNF flo-Line cleaners, Cascade system Cranes (2) National OS-435 w/140' booms, (1) SeaTrax 6032 w/ 80' boom Mooring System (8) 3' x 4,900' ORQ+20 chains, (16) 3-1/2' x 2,000' insert wires, (8) 3-1/2' x 1,000' insert wires, (8) 12 MT Stevpris anchors
15 Cadillac Eldorado 2d Coupe (1985)
Cadillac Eldorado 2 door Coupe (1985) The sixth generation of Eldorado (1979-85) shared its chassis with both the Buick Riviera and the Oldsmobile Tornado. Smaller 350 Ci and 368 Ci V8 placed the larger 425 Ci and 500 Ci of the outgoing model. In 1979 only the 350 Ci Oldsmobile petrol and a 350 Ci diesel option was available. For 1980 the 368 Ci replaced the 350 in all but California. For 1981 a V8-6-4 variable displacement variant of the 368 was designed to shut down some of the cylinders when power was not required, and in order to meet some of GMs obligation under the CAFE (fuel and emissions) regulations. Though the engine was durable the reliability of the system was often the victim of electrical malaise. The 1981 model also suffered balance problems which were remedied by a large steel plate being fitted in the under carriage below the drivers seat. This featured in the film Casino when the plate saved Robert DeNiro (as Frank Roth) from an exploding bomb planted beneath the car. The 1982 engine the HT-4100 (4.1 litre) also had problems and were subject to many warranty claims. But sales recovered to record over 100.000 sales in 1984. The car higher, wider and longer in its 1982 update but the 1984-85 car was narrowed by almost 1 inch Shot at Smallwood Steam Rally 23.05.2009 Ref 37-15

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