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AutoCom CDP + is a new generation diagnostic equipment in the new industrial housing with new features and capabilities and improved performance thanks to a more powerful hardware. Equipment has Bluetooth (up to 30 meters) with diagnostic software installed on PC or any tablet with operating system or it can be connected with a USB cable. The software is supplied in different variants: for light transport (passenger cars) or heavy duty cars (trucks, buses, trailers and light commercial transport) and combined variant. Equipment made in Sweden of high quality parts and materials. The new data storage function Flight Recorder allows to discover various failures of sensors and other components from any control unit in the car - all that is needed is to connect the equipment to the vehicle's diagnostic socket and activate the function with the button on the main unit. The recorded information can then be downloaded and analyzed with the help of program installed on your computer. The new multicolor indicator shows all hardware functional statuses, and if before it was difficult to find the diagnostic socket bellow dashboard in dark place, now you can find it easily thanks to new OBD connector with built-in LED light. Intelligent vehicle's battery voltage control alerts with beep sound and visual signal if the voltage exceeds the limit of the default value for the specified vehicle. The new antenna embedded in the unit’s housing now is not a subject to external mechanical impact.

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Autocom has been developing world-leading diagnostic tools for cars, commercial vehicles, trailers and buses since 1991. We have built up a comprehensive database of raw data that makes it possible to quickly and easily troubleshoot tens of thousands of different vehicle models. Hello, i Have question. Can I change Serial number in Autocom cdp+.2 old device for new cdp+ 1.1? Can i then do hardware upgrade?

new CDP new thread its about the CDP+

The Famous original

The “Clones”

Both clones. The black one has no Multiindicator and the DLC Cabel is Screwd at Housing and no DLC LED Ligth.



With full Multicolorindicator

With single Multicolorindicator

With Speaker

Without Speaker

With Bluetooth

Without Bluetooth
in few days i will receive new autocom.Pic are from Inside taken from seller .I will make my pic and i will post here.
OK. I have today received the “New Autocom”.As you can see on pic that i have taken from Autocom board you can see:
Multicolor Led – FAIL
Bluetooth – FAIL
Speaker – FAIL
Hole on body to see the LED – FAIL
TF Card – TRUE
Flight Recorder – TRUE
Button for flight recorder – TRUE
Little Rice eaters say everything to sell but reality is different.
I have try the Software on the CD that came with Autocom.
Instal with 100251 serial number.
Also need activation.Software is 2011.3 + Update 3.
I have also try to make Firmware update and make with success.Firmware update need 30-40 sec.Very fast.Old autocom need firmware update 5-8 min.Strange.
Connection with car is much faster then old autocom.I have try everything to connect with my Golf 4 and working 100%.
Also try on Autocom trucks software 1011.3 also working 100 %.
I don’t have serial number for GENERIC software(included on CD). If someone has serial number and Product ID and Hardware ID, can send to me so i can also try if new Autocom is working with GENERIC.
Now the strange thing is that this Interface don’t work with DELPHI cars and trucks 2011.3.DELPHI software can not see the Autocom.
But Autocom 2011.3 see the Interface as CDP+.
Also strange is that my old Autocom work 100% with DELPHI cars 2011.3 and Autocom 2011.1 but can not work with Autocom 2011.3.
Tomorrow i will try Flight Recorder if is working.
So my advice is to wait one or tho month for Chines to make good clone with Bluetooth,Speaker,4 Led,also Led on DLC cable and maybe they can find the way to work with 2012.2.
Now also the price is much higher then old Autocom.They will offer in 1-2 month cheap price.So it’s not good idea to buy now Autocom.

Autocom Cdp Tool Change Serial

I have found why CDP+ can not work with DELPHI software.When you instal Delphi you must chose DELPHI DS150 (New VCI).
Now CDP+ works like charm with delphi.Also work with Delphi DS350(new VCI) software.i have also try Firmware update and work need 30-40 sec for update like Autocom.But i have try to instal on my old laptop
with 2Ghz celeron and 512 ram, but can not work.On my ASUS, INTEL dual core 2.2Ghz and 8 gb ram with Win 7 64 bit ultimate work very fast.
So i think new CDP+ like new laptop.Also try to instal on desktop with AMD 3 Ghz with 3 processors and 4 GB ram also working 100%.But on my CDP+ doesn’t have bluetooth(chinese forget to put on board,also 3 led is missing, and speaker)so i can not test with bluetooth with my ASUS.Related articles: