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People want to know what MAC Lipstick will suit a Fair skin / Dark skin / NC30 skin / Best Bridal MAC lipstick.
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  1. Giddy is one of the best selling MAC lipsticks for fair skin because it is a rich yet light shade of pink accented with shimmering flecks of gold. The consistency is perfect for a smooth application that lasts all day without fading, moisturizes your lips and highlights all the tones of your fair skin. Get yours from Nordstrom or!
  2. MAC Satin Lipstick in Mocha. One of the best MAC nude lipsticks, Mocha is an iconic neutral with a soft satin finish that creates a semi-matte finish. The pigment is smoothly deposited across the lips with a formula that allows for smooth, soft, creamy application and excellent coverage.
The list is endless!
So, I have compiled a little list of the one's I tend to use most on makeup jobs. The one's that suit certain skin tones more, the most popular among brides and so on.
For the purpose of this post, I'm not going to take photographs of me wearing them. I'm not a huge fan of the close up lip in photographs, so I have swatched some onto white paper and the ones that didn't take too well due to lighting or low pigment I have just taken a picture of the bullet.
Bear in mind, when you go to a MAC store don't assume the colour in the bullet, is going to look the same on your lip. The colour will look different on everyone because you natural lip colour will alter it.
The following recommendations are guidelines only - REMEMBER that your lip colour, whether it be darker or lighter will determine how the lipstick will look on you.
This list is not exhaustive - MAC, as I'm sure you know, have lots of colours available - these are just a few of my top picks.
So, please try the colour on before you purchase! I've kept this post very MAC product orientated. So I'm going to be cross - referencing the colour alongside MAC foundation colours, as this seems to be how people are searching for their perfect MAC lipstick.
Ie. Best MAC lipstick for NC30.

Fair skins NW10 / NW15 / NC15 / NW20 / NC20
Now this could be a long list! You have to take into account how strong you want the colour. Do you want a natural daytime lipstick, or are you veering more towards an evening colour?
Natural on Fair skin -
I love Creme cup. Soft pink. It's a Cremesheen, so looks rich and glossy.
Myth - A very light colour, think of the concealer look to lips somepeople prefer. I used this on a 1960's shoot a while back. Look's fab if you are sporting a very dark, smokey eye Try a little trick of buffing some on with a brush. Like the MAC #217, rather than using it straight from the bullet.
I find it flatters the fairest of skin. It is very dry on the lips, so either pop a little gloss on top or go for the Cremesheen version - Creme de Nude. Gorgeous on fair skins, to DIE for on alabaster skin.
Other populars are:
Shy girl ( Beige, glossy nude )
Please me ( Matte, soft pink )
Blankety ( Amplified, pink brown nude )

I'm sure you have heard me rant before how fair skins and dark skins always seem to cop out in makeup. Even the bigger makeup companies like to think they cater for all, when alot of their colour ranges (especially limited editions) will still only have one or two colours that will suit a darker or lightest of skins.
Well, I feel lipstick wise, we have just as much range to choose from, you just have to be bold enough to try them.
Fair skins look amazing with strong colours on the lips. The contrast is so flattering, you rarely need any other makeup product on.
Get yourself down to your local MAC store and try these:
Ruby Woo. Amazing, pillar box red. Completely matte. Fabulous on ALL SKINS. Fair skins, it's stunning.
Lady Danger - Amplified - Orange / Red. Stunning. I'm still unsure if only MAC stores now sell it, or if it is limited to MAC Pro stores. I will find out for you!
Rebel - This colour is the 'in' colour at the moment - a dark and deep Purple/Plum.
Girl about Town - Amplified colour - Pink/Purple
Candy yum yum - Matte-neon Pink.
Medium skin tones / Olive skin tones / Asian - Indian - NC25 / NC30 / NC35/ NW25 / NW30 /NW35
Mmmmmmm. Lots and lots suit you too, and alot of the ones that do are the really popular ones!
Let's go for the natural ones first.
These are highly sought after colours:
Nc30Kinda Sexy - Again, unsure if it is MAC stores / pro only, as it was taken off Concessions.
It's matte, and on warm skin tones ( and warmer lip tones ) it goes a lovely peach/beige. I love this colour so much. I used it on a bride again the other day, and I constantly have to re-stock this during the busy, bridal season
Honey love - Again, matte. This is a lovely nude for warmer skins. Again, the warmer your lip, the lighter it will look. Try it first.
Velvet Teddy - Matte, deep brown tone.
Double Shot - A relaunch, now permanent. Amplified colour. Creamy. Looks amazing on warmer lips. It looks extremely dark in the bullet, but on warm lips, it either looks natural, or pinky/peach.Taupe - Matte, Mid-tone brown.
You may think there are too many browns here - I ADORE all the above colours. On a warm skin they look so beautiful.Think of your Bollywood starsand think of Jennifer Lopez' skin tone, and the lipsticks she wears. These kind of looks will be achieved with the above colours.
Another popular colour is Frecktone. It's a Lustre, worn by Kim Kardashian. Peachy nude. Women (including myself ) never look too impressed when I show it them, until they see it on. Looks amazing when teamed up with dark kohl, smokey eyes.....
Hug Me - Another Lustre ( glossy, sheer colour ) More brown/pink toned on medium skin tones.
Strong colours for you, again, are endless. It just depends how brave you are feeling.
I love strong pinks on your skin, I think they look really striking against the warmth of your skin.
Impassioned: Amplified, strong, electric pink. In a word, gorgeous.
Morange - Pure Orange. Heaven. Anything orange,peach on your skin tone is Red carpet territory.
Mehr - Again, a relaunch, which is staying permanent. It's not strong, but it's pink. It's a bit warmer than Please me, that's why I like it on your skin tones
The colour, Please me could sometimes go ashey on warmer lip colours, so try this one. This is a deeper, matte pink.
Dark to Darkest Skins - NC45 NC50 NC55 NW45 NW50 NW55 NW58
I LOVE DARK SKINS! I love the warmth, the glow, the versatility. I love when I meet a client for the first time and they fall into the darkest of MAC foundations. I have always loved these skin tones, your skin is just amazing. So many colours flatter you, and you are lucky in the fact, that only one or two are needed to make such an impact.
Natural colours on you.
Jubilee - This is a lustre. Goes a soft glossy peach / beige nude on most dark skins. Remember try first.
Midimauve - Again a Lustre. Very sheer, has flecks of Gold through it.
Naked Paris - Plummy Lustre. Looks Glossy on.
Freckltone - Nude, peach. Lustre/Glossy
Sophisto - I think this is also a Lustre, It's always out of stock when I visit a MAC store. Popular, nude brown.
Nc35All the above colours come out nude on warmer skins. Again, with the warmth of some lips they can go lighter. None of the above colours are matte. So they won't go an ashy, grey tone, but still try them.
I use alot of these colours on warmer lip colours with MAC Chesnut lipliner, and it looks gorgeous.
Other colours to seriously consider:
Ruby woo - This colour suits everyone, but I absolutely love this on a darker skin. A fave of Rhianna
Girl about Town - Amazing colour.
Candy Yum yumBest Mac Lipsticks For Nc35.Team it up with MAC Magenta lipliner to add warmth and definition.
Dubbonet Foundation- Amplified, glossy. Deep plum colour.
Rebel - Deep, dark Purple - plum.
Hang Up - Red/ purple. Glossy and rich

I hope these guidlines have given you something to go on. As you know, MAC sell so many lipsticks, and hand on my heart, it is more about what YOU want to wear, and what you feel comfortable wearing.
An NC35 lady may love Kinda Sexy on herself, and another NC35 may hate it!
Go into you nearest store, with a definite idea of what you want. Don't just say I want a lipstick to suit me.
You need to be specific.
What is natural TO YOU. To some, natural is a mid pink, to others a complete nude is their idea of natural.
Do you want it matte or glossy. Sheer or solid colour.
Is it every day wear or evening?
Always remember - these are guidelines - and trying them on the lips is the best way to see if they suit you.

Mac Nc30 Vs Nc35

Choosing a lipstick isn't easy! At least now I hope you have some ideas, and you can walk into a MAC store confident and narrow down your choice, a little!
If you have any questions, just post below!
What are your favourite MAC lipsticks? What colours would you recommend?

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