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If you can't find the original discs which came with your Mac then you only have a few options if you wish to use AppleWorks: 1) Buy a new copy from Apple at USD$70, or elsewhere (eg eBay) 2) Buy Classic discs from Apple, install it, and then install your previously purchased copy of AppleWorks that requires Classic. Choose Preferences from the AppleWorks menu (in Mac OS X) or from the Edit menu (in Mac OS 8 or 9 or in Windows), then choose Button Bar from the submenu. Select or deselect the “Show tooltips” checkbox. AppleWorks Resources on the Web If you have an Internet connection, you can access free supplemental AppleWorks material such as m. Killing AppleWorks and the Mac mini. Bill Doty writes: Hi Dan. Two issues: I have used AppleWorks 6 for a long time. I go back to ClarisWorks 2. AppleWorks/ClarisWorks was seldom Microsoft compatible. I would save as RTF or text file or use DataViz MacLink translator. I did use ClarisWorks 4 for windows 98 on a laptop. It was a very good program. This utility is designed to fix AppleWorks documents that have become damaged when the documents are saved from AppleWorks 6 running on a Mac OS X 10.2.x client to an AppleShare or compatible file server. Damage to the file from any other source or circumstance cannot be repaired by this utility.

Appleworks has been abandoned for many years (since 2007 according to Wikipedia).

I believe it is difficult impossible to run it on a modern Mac. You best option is to find a Mac of the correct era to run that app to convert them for use with new apps.

Appleworks 6 Free For Macs

Another option is to use an OS that can run older PowerPC applications. That means Snow Leopard or earlier. Snow Leopard can run in a virtual machine but only if you have the server version of the OS (Apples end user licence dictates that). It is complex to setup but can work if you persist.

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Appleworks 6 Free Download For Mac


Apple moved over to iWork, but personally I'd consider a different app, possible something like Word or one of the other free office suites. It really depends on what you are creating.

Appleworks Download For Mac

These forums have other possible options - depending on what file type you need to convert it may be possible to do without jumping through the hoops of run a VM or old Mac.

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Also I'd suggest you consider troubleshooting the iMac - if that boots (via another OS or external disk) it may help you setup something to convert the files.

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