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Are you interested in becoming a sound engineer? Well, there are a lot of steps and training involved in becoming one. And to turn this dream of yours into reality, you need to learn basics about tone generation, for calibration and testing of sound equipment or speakers.


Download the test audio on your computer. Use your movie maker software to create a video from that audio. You can use an image instead of a video and put the test audio in background. Increase the image duration up to the length of audio. Click the Test button. You should hear tones from the left speaker and then the right speaker. (If the right speaker plays first, you have the speakers reversed; swap them.) You can continue to work through the Speaker Setup dialog box if you desire to further configure the computer’s speakers. Close the various dialog boxes; you passed the test.

With the help of various Tone Generator Software Programs, you can easily attain your task. Find below list of such Tone generator software programs ready to be downloaded.

Launch the control panel for your audio interface from here: C: Program Files Native Instruments.Your Device Name. Driver '.Your Device Name. Control Panel.exe'. Switch to the Diagnostics tab. Click on the Start button of the System Performance Test to begin testing the performance of your system. Does anyone have a link for a downloadable iso file encoded with 5.1 surround sound so i can test it on my system? Audio test tones can be created through this application called Signal generator which is compatible with Mac computers and devices. It is capable of producing sine waves and can even produce pink noise, white noise, frequency sweeps, triangle waves, sawtooth waves and even square waves if.


For verification of the recording & playback capability of the sound card at various rates in audio samples, also for testing the speakers and the microphone. This software application is compatible with Windows operating system. At any amplitude and frequency, tone generation is possible with the help of this program.

Esser Audio

For turning your PC into a function generator, this test tone generator software is absolutely apt. The various features it includes are testing and tuning of sound devices, loudspeakers and complete sound systems for creating different sound effects. White noise generator or pink noise generator is available here.

Tone Generator

For tuning instruments or any type of sound devices, this software program is highly effective and is available as a web option. It is very easy to upload your pure tone, then the software helps you in changing the tone by changing the frequency levels. Mix the tones for getting desired output file.

Tone Generator Software for other Platforms

There are several types of Tone generator software programs available in the market, according to the operating system installed on the device you use, you have to download this software. But platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux or Android you find several options for compatibility.

Audio Tester App

Tone generator for Windows

For testing earphones, speakers, microphone and all other audio equipment on the set frequency for generating a sinusoidal signal, this is an amazing Tone generator software program designed to be meant for Windows operating system. It is extremely efficient, and can test the speakers of tablets and their frequencies as well.

Audio Tester V3 Crack

ToneGen Tone Generator Free for Android

For generating signals, sound frequencies, and sine waves, this easy to use application can be of your help. This Android compatible application can use audio test tone for sweeping noise waveform. Can create harmonics from sound frequencies and up to 16 tones can be created simultaneously by creating a unique signal.

Signal Generator for Mac

Audio test tones can be created through this application called Signal generator which is compatible with Mac computers and devices. It is capable of producing sine waves and can even produce pink noise, white noise, frequency sweeps, triangle waves, sawtooth waves and even square waves if it’s extended and customized.

Most Popular Software – Test Tone and Sound Generator

This Tone generator software program is very effective, user-friendly and popular, it can generate signals, sound frequencies, and sine waves, square waves, sawtooth waves, impulse sound waves as well as a triangular waveform. This sound generator supports frequencies from 1Hz to 22kHz and can generate test tones for radio audio level alignment. You can also see Guitar Chord Software

What is Tone Generator Software?

For generating audio or sound frequency signals suitable for signaling purpose, which is required for testing any type of audio frequency equipment, the need for Tone generator software arises. These software programs are very much effective in creating different types of waveforms, like sine waves, sawtooth waves, square waves, triangle waves and even impulse sound waves. It can also produce white noise, pink noise and frequency sweeps. You can also see Spectrum Analyzer Software

Audio Tester V3.0 Crack

Harmonics can be created by multiple sound frequencies. Acoustics testing and equalization is possible too. Its uniqueness lies in working as a medical aid for hearing impaired patients for conducting hearing tests by medical supervisors.

Audio tester online

Test any kind of sound frequencies, generate all type of audio test tones, noise waveforms, and sweeps by downloading any of the software programs or applications given in the list above, then download and install it into your machine or device for using it in creating innovative sound forms and creating signals.

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Supported operating system: Windows
Unlimited number of simultaneous calls
Jitter buffer simulation
Real time call quality analysis and reports
RTP jitter, packet loss percentage, answer delay measurement
Audio recording: mixed and separate RX/TX streams. One can listen recordings and check voice quality
CDR reports: basic call information RTP statistics
Least quality calls report: easy to see the worst call in a test
Supported audio codecs: G.711, G.723, G.729
T.38 fax support: sending and receiving
DTMF simulation and analysis: RFC2833 and SIP INFO
CallXML scripting engine: easy-to-understand, compact scripts, from simple to complex
Random timer simulation
Custom WAV file playback
Bulk generation of SIP calls: manually and on timer
Receiving calls with and without registration at SIP Tester
SIP and RTP packet loss simulation
UAC and UAS registration
SIP authentication: digest security scheme
MSSQL integration: saving reports, retrieving list of numbers to call
Supported specifications: RFC2833, RFC2976, RFC3261, RFC3262, RFC3264, RFC3362, RFC3515, RFC3550, RFC4028
Use cases
Performance and stability load testing of SIP server
Testing of IVR servers, PBX, call centers and other applications
Bulk call generation
SIP DoS (flood) attack simulation and testing
Audio and fax conformance testing
24x7 monitoring of RTP jitter and VoIP infrastructure availability
IP network assessment.