Astro 25 R20 Cps

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Astro 25 R20 Cps
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ASTRO 25 Mobile CPS R16.01.00 & ASTRO 25 Tuner R05.04.02. ASTRO 25 Mobile CPS R17.00.00 & ASTRO 25 Tuner R05.04.03. (ALSO MODED FROM 380MHZ TO 520MHZ) ASTRO 25 Mobile CPS R17.00.02 & ASTRO 25 Tuner R05.04.03. ASTRO 25 Mobile CPS R18.00.01 & ASTRO 25 Tuner R05.04.03. ASTRO 25 Mobile CPS R19.01.00 & ASTRO 25 Tuner R05.04. Direct link ASTRO25 Portable CPS R20.01.00.rar Download, download ASTRO25 Portable CPS R20.01.00.rar 4shared for all, at: 2015-11-28T18:37:02.000Z.

Hello all,
Look for help in trying to find the CPS for the XTS mobiles and portables. Our county recently changed some PL tones and we don't want to have an outside party come in to change the radios. Any help would be great.

Astro 25 Cps R20.01.00 Download

Can you be more specific about which type of radio you have? For example, the XTS3000 requires 'ASTRO CPS' but the newer XTS5000 requires 'ASTRO 25 CPS'.
And there are separate versions of each for mobiles and portables. So you will need at least two different pieces of software if you have both mobiles and portables.
The version number matters too. My understanding is that the version of the CPS must be at least as high as the HOST version in the radio. You can find HOST on portables by pressing the lower small side button (just above the PTT button) 5 times a few seconds after the radio starts up. It flashes on the screen for a second so if you miss it just turn the radio off and try again.
Also, if your radios didn't all come from the same source, or if you sent some in for repair, they might not all have the same HOST version. Just something to be aware of if your fleet isn't all identical.
If you find it, let me know. I'm also interested in ASTRO 25 portable CPS, one of the newer versions (at least R20.50.09 or higher)
We are using XTS 2500 with a host of 12.00.11 and then we also have a couple XTL 2500.
I saw the RVN4186 had both the capability of the mobile and portable programming. To be honest I'd be happy if I could just find the one for the portables at this point.

Astro 25 R20 Cps For Sale

i have software for the 5000/2500 email me [email protected]