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Battlefield V Tides Of War Chapter 4: Defying The Odds Update #4 Notes. What’s new, what’s changed, and what’s fixed in Update 4.4 Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter 4: Defying the Odds Update #2 Notes. Fixes abound in our latest update. Lately i have the issue that i have no sound at all in BF 4 on the PC. Not on the loading screen or in game. (no gun sounds, vehicles or running or talking.) i reinstalled the game, repaired the game, checked the sound options (they're all correct) en even switched them around. Some people say t.

Seems this is a problem with bluetooth in general. I found the following article from the steam forums about bluetooth headset problems in GTA V. It might be worth a read to shed light on any problems your having.

Edit 2:
If you start Battlefield 4 on windows 10 and havnt disabled “handsfree telephony as below” all your sound will cut out.

There’s a problem with Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1 where you get no sound if your playing with a bluetooth headset. After a bit of googling and research i found the solution;

1. Goto; control panel->Hardware and Sound->Devices and Printers

2. Select Properties on your Bluetooth headset and go to the services section.

Battlefield 4 no sound waves

3. Uncheck “Handsfree Telephony”.

Note this works on Windows 10 cant say if it work on Windows 7 or 8.

DICE has released yet another patch for the beleagured Battlefield 4, but it brought some uninvited guests along with the fixes.

These rather unwelcome additions, stoaways aboard the good ship BF4 Patch, are rather game breaking bugs. As the Battlelog forum states,

“Battlelog currently isn’t able to display Ranks above 110, and we have an update rolling out on Mar 11 that will fix this.”

What happens when you hit the godly level of 111, I hear you ask? Well, essentially your Battlelog Rank is 00, which is not exactly what you want after many hours of progression. Alongside this, we have Battlefield 4’s Killcam not correctly showing who killed you, laser sight dots getting stuck, jet cannons inexplicably not damaging other jets, the lack of ability to cycle through teammates spectating on a Defuse match, and the ever broken borderless window mode.


Battlefield 5 Audio Problem Pc

The list of fixes and new bugs is rather extensive, but if you want take a look at what’s been fixed and what hasn’t, take a look here.

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