Bmw E90 Passenger Door Lock Problem

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30-01-2013, 11:56 AM
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This morning after dropping kids at school my central locking stopped working i.e. pressing key fob buttons and lock button on dash has no affect on doors, doors stay unlocked when driving etc. I have had this before in 2009 and MP fixed it.
Searching the internet reveals that this is a common problem on the E90 and is either the fuse or actuator. Guys in the States have a Service Bulletin to fix the problem. Does anyone know if there are any service bulletins for this in South Africa?
If it's just the fuse then it should be a cheap fix. The actuator costs about R900 from BMW. If there is a service bulletin then I would rather BM carry some or all of the cost.

Bmw E90 Passenger Door Lock Problem Bronco

DIY: Front door lock actuator replacement (E90) - BMW 3-Series (E90 E92) Forum - Bought the trim removal tool from autobacs ($20) to avoid scratching the door pieces. The 3 screw holding the door actuator need a 'star shaped' torx bit that fit the screw head snugly as you need a lot of torque to remove it. Ordered a replacement actuator and it still doesnt work. I took apart the driver's side with the verified working actuator and it does not work on the passenger side. Next I took the passenger door lock mechanism and confirmed it works on the driver's side. Seems I have a bigger problem here, either the connector or the wires.

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  1. My 2006 BMW 325I had the same problem with the door locks not responding. I checked all related fuses and found #57 (15 amp) was the only related fuse blown. I put in a new fuse and it still would not work. I then disconnected the battery for a while then once I reconnected the battery everything worked fine.
  2. Tutorial video on how to fix non responsive door lock actuators of a BMW E90.